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Lusty Lit No. 9 The Courtroom

Woman with red lipstick holding a pen between her lips
Lusty Lit No. 9 The Courtroom
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“Here,” she said with nonchalance, “tie slip knots in these.” She dropped the Liberator silk sashes on the bed and proceeded to the bathroom to turn on the shower.

His interest spiked immediately. She had always been a little equivocal about bondage, but maybe her difficult court appearance earlier this week (she’d said something about a power-hungry judge) had somehow put her in a mood.  Mike did as he’d been told and obediently tied the knots and draped the three sashes over the headboard.

“You coming?” She called from the shower. “On my way,” he replied, chuckling to himself, “You bet I’ll be coming...”

He stripped and entered the steam-filled bathroom, where he made out the gentle contours of her body through the fogged shower door. He paused for a moment to admire her from behind: the stream of hot water pouring off her hair channeled down the graceful line of her spine and ending in her warm, wet ass. He stepped into the shower behind her and gently slid his cock between her wet buns, reaching around to caress her full breasts. “I was beginning to wonder if you were going to make an appearance,” she said, as she swayed her hips gently, sliding her soapy buns against his crotch. She turned, slipped her hands down to his ass and pulled his body against hers. “Got those sashes knotted up for me?”, she asked.

“Of course.”

“Excellent,” she said, returning his kisses beneath the shower. “Excellent.” She continued to sway and slip her torso against his, squeezing his cheeks and pulling him close, kissing and nuzzling. “Why don’t I step out, then you rinse off and meet me at the sheets?”

“You got it.”

Mike finished up, turned off the bathroom light and opened the door to the bedroom lit only barely by candlelight. As he stopped to let his eyes adjust, warm breath - followed by warm tongue - suddenly enveloped his cock. His knees nearly buckled with the unexpected pleasure. Kneeling on the floor in front of him, Marie sucked his hard cock right up to the hilt. She squeezed his balls firmly, then slipped him out of her mouth ever so slowly before...proceeding to tie a knotted sash around his base and balls. She cinched the knot tight and stood up. She wore black 3” heels (from her courtroom attire) and a tiny black thong. Nothing else.

“Welcome to my courtroom, prisoner,” she said, slowly leading him with the sash to the bed. “How do you plead?” she demanded.

Confused about which way to plead, he blurted out, “Not guilty.”

“The evidence suggests otherwise! Now on your back, prisoner!” Mike complied with “Judge Marie’s” ruling, raising no objection, lying back and resting his head on the Liberator Wedge pillow. She dispatched her thong straddled his torso, resting her moist, freshly waxed pussy on his stomach. “The court must examine some important evidence, but is concerned you are incapable of remaining motionless during the examination. If you move, you could be held in contempt. Do you understand?” His heart pounded as slid her pussy back and forth ever so gently. “Do you understand?”, she repeated.

“I’ll do my best, your honor.”

She immediately slid up his torso to his chest and rocked forward until her pussy was mere inches from his mouth, then with one hand, she pulled slowly on the sash around his balls while with the other she slid her finger between her pussy lips and let out a soft moan. Instinct overcame him and he leaned forward, straining to reach her pussy with his tongue. “Order in the court,” she said, backing her loveliness away from his mouth. “Your motion will be denied,” she ruled, as she pulled the sash even tighter. She leaned forward - tantalizing him - and lifted his wrists above his head ... before tethering them to the Liberator Talea Speader Bar he hadn’t noticed against the headboard.

“We will now proceed,” she said, “with our examination. The court now has evidence that the prisoner struggles to watch, but not move about. Isn’t that true?”

“Yes, your honor. That’s true.

“As I thought. So the prisoner will not object if the court takes all necessary measures to prevent such misbehavior.”

“No, your honor.”

“Excellent.” She retrieved from the headboard another sash he had knotted for her, loosened the loop slightly (Mike had expected it to tie her wrists!) and wrapped it around his head, blindfolding him. “Better?”

“Yes, your honor. Better."

“Now, where was I? Oh yes....” She leaned forward once more and threaded her fingers into her hot, wet pussy – emitting a deep groan. She shifted - he couldn’t see exactly how or where – until he felt her thighs grazing his cheeks. He leaned his head upwards, almost imperceptibly, his mouth open wide. Her eyes were closed, but she noticed the movement – and tugged the sash, increasing the pressure on his balls, as if to say, “not yet.”

Closer and closer she lowered herself. The sound of her fingers slipping in and out of her pussy mixed with her moans - and his - until she lowered herself completely and buried her pussy in his mouth. His tongue and lips were unleashed, licking, sucking, extending with insatiable hunger. His arms were restrained from grabbing her ass, but she knew what he craved and proceeded to spread her hotness all over his face, which became a moaning, thrashing mix of tongue, lips, pussy, and her sweetness.

She slowed. “Justice must be served,” she whispered, tugging at the sash around his balls. “I demand justice.” Taking the third and final sash from the headboard, she then added, “and justice requires silence from the prisoner,” before wrapping the sash around his mouth to form a gag. “The court recognizes that the prisoner’s tongue has performed to the deep satisfaction of the court, but for the final proceeding we require silence.”

She pulled the gag tight and swiped his nose one last time with her dripping pussy, then wriggled south. Amped and ready to come, he expected her to slide onto him - and she knew it. “Hmmm, must examine the evidence more closely...”, she whispered, taking his head into her mouth, teasing the underside with her tongue. She applied more pressure with the sash, directing him further into her mouth. Her tongue swarmed his head as she squeezed still tighter with the sash. “How does the prisoner plead now,” she said softly, “to the charge of craving my pussy more than anything ever in your entire life? Are you guilty?”, she demanded of him.

Barred from seeing or speaking in Judge Marie’s court, he thrashed with uncontrollable passion, nodding his head over and over to affirm his guilty plea! She swirled his cock one last time with her tongue, then departed with a little nip with her teeth, before pouncing, landing her hungry pussy on his pulsating, throbbing cock. They thrashed in unison, he fought to scream, but could not match her loud moans of passion. They came in an explosive release, and as he continued to slowly turn his head back and forth, she rode wave after wave of orgasms. Order in the court! Order in the court! Order in the court! her body screamed.

Their panting subsided and they slowly grew quiet. Then the judge broke the silence. “Guilty. As charged.”

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