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Amazing things happen when you lift your love higher.


Take your bedroom theatre to amazing new heights. With the Lift booster platform, your Liberator Shapes present a totally new repertoire of sexual positions and excitement. For everything you can’t do on a bed, the Lift is there to take your sex higher -- stacking one, two, three or even four platforms at a time, they are perfect for standing or straddling positions. Crafted with a high-density supportive foam core, the non-slip Lift platform offers impromptu positioning options for deeper penetration and a variety of sexcapades. As an erotic massage surface, the soft “erect” microfiber cover feels amazing on bare skin and ensures that your and your Shapes in place.  If you’re looking to move your sex to the next level – the Liberator Lift will surely take you there. (Note: Wedge/Ramp Combo pictured is not included)

Additional Information

SKU 13501
Brand Liberator
Material Microfiber
Fabric Details

Black microfiber cover 100% nylon 

Cover Machine washable
Liner Polyester – DWR water barrier
Foam Fully supportive polyurethane
Dimensions 24" x 42" x 4"
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box.

Questions on Lift

  • From Bruce B at 10/3/2014 8:21 PM
    • How thick are the lifts?
    • The lifts are 4" thick.
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  • From Alain at 10/4/2014 11:07 AM
    • 24 x 42 x ?
    • 4"
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  • From Billy at 2/22/2015 4:43 PM
    • How many lifts can you stack safely?
    • Hello Billy,

      Thank you for your interest in Liberator!

      The Safety would have to be determined by the customer themselves and how stable they are.

      Normally up to 4 can be used.

      If you or your partner are prone to accidents or

      have a hard time keeping balance,

      height may not be best.

      Maybe only 1 or 2 used on carpet would be safe.

      Hope this helps!
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  • From John M at 2/8/2016 7:23 PM
    • how many units do you get?
    • You have the option to purchase 1 unit or 2 units at a time
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  • From Brent at 6/5/2016 2:03 AM
    • Can the lift be used with the wedge and ramp combo (plus size)? It seems as though the dimensions don't line up. Is there an option to purchase a plus size lift?
    • Hi Brent,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator. I do not believe you will have an issue using the Plus Size Wedge/Ramp Combo. The Lifts are 42" wide while the Plus Size Wedge/Ramp Combo is only 30" wide. The length and height would be the same as the original Wedge/Ramp Combos and they fit perfectly onto of the Lift. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day.

      Thank you,

      Customer Service
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  • From Murpphy at 7/2/2016 10:04 AM
    • Can this be used to lift the esse higher?
    • Hi Murphy,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator. Yes!! The Lift will "lift" the Esse up an additional 8"! Hope this helps. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

      Thank you,

      Customer Service
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  • From Tony at 10/28/2016 4:05 PM
    • What is the "lift size" 12 " or more?
    • Hi Tony,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator. The Measurements for the Lift are 24" x 42" x 4" . Hope this is helpful.

      Thank You,

      Customer Service
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  • From Frank Hoffman at 6/1/2017 2:31 PM
    • What are the shipping dimensions and weight of the lift?
    • Thank you for contacting Liberator. The shipping dimensions for the Lift are 21" x 9" x 7" weighs 5 lbs. Hope this helps!
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  • From Cassandra at 1/24/2018 10:55 AM
    • Is there any suggestions for a gear bag for the lifts. I own two and currently they are just standing in the corner of my room but I want cover them and store when not in use. My cats jump on top of them and like the sleep on it so hair is getting on it?
    • Cassandra

      Unfortunately we do not carry a gear bag for the lift!

      Customer Service Team
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  • From Cassandra at 1/24/2018 11:03 AM
    • Is there any covers in other colors because I want a cream instead of black?
    • Cassandra,

      Unfortunately at this time the life only comes in black and is not available in cream!

