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Customer Reviews

Fun time

by Justin on November 23, 2015

I bought this for my wife because I love to watch her masturbate but she gets nervous and can't cum. Thought maybe she would let herself go on something like this and does she ever! Her favorite toy has become her Average Joe Miguel on top of the bonbon. She is short, and the bonbon is tall enough that she doesn't want a longer piece in it, but she climbs right up without hesitation and it is fun to watch her mount it. Just a few minutes and she cums repeatedly, 4,5,6 times! We have also discovered the bonbon is perfectly positioned for DP as well. I couldn't resist while watching her bouncing bent over the bonbon! New adventures for both of us!

Love it!

by Pillow princess no more on October 20, 2015

I have always had most orgasims riding pillows, but i miss the penetration of a cock. This gives you the best of both worlds! I saw sever people mention side slits for vibrators with a base. Maybe I am missing something, but I don't see side slits so I ghost ad to use one of my smaller vibrators. Any info is appreciated. Can you post a pic of where the as slits are?

Soooooo good!

by Mywife on August 22, 2015

Wife and I used the first time, she was nervous but hoped right on. I was so excited watching and helping. It was great! The second and third times she had a great, leg shaking organism and was able to take care of my while riding! Great job liberator!

Not for short women

by SpankMeinPA on August 17, 2015

Recently purchase this, it is too tall for short people. I am 5"0 tall and had to place two pillows on the side of the product to try to get elevated enough to be able to ride this. Unfortunately, that didn't work. Short people you'we been warned. It would be great if they would create a "mini" version of this for shorter individuals.

Color is a bit inconsistant, but great product

by Engineer in Texas on July 28, 2015

Great fun product. I already ordered a second one for a friend. The second one wasn't really as fuchsia as the first, so there's some hit or miss factor on the color, but it would certainly recumbent these for fun. They don't explain it clearly but there a pocket for the long vibrators such as in the picture, but the pocket has side slits inside to hole flanged toys nicely only about a half inch below the surface.

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