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Zeppelin Lounger

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by Dan on September 26, 2014

Forget sex. This is simply the most comfortable furniture we own. It's perfect for reading, sleeping, TV or just lying and thinking. I'm in it even as we type (on Kindle). We have two now. Only two minor drawbacks: making sure all the foam shreds get into the bag during assembly (a vacuum comes in handy) and learning how to get in and out. You get on by treating it like a canoe and stepping to the center or maybe kneeling to the center. My wife's center of gravity is such that she can sit on the edge, lean forward and stand up. For me, lying on my stomach and swinging my legs out over the edge works much better. The espresso is a nice neutral dark brown that will go anywhere.

Great Furniture and Quality.

by Naturally UK. on July 29, 2013

My wife and I had been looking forward to getting the Zeppelin Lounger for several months, however as the UK site had it so much more expensive than the US site we decided to wait until our vacation in June '13 and once in St. Louis, MO then phoned and placed the order with arrangements for us to call into the Atlanta. GA. flagship store approx 5 hours before our return flight home. Customer service had been so helpful in giving details as to the number, the size and the weight of each of the boxes and perhaps most importantly ensuring it was ready and waiting for us on the stated day and time thus making our return flight so easy. Once home the Lounger was the first item to be unpacked and then we just had to wait for the foam to do its thing and expand. Now that its finished expanding and been used several times it is just great, and as previously stated it really can be used as a piece of furniture, so although currently in the bedroom shortly we will be moving it into the living room where it is not going to be out of place for any of it's possible uses.

Good quality and just what I expected

by Asha on May 19, 2013

The product arrived just three days after it shipped. I could not resist opening those boxes so I wound up installing the lounger by myself. Alone, it took an hour from taking out the cubes and other pieces to finish. There were three cubes of compressed foam. I placed them in a row inside the liner and then proceeded to cut open each plastic bag that kept the air from hitting the shredded foam. I recommend opening the cube in the middle last; it is harder to reach inside the liner to reach the one on the end if the other two cubes are well on their way to breaking down and expanding. I recommend working slowly. Keep one of the boxes nearby to hold packaging plus the messy plastic bags that you will be discarding. I pushed and prodded at the sealed off liner to help the foam expansion along but it really didn't need my help. The foam grows like crazy. The next day my partner arrived and was happy to see my surprise. It was easy for the two of us to slip on the outer cover, a lovely deep red to match my Esse. Then, we had fun rolling it about and falling on it. We have now owned it for a couple of weeks. It's true size if you flattened it out for two persons in repose is at least 50 inches wide, not 48. We are very pleased with its size and shape. It feels really good on the body. It gives excellent support for various sex positions. Or, just for lounging I love its pillow shape enveloping me. It is now my favorite place to read. If there is a slight down side it would be that the velvety cover picks up lint and that you must realize that it needs to be fluffed now and then--just turn it like bread dough and jump on it. I have no desire to remove the cover and wash it even though you can. We cover it with a super soft microfiber bedsheet every time that we use it for much easier removal and cleaning. Thank you.

on pins and needles

by happydays on July 31, 2011

Was like a kid in a candy store when I made my order. the wife and I got it for our anniversary we have a nice collection but we needed a show piece and the lounge fits the bill .size is nice but if you like bigger they got you covered .we can wait to try it out .set up was simple but watch out it can get messy take your time read direction.

Great Multi-Functional piece of Furniture!

by KS Parrot on November 1, 2010

My Wife and I were looking for a comfortable piece of furniture to snuggle up and watch TV. We found it with the Zeppelin lounger. It instantly became a living room favorite with our friends as well as us. Practically everyone who has sat in the zeppelin lounger has inquired where they can get one for themselves! Not only is it great to kick back and relax in, itƒ??s also wonderful in its intended function as a sex platform. The Zeppelin lounger makes difficult sexual position not only more obtainable but also very comfortable. As with every product that we have purchased through the years from Liberator, I would highly recommend it!

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