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Exercising the pelvic floor muscles has health benefits and has been reported to result in better sexual experiences. With the luxury Luna Pleasure Beads from LELO, you can vary your exercises and resistance for even better results. Consisting of a Silicone holder and two differently weighted sets of spheres, you can select the combination that is best suited to your needs.

Additional Information

SKU 7350022270312
Material Silicone
Brand LELO
For Women
Length 3"
Vibrating Non-Vibrating
Waterproof Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Width/Diameter 1.38"
Toy Type Exercisers for Vaginal Muscles

Questions on LELO Luna Beads

  • From Debbie at 3/28/2013 2:44 PM
    • Do these make you noticeably tighter to your partner?
    • Yes, after a consistent regiment they will see a difference and so will you!
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  • From Secret at 4/14/2013 11:02 PM
    • I know that every woman will be different, but about how long is the average before a difference is noticeable?
    • It will be at least a month before you feel tighter vaginally. This is as long a s a daily regiment is followed to exercise the pelvic/kegel muscle.
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LELO Luna Beads

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Customer Reviews

Not useful for women without children

by Sarah on July 27, 2014

While I would imagine they are of great benefit for women who have had children, without that experience, these beads are about as hard to keep in as a tampon. With both heavy ones in, I could do absolutely everything with them -- including heavy exercise and urination. I don't think they added greatly. HOWEVER!!!! They're absolutely fantastic to give you a little reminder throughout the day. You can feel them jiggling around and by the end of the day you're ready to pounce. They're great to keep in during play, including sex. A little "edgy" but doable and fun. It produced one of the best climaxes I've had.

Getting excited while keeping healthy

by Ashley on April 10, 2014

Great to work on kegals or just wearing them around, which is awesome. Noticed a good difference after 2 weeks of use. All woman should do kegals, but why not have some fun too!


by Kelly on June 18, 2013

First I haven't had any children and they feel perfectly normal. So don't be scared if you haven't. It is a neat feeling having them in throughout the day. It has helped my kegel muscles greatly! It works them even without you doing the exercising yourself. I just put them in and go. My husband has also noticed a difference in the strength of my muscles. I will promote them to anyone who has had kids to help with their kegel muscles. I have just increased to two at the same time. Very easy to use! Money well spent.

Pleasure On The Run

by Shane*Noir on November 23, 2010

Not only are the Luna beads beautifully packaged, but this delightful set provides comfort and pleasure built into one. I absolutely love the choice of 2 different weights, as well as the option of putting them together in the provided joint silicone sling. The balls within that vibrate when you move also add a smidge of excitement when least expecting. Very discrete and enjoyable and can make your shopping and work environment a little more fun with no one even knowing!

Bought these on a whim

by Hunter on November 14, 2010

Thought they might serve a functional purpose in terms of tightening and vaginal exercise. They looked a little complicated and cam with a fairly thick book. After some hesitation we jumped right in and learned quickly that they are great. I encourage my wife to use them almost every day as either a part of her morning ritual or in the evening to get herself warmed up.

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