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Set the stage for lovin' with an extra set of skins for your Bedroom Adventure Gear with the Liberator Esse Chaise Cover. Our Covers and Gearbags come in multiple colors to fit your many moods (as well as they fit your gear). Switch skins for special occasions, mix and match colors and let your love be creative. Includes matching headrest covers.

Additional Information

SKU 13764
Brand Liberator
Cover Machine-washable faux leather or velvish
Foam Not included. Cover Only.

Questions on Esse Chaise Cover

  • From Olivia at 2/2/2017 1:17 PM
    • Would you expect that a cover would fit overtop of the original cover, or would it be nessecarty to switch them?
    • Thank you for contacting Liberator. The covers aren’t meant to fit over one another. We recommend switching the covers out when you are ready for a new look.
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  • From Lexi at 4/5/2017 3:27 AM
    • Is this cover water proof? I wouldn't want to but it if the Esse will soak up liquids.
    • Hello Lexi,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator! No, the covers for the Esse are not waterproof, however, they are machine-washable. If you are looking for a more water resistant option, I would recommend the Esse Chaise. The Esse Chaise is offered in velvish, like the Esse, and in faux leather. The faux leather cover will meet your needs, being that it is not porous, and will ensure an easy cleanup for any type of liquid. Simply, wipe clean! I hope this helps. Have a great day!
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  • From Rogere at 8/27/2017 2:21 PM
    • When ordering the Esse Chaise faux leather taup cover, does price include a cover for the headrest also? If not, what is the cost for the headrest cover? I have two headrests for my Esse Chaise.
    • Hello Rogere,

      The headrest is included in the price for the Esse Chaise cover. We are also able to sell the headrest cover separately if ever needed. You can call us at (770) 246-6400 if you ever need to order a cover that is not listed on the website. I hope you find this information helpful! Have a lovely day!
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  • From Chris at 1/9/2018 11:48 PM
    • Are the Esse and the Esse Chaise two different chairs? I got mine as a Christmas present and I was looking to order a leather cover, I currently have the black velvish and althought I LOVE it, I want a leather one too. How do I know which chair I have or do the covers fit both chairs? I have a middle piece but no headrest if that helps identify it. (I want buy a headrest for it too!)
    • Thanks for contacting Liberator Chris!

      The Esse & Esse Chaise are two different chairs and one cover will not fit one another! Essentially the Esse is shorter and wider than the Esse Chaise. Here are the measurements in inches for the Esse: 64L x 24W x 24H and for the Esse Chaise: 68L x 22W x 22H. The Esse comes with a middle scoop and a headrest while the Esse Chaise only comes with a headrest. And unfortunately at this time the Esse doesn't come in a faux leather only the Esse Chaise comes does.
      If you end up having the Esse Chaise ordering a faux leather cover is something you can do by calling our customer serivce department or through this link on our website:

      Hope this helps!
      Liberator Customer Service Team!
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Esse Chaise Cover

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