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Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One

Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One

Hey, Beach Babes and Boys! You gotta have the proper equipment for fun in the sun – and after hours – during sultry nights. Think vibrators, dildo, butt plugs, and more, all from the curated collection of luxury sex objects from Liberator. Get ready for my top scorching hot sex toy picks for your most erotic vacay ever! 

PUFF Suction Toy

Maybe you like to pack light (not me and my 37 pairs of shoes for a week-long trip) or need something discreet yet powerful. The Puff Suction Toy from Unbound garners rave reviews because it’s compact, quiet, and rechargeable. Stuff it in your toiletry bag! Puff is very unassuming, so TSA won’t even notice. That’s not all! This pocket-sized, multi-speed clitoral air vibrator can be used on your clit, nipples, or any pinpoint erogenous zone. It is fully submersible, so you can enjoy it in pools, hot tubs, and showers. Just be forewarned: The super quiet Puff won’t disturb anyone, but your wild orgasm might.

Sex Toy, Unbound, Puff Suction Toy, Clitoral StimulationSex Toy, Unbound, Puff Suction Toy, Clitoral Stimulation
Unbound PUFF Suction Toy

HARMONY DUO Strapless Strap-On

You and your lover want something you can BOTH enjoy simultaneously. Honey Play Box delivers double the goods with the Harmony Duo Strapless Strap-On. This app-enabled masterpiece is perfect for lesbian and hetero couples (Hello? Pegging anyone?!). The dual-ended ergonomic shape features a curved shaft that sits firmly in the pelvis, allowing penetration with the other end. You can feel G-spot vibes while giving G-spot or P-spot vibes!

Sex Toy, Harmony Duo Strapless Strap On, App-enabled, Strap On DildoSex Toy, Harmony Duo Strapless Strap On, App-enabled, Strap On Dildo
Harmony Duo Strapless Strap On

Harmony Duo has THREE motors—one in each end for powerful vibrations and one tapping motor for G-spot or prostate stimulation. Each motor offers nine patterns to choose from! The tapping function is fascinating, truly unique, and novel. I’m dying to give it a whirl! This strap-on has three control buttons, but you can also use the Dynamic App to keep the sensations in rhythm with your favorite sexy summer tunes. You can use remote play mode if your lover wants to call the shots from a distance. 

Admittedly, Harmony Duo isn’t the smallest or most discreet among our selections. But I get the feeling that if you’re adventurous enough to use it, you don’t care what other people think. And that’s hella sexy!

HUGO 2 with Remote

Dudes need bomb-ass holiday-worthy sex toys too! LELO’s Hugo 2 packs a prostate punch with dual motors for internal and external vibrations. The sculpted ergonomic design and body-safe silicone fit every anatomy, while the dual motors deliver eight patterns. What makes it really special, though, is the SenseMotion™ technology in the remote control. Fellas can tilt and sway the remote to amp up or ramp down the delicious vibes for an explosive climax. LELO leads the pack in luxury sex toys. They gave the rechargeable Hugo 2 a prolonged battery life so you can get your rocks off again and again.

Sex Toy, LELO Hugo 2, Remote Control Sex Toy, LELOSex Toy, LELO Hugo 2, Remote Control Sex Toy, LELO

NEBULA Anal Adventures Plug

Feeling sneaky? Tuck the Nebula Anal Adventures Plug from Blush in your suitcase. Or your booty. This anal plug looks deceptively simple, but it’s brilliantly designed with so many details. A motion-activated weighted bead inside sends ripples of sensation through you, while the StayPut™ design with a flared bump and slim, flexible stem keeps the toy in place when you move. 

The AnchorTech™ Base prevents the plug from vanishing up your boohole (Seriously, this is the most important feature I look for in ANY butt plug.) and makes the plug comfortable and safe for long-term wear. You could wear it out to dinner, or a club, or even in a pool! No one will know. It’s sized right for beginners or advanced anal players and has no motors to buzz or expose you in the airport. Best of all, you can wear the Nebula anywhere for a saucy little secret. 

