About Unzipped

Great sex is no accident; it’s the result of knowledge, skill, and creativity. Founded in 2014, Liberator Unzipped was created to provide educational erotic content that’s as fun to read as it is to act out. From innovative tips and play ideas to illustrated position guides, the creative team behind Unzipped hopes to inspire better boning for readers across all genders, sexualities, and relationship statuses.

About Liberator

Liberator Shapes

Liberator is a premium sexual wellness retailer specializing in iconic positioning pillows and erotic furniture. Our products enhance intimacy by inspiring creativity and giving people a leg-up on their sex lives. High quality and inclusivity are of the utmost importance to us, core concepts that we stick to in all of our product offerings. We believe that good sex, whether that be with a partner or with yourself, is a right, not a luxury.