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No matter how hot your partner is or how well they know your body, it’s easy to find yourself in a sex rut when you’ve had the same partner for a while. But your sex life can absolutely be a creative arena. Just like making art, creative sex is a fantastic way to boost your mood, be playful, and express yourself.

Here are some of my favorite ways to come out & play.

Switch Up The Venue

“The bedroom” is such a classic creative sex setting that the very phrase has become a euphemism for sex itself. Well, it’s amazing what a little change of scenery can do! A new locale will invigorate the senses and inspire new positions. May I recommend the great outdoors? Get some sun where it doesn’t usually shine. Plus, the risk of getting caught can be its own little thrill.

Try a Remote-Controlled Toy

Creative SexRemote controlled toys are designed with couples in mind. They let you tease your partner and play with power. We-Vibe products not only have the widest range of toys available with this feature (including internal, external, and dual-stim vibrators), but they come with a brilliant Wi-Fi-enabled app as well! This means your partner can be part of playtime even if you’re oceans apart. I recommend the We-Vibe Pivot. It’s a seriously powerful cock ring that will turn any penis or dildo into a vibrator, and offer great external stimulation at the same time.

Creative Sex

Introduce a New Sensory Element

The brain is the most significant sex organ, and it loves novelty. Adding new sensory elements to your creative sex scene is a super simple way to engage it. Try a blindfold, so your partner doesn’t know what’s coming. A massage candle will set the mood, smell great, and they deeply relax the muscles. Or, make a playlist together beforehand and let the anticipation build.

Njoy yourself!