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Braided Leather BDSM Flogger by Dragontailz

Braided Leather BDSM Flogger by Dragontailz

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  • Unleash Your Desires — Pursue your passions and fulfill your BDSM fantasy as you wield the Braided Flogger by Dragontailz. 
  • Enchanting Elegance — Meticulously designed for intermediate to advanced users, this 13-ounce flogger strikes the perfect balance of power and sensuality.
  • Sensory Symphony — Fifty tantalizing tail ends create a symphony of sensations, awakening your desires and pushing your boundaries. 
  • Supple Sophistication — Embrace the soft, supple caress of Kangaroo leather, thoughtfully designed to become even more alluring with each use.
  • Regal Allure — Luxuriate in the commanding impact of fine Italian leather, adorned with a regal combination of royal blue and rich black. 
  • Dance of Desire — Explore the depths of sensation and power play with a blend of 30 plain tails and 20 riveted, braided tails.
  • Mark of Distinction — Discover the embedded Dragontailz handle medallion, a testament to craftsmanship and artistry.

Dominant Desires

Introducing the exquisite Braided Leather BDSM Flogger by Dragontailz—a tantalizing masterpiece that transcends sensation play to an entirely new echelon. Handcrafted by artisans, this flogger is tailored exclusively for those who revel in the realms of ecstasy, domination, and desire.

With a mesmerizing braided design, each swing of this captivating instrument graces the skin with a distinct, tantalizing thud. Enhancing its palpable allure, 30 plain tails intertwine with 20 riveted, braided tails awaken your senses and accelerate your heartbeat. A testament to its unique craftsmanship, an embedded Dragontailz handle medallion serves as a mark of distinction.

Crafted from fine Italian leather adorned with the regal combination of royal blue and rich black, it exudes a presence that commands attention. Enveloped in soft, durable Kangaroo leather, the handle is a testament to opulence and comfort. The leather evolves, growing even more supple, and yielding to your touch as your natural oils breathe life into its very essence.

Whether engaging in playful sensation or asserting dominance, the Braided Flogger by Dragontailz delivers the delicious impact you desire. 

Dragontailz Braided Flogger Features List
Dragontailz Braided Flogger Features List 2
More Information
Length8” Handle | 17” Leather Tails | 25” Overall Length
Water ResistantNo
Product TypeWhips & Teasers