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Start the New Year off with a bang with our 2019 Sexual Resolutions Guide.

The holidays have come and gone! Now begins the guilt-trip phase where committing to becoming better a person, partner, and lover is at the forefront! But as we all know, making pledges typically fall by wayside faster than you can say Be My Valentine! 

We at Liberator know this struggle all too well. That’s why we decided to come up with a 2019 Sexual Resolutions Guide, where your stick to your best-laid plans!

Make 2019 the Sexiest Year Ever!

A year of amazing sex is not just about having a good time (although that certainly doesn’t hurt) it is also about generating health and happiness both physically, emotionally and spiritually. After all, sex is known to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, decrease high blood pressure, reduce depression, relieve headaches, and improve sleep quality. In addition to these health benefits, sex help open the dialogue between you and your partner.

Make a plan with us to fulfill these resolutions, and you will be a happier and healthier you by 2019.

2019 Sexual Resolutions: More Quickies

We know that your calendar is packed, and sex with your partner sometimes takes a backseat to work or life events. Even when there is time for sex, you may feel too exhausted from the day’s schedule. This year, take fifteen minutes between that daily to-do list and ravish your partner (or yourself) instead.

While a quickie might seem like a temporary fix versus a passionate night dedicated to hours of lovemaking, a speedy romp can be as exciting. The more you have sex, the stronger your desire for sex becomes. All those quickies add up!

2019 Sexual Resolutions

2019 Sexual Resolutions: Focus on Your Partner

We’re all guilty of being selfish from time to time. So, take time this year for letting your special someone know how much they are adored. It’s easy, simply shower them with attention without expecting anything in return.  Make your partner’s pleasure is a priority, though. Perhaps a long massage or a night of sensational oral. Not only will you experience the immense satisfaction of your partner’s happiness, but the connection will translate into a stronger intimate connection. And if you don’t have a special someone—focus on yourself instead!

2019 Sexual Resolutions: Ask for More

Communication and trust are two of the biggest elements in a healthy sexual relationship. But it’s a whole lot easier said than done! That’s partly due to believing we must be a mind reader or that our desires will be rejected if we ask for them because they are “inappropriate.” We might not know how to phrase our needs properly or feel silly saying the words out loud. A strong and healthy relationship is defined by two partners who have the desire for making each other deliriously happy. Your partner will get joy from seeing you enjoy yourself. So, don’t be afraid of speaking up and letting your partner know what feels good.  The more direction you provide, the more confident your partner will feel and the more pleasure you will receive. If you are feeling shy about vocalizing your intimate desires, try sending your partner a naughty text to start the conversation.

2019 Sexual Resolutions

2019 Sexual Resolutions: Learn Something New

We all have sexual fantasies but some of us may feel too shy about taking the plunge. Make 2019 the year where you commit to learning something new. When you learn, you grow and so does your sexual relationship. Any worthwhile discovery doesn’t come without facing a few challenges. , Even if it ends up not being your thing, you’ll have something to giggle about with your friends. Whether it is attempting a new position, engaging in a threesome, trying your hand at sex outdoors, or experimenting with a new toy, this is the year for taking deep breathes and diving in deep!

2019 Sexual Resolutions: Masturbate More!  

Want to increase your sexual appetite in 2019? Try masturbating more! Solo pleasure time is one of the best ways of getting to know your body and soul. Creating a positive connection to yourself is also a building a stronger intimate connection with your partner too. 

 So embrace passion, explore your desires, and live it up in 2014!

2019 Sexual Resolutions: Don’t forget to Enjoy Your Sex Life 

All of these pledges will absolutely make 2019 a year to remember. But one thing that will make it unforgettable is remaining in the moment. Enjoy every second of your sex life by staying present. Relish the quickies and all-nighters. But also, set aside time for foreplay and experimentation. So, embrace all the passion that sex has to offer and live it up in 2019!

How are you going to make 2019 the sexiest year ever? Let us know your sexual resolutions in the comments section below!