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When it comes to expressing your love in a physical way, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by unleashing your inner sex god or goddess. From back rubs, to dirty talk, to inviting new positions—there are so many creative ways to rock your lover’s world. Dazzle your lover and demonstrate any or all of these pleasure-inducing moves.

50.  Keep them in the dark with a kitten-soft LoveBlind.


49. Make 69 your primary number with the Hipster.


hipster_illustrations6_148. Worship her feet and paint her toenails.

47. Conduct a passionate interrogation with the help of the Talea Spreader Bar.

Liberator Talea Spreader Bar

46. Play a game with a sexy deck of cards.

45. Give him a private peep show with the BonBon.

44. Long distance relationship? Stay orgasmically connected with the We-Vibe 4 Plus.

43. Discover new sensations with a chilled glass dildo.


42. Scent the air with sexy candles and incense. Particularly nice if you let the wax gently drip onto their skin.

41. Take control of the situation with the Obeir Spanking Bench.


40. Give explicit directions during oral.

39. Decorate her naughty bits with some bling-bling.


38. Flavor his love stick with Sensuva’s Oral Delight Cream.

37. Fulfill his menage-a-trios fantasy with the Fleshlight Two-Play Toy Mount.

36. Turn up the volume and vocalize during orgasm.

35. Craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece while being intimate with the Love is Art Kit.

34. Good Clean Love Body Candy lets you explore the art of deep kissing.

33. Play naked slip-n-slide with the Escape Wet and Wet Nuru Erotic Massage Kit.

Liberator Escape Wet

32. Pretend to be strangers and meet at a hotel bar.

31. Open a private happy-endings massage parlor using the Center Stage.


30. Watch XConfessions by Erika Lust and then make up your own fantasies to submit.

29. Learn innovative ass-play skills using Dr. Ava’s Guide to Anal Sex. Practice makes perfect, after all.

28. Keep eye contact throughout with the Black Label Esse Chaise.

Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise27. Spend more time in the bath with the Revel Body SOL.

26. Explore each other’s G or P-Spot with the SlingShot.

Liberator SlingShot

25. Lightly tickle her fancy with a feather duster.

24. Book a romantic getaway with a well stocked toy bag.

Liberator Moto Waxed Toy Bag

23. Start an erotic art and book collection.

22. Take turns discovering new knots with a set of seductively smooth Silk Binding Sashes.

21. Increase your oral appetite with the Liberator Wedge.

 20. Take sexy selfies and leave them in your partners underwear drawer to discover while you are away.

19. Make your own porn movie inspired by vintage XXX. Or make your own parody of your favorite show.

18. Stage a pleasure intervention with the Black Label Ramp.

Libaertor Black Label Ramp

17. Dedicate an entire weekend to your lover’s desires only, including food. Just be sure to feed it to them slowly.

16. Surprise your lover at the door dressed only with the Trixiebelle Plug and Red Fox Fur Tail.

Trixiebelle Anal Plug and Red Fox Tail

15. Extend your foreplay by setting a timer for an hour or more.

14. Enjoy a different view. Stack a few of the Liberator Lift below your Wedge/Ramp Combo and have oral sex while standing.

Liberator Lift

13. Wake up early and do yoga together. Naked.

12. Put on vibrating ring on it—his cock that is.

10. Place your lady on a pedestal and treat her like a piece of fine art.

9. Tag! You’re it! Make sure your lover catches you in the bedroom.

8. Invite your lover to a pleasure party designed just for two, complete with dirty invitations.

7. The Scoop lets her lie back and enjoy while you so all of the work.

Liberator Scoop

6. Write you lover a sexy note and tell him that you want to trade places.

5. Book a reservation at a fine French restaurant and have your lover wear a pair of remote controlled vibrating panties.


4. When it’s your turn to control the pleasure, he should just lie back on the Black Label Esse, and enjoy the ride and scenery.

Black Label Esse

3. Forget a diamond necklace. Decorate your love in spikes and leather.

Liberator LeatherWorks Angela Collar

2. Pretend to be a door-to-door salesman. Dressed up in a suit, arrive at home with a briefcase full of vibrating goodies.

1. Using the Wedge/Ramp Combo, show her how deep your love truly is with the Super-Doggy.


Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo