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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry - Birthday Gift featuring the Wedge Ramp Combo

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Birthday Gift

Jasmine stands up and straddles Trent’s upper chest as she pushes her already wet pussy up to his face. She reaches for his cock, strokes it with one hand while licking and sucking it. Trent pulls her ass and hips onto his face. He holds her down on him as his nose enters her labia and he rubs the stubble of his strong chin against her clitoris.
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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: The Bedroom Key

Later in the evening while we were both getting ready for bed, I push her over the tall end and reached down and clipped her hands into the cuffs I setup on the sides. Then, I slowly took her panties off and ate her from behind. She came so hard and was soaking wet. I stood up and slid inside her, pushing as deep as I could go.
Couple on Esse Chaise II

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: When Next We Meet

While you wait; relaxing, you will waft in the fragrance of smoldering incense and heated wax; your body and mind floating in the curved contours of your Esse Chaise II.
Woman lying on her back next to a box with pizza in it

Lusty Lit No. 11 Slice of Life

I’m surprised as his thumb darts between my lips and begins to gently stroke my clitoris. Already wet, I instinctively open my legs wider. I need him inside of me. I don’t mind the change from protocol.
Woman with red lipstick holding a pen between her lips

Lusty Lit No. 9 The Courtroom

Mike complied with “Judge Marie’s” ruling, raising no objection, lying back and resting his head on the Liberator Wedge pillow. She dispatched her thong straddled his torso, resting her moist, freshly waxed pussy on his stomach. “The court must examine some important evidence, but is concerned you are incapable of remaining motionless during the examination. If you move, you could be held in contempt.
Blurred image of a man holding a woman

Lusty Lit No. 8 The Challenge

Without missing a beat she takes my cock right into her mouth. Ecstasy. She grips me firmly as she works the shaft with her lips, licks the sensitive part and runs her hand up and down my leg. The light of the TV illuminates her breasts and eyes as she looks up at me. It took a second for me to realize once again that we were at a party and there had to at least by 5 or 6 people watching us.
Woman lying atop another woman and caressing her face

Lusty Lit No. 7 Work Triangle

All of a sudden Sky came out of the bathroom completely naked walking toward the master bedroom. Because she was going away from him down the hallway she didn’t see him standing there. “Holy shit,” he thought as his dick got instantly rock hard. What the fuck are they doing? He was frozen in the hallway. He’d have to walk by the bedroom to get to the office. “Fuck me” he muttered to himself. How was he going to do that? Plus, his curiosity was killing him.
Woman covered in gold body paint reflected several times in mirrors

Lusty Lit No. 5 Picasso

My brush flits under your arm, then to each nipple in turn, back and forth, teasing until they stand firm, wanting more.  Straining against your bonds, you feel my brush moving between your breasts, tracing a slow serpentine path to your navel, dipping in and around, moving back and forth playfully, ever so slowly, inch by inch towards the neatly trimmed hair below.
Woman with large black wings inside of a large birdcage

Lusty Lit No. 4 Wing Night

Between her thighs rocking back and forth and the work she performed with her mouth on Jack’s swelled cock, Laruen felt viciously sexual and taboo. Her mind and body quickly connected the feeling of both her pussy and mouth working together as she wondered how she must look as the provider of pleasure while being pleased.  She glanced at the full-length mirror by the bed as she caught a glimpse of herself in the throes of an afternoon of adventurous sexual play.
Woman holding a cup of coffee and a breakfast pastry

Lusty Lit No. 3 A Liberating Winter Night

Allison took a bite of the gooey marshmallows. "And surely this won't be the only sticky white substance to cover my lips." Matt set his glass aside and kissed her fully. She managed to barely place her mug down in time to kiss him back with a fiery passion. He muttered he loved her as Allison's nails dug into the back of his sweater.
Woman lying facing a large window with a view of outer space

Lusty Lit No. 2 Planet Orgasmus Needs Men

The man who walked out on stage was wearing a white loincloth and nothing else. His 6’2″ frame was solidly built without an ounce of fat on him. The rippling muscles and angles of his dark skin were oiled to show off every inch of his impressive form. In one arm he carried the Ramp and the other the Wedge. When he reached the middle of the stage he held out his arms to display the Shapes, and his face showed a wicked smile.
Woman holding a glass of wine next to a large mirror

Lusty Lit No. 1: Flirting with Maggie

By the time Maggie brought us the main course, Janet was softly sighing, biting her lip. I reluctantly brought my hand up from under the tablecloth, to my wife's whimper of frustration, and Maggie's knowing smirk. She scolded us, “I'm sorry, you have to finish dinner before you can have dessert.”