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Star Coasters ($20 Value)

Star Coasters ($20 Value)

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As low as $20.00
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  • Distinctive Design - Set of 4 coasters, crafted from 100% Merino Wool
  • Premium Quality - Water-resistant and long-lasting. Quickly absorbs condensation and protects furniture from rings and stains 
  • Versatile use -  Suitable for use in the bedroom for protection against lube and lotion spills 
  • Easy to Clean - Machine-washable

Stellar Luxury: Starry Merino Wool Coasters

Enter a galaxy of elegance with the Star Coaster set, meticulously crafted from the finest Merino wool, boasting not only celestial charm but exceptional functionality. These coasters aren't just beautiful—they're designed to exceed your expectations.

Water and stain-resistant, these sustainable coasters have natural wicking and thermal properties that absorb moisture and protect delicate surfaces. Say goodbye to pesky condensation or drips that threaten your tabletops—our coasters effortlessly soak up moisture, keeping surfaces dry and pristine. From morning coffees to evening endeavors, bring the wonders of the night into your living space with Liberator Star Coasters. Let your tabletops shine like the stars. 

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