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Lusty Lit No. 2 Planet Orgasmus Needs Men

Woman lying facing a large window with a view of outer space
Lusty Lit No. 2 Planet Orgasmus Needs Men

Liberator's Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest awards the winner with a $500 gift card to Liberator.com. Vote for your favorite sexy story by clicking the heart at the end of the post and see more about the contest here!

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____________________ The High Mistress Zeldon raised her massive dildo above her head towards the domed ceiling. "All hail the dildo! All hail King Silicone," she proclaimed. "Hail the dildo!" everyone else said in response. "Hail the, uh, dildo," I said just a second after everyone else. Don't get me wrong. King Silicone is a wise and strong leader, but ever since we exiled all the men off Planet Orgasmus it's just been a bit boring around here. It seemed like a good idea at the time... the lack of war is a bonus and everyone smells a lot nicer. But I've been feeling lately a little lackluster. Sometimes when I'm in my sleeping pod I'll remember men. I guess I'll forget about all the snoring and scratching and showboating that used to drive me crazy and remember their big arms and the weight of them on top of me. The feel of them as they pin me down and growl in my ear. The taste of their mouths, upper lips rough with hair. The way that mouth would feel so sweet around my nipples, kissing my stomach as he moved between my legs. Oh shit, I got distracted again and I missed something the High Priestess said. "And while we will always pay homage to our king, we have decided to release some of the captive males into society. For breeding and whathaveyou. Now, let's see what we've got! Bring out the man meat!" What had I missed? Horns started blowing and streamers fell from the ceiling. The party planning committee had really gone all out. They had even set up colored lights to swoop across the stage and build up the tension. "Weighing in at 220 pounds of solid muscle is a former engineer and current sex slave, give a warm welcome to DAVROS THE UNQUENCHABLE and his Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo!!!" The man who walked out on stage was wearing a white loincloth and nothing else. His 6'2" frame was solidly built without an ounce of fat on him. The rippling muscles and angles of his dark skin were oiled to show off every inch of his impressive form. In one arm he carried the Ramp and the other the Wedge. When he reached the middle of the stage he held out his arms to display the Shapes, and his face showed a wicked smile. With the promises of that grin, I felt what had been just a spark in my belly spread through every limb and turn into a fire in my veins. "That's right, ladies," High Priestess Zeldon continued, "both of these impressive Shapes—hold for laughter—can be yours for a night! We'll start the bidding off at Taking Out the Trash for a Week. Do I hear Taking Out the Trash for a Week?" "One week!" someone in the back yelled. "Two weeks!" came from the front row. Had I been thinking I might have waited. There were more sex slaves coming up, and I really hate taking out the trash. But the look of Davros the Unquenchable holding the Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo was too much to take. "ONE MONTH!" I yelled and looked around with predatory eyes letting the other women know he was all mine. "One month going once. Going twice. SOLD! Come and get your man!" the High Priestess exclaimed. The crowd parted as I moved to the front. There was a reverent silence as I locked eyes with Davros, his eyes devouring every inch of me. Someone handed me a lead and I reached out a hand to attach it to the collar around his neck. I slipped a finger under the hard leather and pulled his face towards mine. "You will call me Mistress. You will do what I ask. You are mine," I told him in a low voice. "Yes, Mistress," he replied still smirking. I lead him back to my chamber, always two steps behind me. We almost didn't make it because I kept having to stop and high five women along the way. When we got back to my room I shut the door to the cheers and shouts of encouragement. I turned to Davros standing patiently in the middle of the room and grabbed a riding crop off the wall. I circled him slowly, taking in his perfect form, letting my fingers lightly caress him. "On your knees, slave." He dropped down obediently, deep brown eyes lifted up to me in expectation. "Now unlace my boots." When he reached out with his hand I slapped it away with the riding crop. "With your teeth, slave." "Yes, Mistress," he said as he undid the knot with sharp white teeth. He pulled the laces loose until I could step out of them.
"Now my panties, slave." He grinned as he neared my thighs, grabbing onto them with his teeth but letting his tough slide down my leg as he pulled them down. As he rose up again I felt his breath hot on my skin. He paused in front of my now exposed vagina, staring with open lust. "You like what you see, slave?" I asked. His reply of "Oh yes, Mistress. Yes." came out as barely a whisper.
I slapped his face hard and saw his lust turn to shock. "Then lie down on the Liberator Combo and you'll get a face full of it." He practically scrambled to get in place and I stood over him and bent down to attach his wrists to the Wedge and then turned to attach his ankles to the Ramp. I slowly moved my riding crop down his chiseled chest, teasing him. I could see his hips swivel with the caresse and his loincloth was barely hiding his massive erection underneath. I move the crop to his thighs, giving each of them a little tap before sliding it between his legs to gently rub his bulging testicles. His groan of pleasure was all I needed.
I placed my knees on either side of his head on top of the Wedge and forced my pussy into his face. "Lick, slave. Lick and suck just like I tell you to." I demanded. His body arched with pleasure underneath me but he was trapped. I could feel the tension radiating off him, but I didn't let go. I rode him and let his tongue explore my depths. I rocked gently and pulled his hair to keep his place. As the pleasure built, I reached back and uncovered his beautiful member. Just the sight of it was enough to send a screaming orgasm through my body. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his throbbing erection and squeezed as he came too, covered my hand with hot semen. I ground his face into my pussy as my body shook with pleasure and stifled his orgasmic moans. I rolled off the Wedge/Ramp Combo, a little light-headed, and smiled. "Well, that was definitely worth taking out the trash for a month!" He laughed in response, and I said, "Oh don't laugh yet, slave. We've got all night after all!"
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