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Lusty Lit No. 8 The Challenge

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Lusty Lit No. 8 The Challenge
Liberator's Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest awards the winner with a $500 gift card to Liberator.com. Vote for your favorite sexy story by clicking the heart at the end of the post and see more about the contest here!

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____________________ We have never been to a swingers party before, but here we were at the front door of the house our friends had given us the address to.  We knock, no one answers.  One could only assume that the nervous rapping on the door was not sufficient enough to catch the general patron's attention.  We text our friends that are supposed to be inside.  After a couple of minutes, they come to the door with the hosts and introduce us.  Once again, everything is normal and not some crazy Eyes Wide Shut movie moment.  We exchange names and talk a little bit about who we.  We are then led on a tour of this house that had to have been at least 3000 sq feet with vaulted ceilings, an open floor plan, basement and second floor.  We walk around the kitchen, dining room, living room.  Just your typical home. We enter the basement.  The very first thing that caught my eye is the giant metal frame with a sex swing dangling from it.  Catty-corner to that is a large 55” TV playing some adult films.  We turn left into a small hallway where a bedroom entrance is on both sides of us.  The one on the left has another larger TV with a different adult film being played on it and The Zeppelin, the largest bean bag I have ever seen.  This thing was glorious!  I just wanted to jump right into it!  However, the tour had just begun. The next room was just as exciting as the last.  There was a whole glass case that one could describe as similar to a china hutch filled with vibrators, cuffs, wands...you name it!  This person must single-handedly keep a sex shop in business!  Even the bed was specially made for tying someone down. By now, we were feeling pretty great about the whole situation.  One could only assume our amaretto sours may have played a role in loosening us up a bit.  So, we decided to mingle.  We discussed people’s kinks, how long they have been going to these kinds of parties and just general background. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a couple participating in oral in the Zeppelin room.  I nudge Nicole who clearly enjoyed what she saw. Being the curious people that we are, we decided that this warranted further investigation.  We entered the room and I could just feel the sexual charge filling the space. Nicole pressed her ass up against my pelvis giving me the sign that she certainly was enjoying what she saw.  I kissed her neck and began to traverse the soft skin under the front of her shirt.  As I touched the boundaries of her pants and bra, the electricity just seems to flow through us more.  I spun her around, put my hands on her hips and we began to kiss as if it were the first time we had ever made out. I slide my pants off, off flies my shirt and shoes. She then pushes me back onto The Zeppelin. Here I was, sitting next to a couple currently engaged in a blowjob, who don’t even seem to see us.  I glance away for one second and my wife is completely naked! Heck, she never likes wearing clothes anyway. Off go my boxers! Without missing a beat she takes my cock right into her mouth. Ecstasy. She grips me firmly as she works the shaft with her lips, licks the sensitive part and runs her hand up and down my leg. The light of the TV illuminates her breasts and eyes as she looks up at me. It took a second for me to realize once again that we were at a party and there had to at least by 5 or 6 people watching us. What a turn on! Nicole releases my cock climbs up on the Zeppelin with me, slowly kisses her way up my stomach to my chest, kisses me and then straddles my face.  Here we were my wife sitting on my face watching another couple and in full view of everyone! It didn’t take long until we both needed to just get right down to business.  Nicole slid her waist down and took me inside her.  Our weight seemed to distribute evenly.  This felt amazing and she seemed to move with greater ease than our mattress at home.  I could even sink my feet into the zeppelin and move with her.  We continue with cowgirl for a bit.  I can see the people watching and she can see the couple having sex not even 2 feet away. Another couple enters the bedroom after hearing all the commotion.   I stand up, pull Nicole over and bend her over the Zeppelin to take her from behind.  It seemed that the new couple followed our queue.  In fact, looking back on it now, they seemed to challenge us a bit to see who could please their counterpart more.  Every thrust was met with another.  Smacks and moans poured from the room of now 3 couples having sex on the same medium. Clearly, all of us enjoyed seeing each other and sharing this moment.  Even the audience seemed to love the show.  For when it was clear that all the couples have climaxed the room was filled with cheers and applause as if the end of a theatre performance. I looked at Nicole and giggled, “We gotta get one of these!”
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