      Liberator Customer Service Team.
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  • From Megan at 2/3/2018 11:09 AM
    • What is the maximum weight on the lift and the plus size Wedge? I really want to purchase them but i weigh 550 pounds and i don't want to spend that much if it is going to be a disappointment...
    • Megan

      600 pounds is the weight limit so you should be good to go!

      Liberator Customer Service Team.
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  • From Karari Johnson at 2/13/2018 8:39 AM
    • How many platforms with the single unit
    • Karari,

      A single lift.

      Liberator Customer Service Team.
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  • Stackable, modular and non-slip four-inch platforms.
  • Available only in Black Microfiber.
  • Compatible with all Liberator Shapes.
  • Works with all kinds of lubes and licks.
  • Vacuum compressed: 1 or 2 per compression bag.
  • Stores conveniently under bed.
  • Smooth microfiber fabric cover feels luxurious against bare skin and resists staining.
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable.
  • Moisture-resistant liner.
  • Measurements: 24” x 42” x 4”
  • Made in the USA.
Every piece of American-made Liberator furniture undergoes a strenuous quality check before leaving our facility.
In order reduce our carbon footprint we developed a revolutionary vacuum compression process that removes 90% of the air from Shapes without compromising the integrity of the product.
All packages are shipped in nondescript brown boxes or standard issue boxes from UPS or USPS. The return address on the label is listed as “Fulfillment Center” and there is no indication of the contents of the package.
If you find a better price, call our customer service at 866-542-7283 and we will match it.
Liberator offers free shipping on every order over $75.

You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!!!


We have the Ramp/Wedge combo, I quickly added the Original Stage, like the Lift but one thick piece. Opens up unlimited positions and while my wife thought I was nuts when I got the R/W combo, she experienced her first multiple O and has given the purple pillows her seal of approval!



The Lift will take the both of you Up, Up and Away!


We own the ramp and wedge, I added the Stage number of years ago, twice the thickness of the Lift, wow you will not be disappointed with the Lift and the ramp wedge combo.

Raleigh NC


What a great complement to the rest of the liberator furnitu


Just as the name suggests a lift!!! Works well with any number of the furniture The escape, wedge and ramp combo, and the flip Ramp



Great addition to the ramp/wedge combo!


We've had and have been enjoying the ramp/wedge combo for about 6-years... The lift is a great addition which places the combo at, at least for us, a perfect height for our favorite positions... Should have gotten the lift from day-one but, then wouldn't have the fun of re-discovery...

San Antonio, Texas


Great addition!


Goes great with the wedge and ramp combo. Allowed us to move to the floor and avoid the "squeaky bed".





Take it up a notch or 2, or 3... USMC - hoorah !!!

Argyle, New York

They say a few extra inches makes all the difference....


and they are right about that, but a few extra inches in elevation can be just as helpful. Certainly was for my wife and I. Loving this purchase. Thank you so much. Awesome. Telling all of our friends about them as well.

King George, VA


OMG! Incredible


I just received my Liberator Lift and was amazed at all of the things that my husband and I could now do with the Wedge/Ramp combo. After stacking 3 of the lifts, we no longer have to use our lumpy mattress. Doggy style is one of our favorite positions and the lift was able to boost me high enough to get him level with me. I feel like the princess and the pea and will be adding another lift to my next order.


Floor is my playground


This product is a great compliment to my Black Label Ramp. Unlike my slippery sheet, the lift really kept my ramp in place. No more slipping and sliding around during rough play. I was amazed that at the height that just two lifts gave and was happy to really able get into the our scene.


No More Rug Burn


When I bought the wedge/ramp combo unit, I decided to add a Lift. It really worked to give us the stability we needed while having sex on the floor. The Lift supported both of our weight and I was able to prop my knees on the soft surface. After trying it on the floor a few times, we decided to see how it would work on our foam mattress. We were both surprised that during sex, we did not sink into the mattress. Also, I like the fact that it gave me the boost I needed to get more traction. Since I enjoy stand-up sex, I will be ordering a few more Lifts to make a bench for my ramp and wedge.



4.8 10