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Lusty Lit No. 11 Slice of Life

Woman lying on her back next to a box with pizza in it
Lusty Lit No. 11 Slice of Life
Liberator's Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest awards the winner with a $500 gift card to Liberator.com. Vote for your favorite sexy story by clicking the heart at the end of the post and see more about the contest here!

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He was working late again. I knew he’d be out late so I tabled my plans for a romantic dinner and ordered pizza instead. He would see the box in the fridge when he got home and have a cold slice before tiptoeing to bed. I’m all too familiar with the routine.

I dozed off well before bedtime. I didn’t have the energy to stay up until he came home. Fuck it.

I must have really been exhausted because I didn’t hear him come in. I feel his warm hands grazing my breasts and his breath on my neck. I press my body against him so I can feel his hardness against by bottom.

I love waking up fucking.

It’s been a while since I awoke to his hands under my nightgown. It always starts like this. I let his fingers linger over me, teasing me until there’s so much sexual energy I roll over and he takes me.

But, not tonight. He probably senses I’m awake and has decided to stop. His hand withdraws. I roll sleepily onto my back to encourage the finger teasing, legs parted just enough to not seem too eager.

If I’ve played my cards right, he’ll start running his fingers along my sides, up and down my thighs until I moan with need.

I’m surprised as his thumb darts between my lips and begins to gently stroke my clitoris. Already wet, I instinctively open my legs wider. I need him inside of me. I don’t mind the change from protocol.

I arch in anticipation of his thrust. All I get is a finger bumping against my insides, driving me crazy. He pulls away and I scoot toward his hand, desperate for him to continue. I’m rewarded with the long strokes of two fingers. I want more but I enjoy how this feels. He slides his fingers in and out of me, curling them to hit my g-spot. The pressure quickens my pulse.

“I got something for us,” he whispered. “Come with me.”

Yes, please.

He eases me from the bed and onto my feet. With his fingers still inside me, he leads me to the den. I truly did come hither.

He slips from me, my face flushed and my knees weakened from the journey through the house. My eyes float open. I spy a Liberator Hipster in the center of our furry rug.

“I thought this might add more… possibilities.”

He leads me onto the Hipster, placing my ass in the dip so my back tilts down the slope. I’m very comfortable. My legs fall open. I can’t see what he’s about to do without lifting my head. I just close my eyes and let it happen.

My heart pounds at the top of my chest in anticipation. I sense him above me. The gentle finger strokes on my thighs give an indication of his next move.

His tongue skims my warmest parts and I gasp. He takes his time, hastening my need. My hips rock toward him. His tongue edges across my bundle of nerve endings and I cry out. He kisses me deeply. I’m almost there again.

He surprises me with his fingers, tickling me in places of immense yearning. His exploration sends shudders through my body. It’s as though I swallowed the moon.

“I couldn’t help myself,” he says. “It’s like you were served up on a platter.”

So much sensation. He withdraws his fingers when my breathing has steadied. This Shape really provides… access.

“You ready to go again?”

My eyes widen and I prop myself up on my elbows. Vagina swollen and sensitive from kisses, it won’t take much for me to come again.

He rolls me tenderly from the bolster and brushes his hand through my hair. “Let’s finish you up for tonight.”

My knees rest at the edge of the big curve and my elbows land in the scoop. I know he can bring me to a quick end by taking me from behind. The soft support from the Hipster will keep me from melting into a puddle at the end.

I welcome him inside of me. His penetration is profound. The position grants deep passage.

As he pumps inside me, I feel his pulse between my legs. His cock hits me in all the right places and I whimper in pleasure. Shuddering together, our climax has consumed us both.

I’m drained after the late-night fuckathon. I know that if I try to stand, my knees will buckle.

“I didn’t get you anything,” I gasped.

He brings the pizza box to the floor beside me and hands me a slice. “Are you kidding? You ordered pizza.”

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