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Lusty Lit No. 7 Work Triangle

Woman lying atop another woman and caressing her face
Lusty Lit No. 7 Work Triangle
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“Hmmmm…look at what we have here,” said Jules. She had a devilish grin as she held up the keys to show Sky. “Do you wanna have some fun tonight??” An equally devilish grin slid across Sky’s face.

Jace left the meeting with his co-workers in a hurry. Meeting at Jules’ house seemed like a good idea except being alone with his unbelievably hot co-workers was like hell on earth. They’d lean over the table to show him something and he’d have an instant hard-on as their V-neck shirts showed off perfectly luscious breasts. He spent 3 hours trying to hide his boner. Now he’d have to go home and jerk off to avoid a night’s worth of blue balls. Walking to his car he rifled through his jacket for his keys. “Where the fuck are my keys?” He stopped to look through his briefcase and found nothing. “You’ve got to be shitting me” he groaned as he remembered them on the table. He slowly made the walk back up to the front door giving his boner a moment to die down.

He knocked on the door and waited. No answer. “What the hell.” He’d been gone maybe 5 minutes. He knocked again. Still nothing. He didn’t have a whole lot of options so he tried the door handle and it opened. “Hello??” Not a word. He felt totally strange walking into her house but had to get his keys. “Jules?? Sky??” He walked down a hallway toward where they had been meeting. Her office was a back bedroom so he felt like a total asshole being there. He froze when he heard Jules yell “Sky! You coming?” All of a sudden Sky came out of the bathroom completely naked walking toward the master bedroom. Because she was going away from him down the hallway she didn’t see him standing there. “Holy shit,” he thought as his dick got instantly rock hard. What the fuck are they doing? He was frozen in the hallway. He’d have to walk by the bedroom to get to the office. “Fuck me” he muttered to himself. How was he going to do that? Plus, his curiosity was killing him.

He slowly crept toward the wide open bedroom door. Maybe he could sneak a peek and they’d never know. He very slowly leaned into the doorway so he could see in and almost shot his load right there. Sky was lying on the bed on the Liberator Ramp and Jules was crawling up over her. She planted a deep forceful kiss. Jules slowly slid down Sky’s body and began to massage her gorgeous tits and suck on her nipples. Sky let out the most erotic moan. She slid down her body farther and parted Sky’s legs and began to circle her clit with her tongue. Suddenly Sky said, “Do you like what you see Jace?” Jace realized he was now standing in the middle of the doorway staring. Well shit, there wasn’t any hiding now. “It’s better than the bullshit we were doing earlier.” With a laugh, Jules walked over and grabbed Jace by the hand and led him to the bed.

Jules and Sky made quick work of Jace’s clothes and settled him down onto the Ramp and put the Wedge under his legs. Sky straddled him and slowly dipped her huge tit into his mouth. Jace grabbed both of her perfect breasts and sucked and licked her pink nipples. He almost cried out when he felt warm wetness from Jules mouth cover his throbbing cock. He had to control himself to not pound into her throat because it felt so good.

He looked down and could see one of her hands was around his dick and the other was up rubbing Sky’s pussy. He alternated between sucking Sky’s tits and watching Jules rub her clit. Then he felt Jules slide her hand toward his tight asshole. She was blowing him so good he didn’t even care if she got in his ass. His eyes started to roll back in his head as he sucked on Sky’s tits and felt Jules put a little pressure at his ass while she sucked hard. He was so going to fucking blow his wad and he didn’t want it to be over.

Then Jules stood and Sky slowly lowered her tight, wet pussy onto his rock hard cock. Jace had to harness all his control to keep it together. Jules then climbed up the Ramp and straddled his face lowering her clit right to his lips. Jace began to lap up her wetness. He held onto her ass and drove his face and tongue into her folds. He sucked and licked her clit and slowly inserted a finger into her tightness.  She arched back in a moan so he reached up and rolled her nipple between his fingers.

Sky was riding him like a horse and his climax was building like a freight train. There was so much stimulation happening he couldn’t believe it. Sky and Jules were both starting to moan like they were getting close. Jules was riding his face as much as Sky was riding his dick. Jace could feel his orgasm starting in his toes and he clenched his eyes shut to hold it off but it was too late. Sky started it with a “hooooolllllllyyyy FUCK!!!!!” as her orgasm ripped through, followed by Jules yelling out “OH MY GOOOOOODDDDD!!! and rocking wildly on Jace’s face. Jace exploded in an orgasm that made him think he was going to pass out because he was seeing white dots in his eyes. They all collapsed in a pile of bodies.

Jace spoke first with a laugh. “Hey so I forgot my keys.” Jules answered with a grin “Yeah we know…they’re by the front door.”

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Nice erotic story. I'm sure it could be improved without limits on the length, But I like the premise, it has a very good foundation to work from.