Sex Toy, Blush Nebula Butt Plug, Anal Plug, Weighted PlugSex Toy, Blush Nebula Butt Plug, Anal Plug, Weighted Plug
Nebula Butt Plug

CANNON Dildo Handheld Sex Machine

Your Sybian won’t fit in an overhead bin?!? Oh no! What can you bring on the cruise instead? The Cannon Dildo Handheld Sex Machine from Honey Play Box! It’s a bang-on sex machine that fits in your luggage! Equipped with a flexible silicone shaft that bends to your contours, this dildo sex machine is a 3-in-1 marvel. Consider it light artillery.

Sex Toy, Cannon Handheld Sex Machine, Thrusting Dildo, Thrusting Sex ToySex Toy, Cannon Handheld Sex Machine, Thrusting Dildo, Thrusting Sex Toy
Cannon Handheld Sex Machine

I like that the Cannon has realistic testicles – you can use it safely for vaginal or anal penetration (hit the G-spot, A-spot or P-spot!). The shaft has a heating function, giving it the same temperature as your body for a super realistic feel. Where the magic really happens is when you fire up the other functions. The rechargeable Cannon has 10 thrusting patterns and 10 vibration patterns plus rotation modes! It’s insane – I have never experienced anything like this. Plus, the dildo is a whopping 10 inches long, so you’ll be deeply satisfied! You might even be BLOWN away!

(Note: The Cannon is NOT waterproof or splashproof.)

SIRI 3 Sound-Activated Clitoral Vibrator

Ladies, take a Strict Machine on vacay with you. (YAY, if you get the reference!) I love music, and I love the LELO Siri 3 Sound-Activated Clitoral Vibrator. What do those two things have in common? Well, this mighty mini-masterpiece has SoundSense™ Technology that syncs the vibes to your favorite music. So you can get off to Espresso by Sabrina Caprenter, Maneater by Lower Dens, Rush by Dutch Melrose, or anything your little clit desires (it even works for other sounds like rushing water). LELO even provides a curated playlist on Spotify that really impressed me.

Sex Toy, LELO Siri 3 Sound-Activated Clitoral Vibrator, LELO, Clitoral VibratorSex Toy, LELO Siri 3 Sound-Activated Clitoral Vibrator, LELO, Clitoral Vibrator
LELO Siri 3 Sound-Activated Clitoral Vibrator

Four control buttons let you cycle through 8 manual settings, from gentle pulses to intense vibrations. Siri 3 is sculpted to fit your body perfectly, with silicone that warms to your touch. This rechargeable gem is perfect for travel because it’s tiny, waterproof, and whisper-quiet, so your secret is safe. I can’t wait to take Siri 3 on a road trip and blast the sexy playlist! 

LEISURE Vibrating Harness Dildo

What’s better than one cock? More cocks! That’s why the Leisure Vibrating Harness Dildo is my fave travel buddy. Endowed with an impressive 7-inch length and a 1.25-inch circumference, the Leisure has an opening to insert a single-speed, removable, waterproof bullet vibe (included). It’s super smooth and glossy with a durable, flexible, 100% ultra-premium silicone body that’s boilable and dishwasher-safe! Harness and suction cup compatible, so this dildo is perfect for pegging experimentation, double penetration, and more. I love dildos like this because the vibes make vaginal penetration feel amazing and make anal insertion and adjusting to the toy much easier. It’s always good to keep an extra cock handy

Sex Toy, Leisure Vibrating Harness Dildo, Harness Dildo, Vibrating DildoSex Toy, Leisure Vibrating Harness Dildo, Harness Dildo, Vibrating Dildo
Leisure Vibrating Harness Dildo (apple for scale)

I’ll be back next week with Part Two because there are just too many awesome new sex toys to cover in one article thoroughly. If you try any of these toys or enjoy what you read, let me know! I’d love to hear all about your hottest summer climaxes! 

Liberator, Sex Furniture, Sex Pillows, Sex PositionsLiberator, Sex Furniture, Sex Pillows, Sex Positions
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