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Zeppelin Cocoon

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Furniture

by Miss Kay on November 28, 2010

The Cocoon makes excellent furniture - both in and out of the bedroom. We use ours in our living room, and while it's definitely large and will require some planning, it works great as living room furniture since it's so laid-back and comfortable. It also works amazingly for sex since it's so unique. It really does feel like having sex in a soft cloud. It's pretty easy to set up, but this is something you have to think through before you purchase since there's really no way to "hide" this one. However, the Cocoon is free from any sort of Liberator label on the outside, so no one will know it's a sex toy or anything. It does require fluffing and moving of the foam every once in awhile, but it's still easily worth it to have such a unique product in our house. It's about a foot tall and about six feet in diameter. It easily fits about three adults on it without touching and four if people are touching. The Cocoon makes me excited to try other pieces of the Zeppelin series; it's high-quality, costs a lot less than other bean bag furniture, and is a fun addition to your sex life.

Love it!

by Fat Cobra on November 13, 2010

Had it sitting in my living room, great for fooling around, especialy with a smaller framed girls whos legs dont reach as far. Super comfortable to just sit in. Only drawback would be how heavy it is, This is not to be confused with a cheap bean bag.

Great Product

by Nelson on October 18, 2010

I've had it for about 2 years now and it has been great product. I have used it for everything from having sex on it, to watching movies and turn it into my own relaxing chair. It is very durable, very comfortable and great to sleep on too.

way big

by helpful on January 27, 2010

we thought that this one would be a smaller than the Lounger but this sucker is huge it is as big a a love seat and unfortunally it does not fit where we want it so we will not be able to use as much as we thought but will double as a bed when family comes


by buzz on January 14, 2010

WOW.......I ordered my cocoon on christmas day. after dealing with the whole sale supervisor for a couple of days (my order was lost, I didn't order this directly through Liberator....idk) Mac was his name and he was SO helpful and polite. now I know the description of the cocoon is 6ft x 1ft. when Mac left me a message and told me it shipped he gave all the correct info on it. its a cocoon and the right color, but when he said the dimensions he said 7FOOT X 2 FOOT!!! this thing is massive and I love it. its a little much but what the hell.....who cares. just means more room to have fun with if you ask me. Liberator, thank you for an excellent product. and Mac.....THANK YOU for being so professional and nice. truly a VERY positive do you offer moving services?????

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