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Lusty Lit No. 4 Wing Night

Woman with large black wings inside of a large birdcage
Lusty Lit No. 4 Wing Night
Liberator's Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest awards the winner with a $500 gift card to Liberator.com. Vote for your favorite sexy story by clicking the heart at the end of the post and see more about the contest here!

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____________________ Lauren always got out early on Friday’s and it was her day to rush home to have an hour of child-free time with Jack before their life resumed to parenting in the evenings. Jack had emailed her earlier in the day saying he’d picked up something fun. Lauren enjoyed surprises and was a little eager as she opened the door to their house seeing Jack’s car outside and a large brown box opened up in the living room. She rushed upstairs to the bedroom to see what awaited. In the evening light of the bedroom, she saw Jack had just finished unwrapping a Liberator Wing with what appeared to be a toy attached. They had purchased other Liberator shapes as a couple but this was their first featuring an attachment option.  Seeing her inquisitive look, Jack hinted about how after a few glasses of wine last month she had let on about an adventurous night in college and an impromptu threesome with two male acquaintances.  Lauren reviewed that evening in her head often and loved the idea of being the center of attention and the simultaneous object of desire of two men.  She was now pretty sure she knew Jack’s purpose behind this new purchase. Jack pulled Lauren in close as they both went to work on each other’s clothes.  Both eager to enjoy the pleasure of their new bedroom adventure toys.  Jack kissed down Lauren’s neck and firmly held onto her sides while Lauren’s hands wandered over Jack’s body.  She passed her fingers over his boxer briefs feeling his bulging cock through the material confirming his excitement was on par with hers.  Jack moved Lauren towards the Wing rolling off her panties as his tips of his fingers wandered around the wet edges of her pussy.  Lauren loved how Jack teased at her warming wet lips anxiously awaiting deeper penetration.  Jack lowered Lauren onto the Wing as she felt the large head of the Tantus dildo spread her pussy lips wide allowing her to thrust downward and absorb the length of the shaft.  She made a few small forward grinding motions with her hips confirming the dildo was well inside her. Lauren hadn’t noticed Jack had removed his boxer briefs and stood in front of her watching her explore the firm feedback of the Wing paired with the Tantus dildo.  Without a word spoken, Lauren moved her hands toward his familiar hardness.  Lauren’s mouth met Jack’s cock and took him inside her body as her hips involuntarily rocked forward and she felt another wave of pleasure as her throbbing clit was treated to the hard resonance inside her.  Between her thighs rocking back and forth and the work she performed with her mouth on Jack’s swelled cock, Laruen felt viciously sexual and taboo.  Her mind and body quickly connected the feeling of both her pussy and mouth working together as she wondered how she must look as the provider of pleasure while being pleased.  She glanced at the full-length mirror by the bed as she caught a glimpse of herself in the throes of an afternoon of adventurous sexual play. Lauren felt Jack’s cock pulse in her mouth wet from her lips and his mixing pre-cum.  She looked up at him as his head rolled back and he spoke only one word holding back his release…”Switch”. Lauren pulled off the dildo and let slip Jack’s cock from her mouth.  She turned going to her knees in front of the Wing and outstretched her arms coming onto all fours as she waited for Jack behind her.  Jack positioned squarely between her thighs and filled her pussy back up from the void of the Tantus dildo.  She loved the fullness of the dildo but Jack’s cock felt familiar and right with his deliberate thrusts into her sex.  Again, Lauren thought back to her night in college when she was indulged to a deep desire she had carried her whole adult life.  She eyed the Tantus dildo as Jack placed another firm thrust into her feeling his skin meet her now deeply wet inner thighs.  She thought of having two cocks inside her both wanting and eager for her attention.  Her mouth opened and she took the dildo in her mouth still slick from her own pussy juices.  Her sex on the dildo tasted raw and sweet as she closed her eyes and imagined it was another man receiving her pleasure.  Jack’s thrusts became more intense eyeing his wife’s mouth sucking the very same toy she had just had between her pussy lips. Lauren glanced again at the full-length mirror and briefly watched herself with her mouth pulling back off the dildo, lips tightly pressed rolling off the head of the toy.  Jack’s focus behind her was so arousing as his hips again and again rocked hard against her backside delivering a stroking motion to her clit.  Lauren’s mind was filled with past adventures in her younger more adventurous days and the present of her husband filling her desires giving her a break from her daily reality.  She felt Jack’s plunges into her pussy increase in repetition.  Her clit unable to recover from the intense feeling of the head of his cock massaging her sex deeply from the inside.  Lauren clenched her thighs as she felt her orgasm build her mouth slick from her pussy juices still coating the Tantus dildo.  Jack felt the tense squeeze of his wife’s center of arousal.  The building load of cum he’d felt since opening the Liberator Wing earlier in the day left him and with a last deep pushing into Lauren’s pussy he came.  Meeting his wife’s fantasies combined with the elicit visual display of her bent over receiving sexual pleasure from two directions.  Lauren looked back at him with a “thank you” in her smile.  She’d have to think of some way to tease out Jack’s fantasy next…
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Wow. Just looked us the wing in the store. This is perfect. Happy holidays!