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Let’s face it, sending a sexy dick pic is essentially the modern day equivalent of a love note or mixed tape. It’s a surefire way of getting someone’s immediate attention. So in order to put your best dick forward, we’ve enlisted the help of Liberator’s very talented photographer for the ultimate lesson in creating some digital sex appeal with the ultimate sexy selfie. After all, it’s your balls on the line.

To set the record straight, women, in general, do not get turned on solely by solely viewing a penis—let alone one that appears like a limp noodle. What is most exciting is the intent, so the finesse required to make a good pic is worth the effort.

Curb Appeal

Making a positive first impression can only happen once. That’s why you want to make certain that your package looks nice and tidy and not all whacked out. Now, we’re not saying that you have to make yourself look like an anatomically correct Ken Doll by shaving and waxing. But in order to put your best dick pic forward, make sure your hedge is not too overgrown. You can create the illusion of a bigger looking dong by detailing your bush. Tighty-whities never do the penis any justice, even when it’s erect, but hinting at the treasures below through a pair of silk boxers or plush blanket could be enticing.

Erector Set

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when creating a dick pic is how hard do I go? Get it too hard, you’re entering the realm of XXX, not hard enough, no one can really tell how big you are. So, we suggest a semi-fluff. That way, it will look bigger than normal with some massive growth potential. The point in making it plump gives the impression that your dick is huuuge!

Forced Perspective

The biggest flaw with most cock shots is that it can look like a flat hot dog lost in space. Wow your viewer by providing an image representing both of your dimensions. For gentlemen who fall on the small side of the spectrum, shoot really close and tight—fill the entire frame with your schlong. Focusing on just the head of your penis will give it a nice plump look. For those who are on the bigger side, well, you’re just genetically lucky. However, please do not make cheesy comparison photos by adding coke cans and bananas—that’s just showing off. Using your hand or fingers will work just fine for illustrating your size.

Lights, Camera, Action – The Perfect Dick Pic

Lighting is probably the most important aspect in any type of photography, especially when it comes to penis portraits. To create an air of mystery, you’ll want to make sure the light is not too dark, where it obscures the background, and not too bright, where the head of your dick looks like a lighthouse. Striking the right balance with your light can all be done with the use of natural daylight. Depending on the time of day, you can create a glowing effect that makes your dick look warm and inviting. No matter what you do, never, ever, never use a flash—you’ve seen how bad bald people look in flash photography?

Work It Baby, Work It

You’ll want to provide your prospective partner with the best possible view when it comes to your cock. Think of your schwanz as a brochure for a beachfront property. The best way to sell any view is shooting from the top down, with the lens pointed toward the beach—or in your case the feet. Now, if you’re well endowed, another acceptable angle is to hold the camera toward the body and point the penis to one side. This shows off the entire landscape. Normally we advise against shooting the undercarriage while laying down, but exceptions can be made for men that are smaller. You can instantly create the illusion of being longer by including your balls in the shot.

One is Never Enough

Unless you’re just a picture perfect specimen, like Channing Tatum, rarely will you take just one shot and call it a day. To really nail it, we suggest taking about 10 to 15 different shots in a variety of poses. By slightly adjusting your cock’s angle, it will give you plenty of options to choose. We also recommend shooting against a clean background because busy backgrounds tend to take the focus away from what you’re sending. Once your session is done, pick the one that looks and feels best and delete the rest.

Mirror, Mirror

Creating the perfect dick pic should appear to be spontaneous and intimate—almost like ‘Hey, I was thinking of you and could not help but whip it out.” So to get the best out of your penis, avoid taking photos in the mirror—it can make you seem vain. Mirror images typically result in unflattering perspectives and really give off a glare. Plus, photos in the mirror usually end up showing off more than want you to want (i.e. Fleshlight Mount in the shower). For guys that have buff bods, you can capture your body from neck to knees. But for those with flab, do yourself a favor, and keep a tight focus on the body part in hand.