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Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: You are Welcome

LIberator Lusty Lit 2019
Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: You are Welcome

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019:  You Are Welcome

The door opened. No barriers remained. All they had to do was walk in to begin.

“Welcome!” offered the woman who had opened the door. “All that you can imagine will come true here!”

They looked at one another. This was their first advancement to something this kinky. In real life anyway. They talked extensively about what they wanted to see and do.

When they saw an ad for the space that demonstrates bondage gear; they made up their minds. Well after some investigating into the proposition first. Also, many internet search into what exactly a cat o’ nine tails is or how that is different from a flogger. So much to learn.

They investigated and were satisfied with all they found. Learning plenty about what they really wanted. The decision was easy to come to once they.

Although Pat had done a lot of the initial work; Chris became the instigator as the gate was metaphorically opened. Doing the majority of the research. Expertly crafting messages to the owners and members of the space. Getting their communal approval. Not only impressing the recipients but Pat as well.

Keeping your partner happy is so important. Chris didn’t lose sight of that. The goal was to explore together. That means equal input. Checking in to make sure desires are on track. It has been a fun process.

Now, with nothing between them and their dreams; their legs were becoming like jello. “Please come in so you can enjoy your time here.”

They entered the space. Chris intertwined Pat’s hand. They locked eyes. Fear? Shame? Curiosity? Enthusiasm? It was hard to figure out what was being conveyed. Did they share it? Not sure but they were ready to do this.

The guide pointed out all the different gear available. Reading about their use during their research was exciting. Seeing it brought about a nervous exhilaration. Their eyes popped out their heads to be sure.

They asked questions as the guide went from piece to piece. Verifying all they had learned. Also adding to their knowledge base too. Building anticipation for what was about to happen.

The guide led them to their place. They couldn’t see any of the other patrons. This time was to spectate. They had much to learn. And they were glad for the opportunity.

Before they could murmur to each other, a couple walked into the play space looking very much like Dominants. They were trailed by a submissive on a leash attached to a collar. All of them were in PVC gear that covered their bodies. No one would have been able to identify them making the whole experience more illicit.

The Dominants placed a Liberator Hipster with a Lift underneath it in the center of the space for everyone to see. Pat and Chris remember the equipment from the website. Now they are seeing the submissive restrained to apparatus. Exposing the sub’s backside to whatever pleasures the Dominants want to inflict.

They started with their hands. Like a warm-up for the skin underneath the layers they are wearing. Breaking a few of the surface capillaries on the submissive’s back. But barely even a whimper was heard as a result.

The Dominants went to the wall of instruments. Selecting some fun toys to play with. They let their gloved hands grabbed a pair of riding crops. They worked in unison. Striking one after the other. Causing the sub to start to let out more audible noises with the later strikes.

A large slapper hitting a bigger surface area is used next. The submissive is reacting  more now. Letting out sounds just short of pain. But you can tell there is an effect.

Pat and Chris exchange glances. Embarrassment? Amusement? Envy? Gratification? There was a tidal wave of endorphins washing over them. They wanted to say something. Share those feelings but that would have meant missing the action. That, they were refusing to do. It was time to enjoy more action.

Moving on to floggers. Each Dominant has a pair. They are working like a virtuoso’s fingers on piano keys. Making figure 8s. Hitting one after the other as well. They vary their timing and speed. Making the sub actually start to experience and express pain.

They take their time in escalating the flogging period. Before moving to the crescendo. Wooden paddles. Full swings were coming from both of them. The roar from the submissive is ripping through the air. Everyone can feel the despair and pleasure the submissive is experiencing.

Soon, the formal portion is over. The submissive is “peeled” off the apparatus. Supported as the performers make their way out of the space.

A voice carries over the system. “Thank you for attending tonight’s performance. Information for the next demonstration will be put out using the online group. Stay Tuned!”

Pat and Chris close the laptop. The video link could be closed later. Right now, they are consumed with lust. They need to sate their desires. Nothing short of an intensely physical encounter will do.

“So what did you think?” Pat asks

“That was amazing.” Chris answers. Satisfied from a full session with the passion of love and lust still flowing between them. Replete with a smile and good vibrations, they share this time together.

“I meant, do you think you could do something like that soon?” Pat asks. Knowing that this online kink group rotates exhibitionist monthly. Expecting each member to perform at the group’s play space.

“I will be ready when our time comes,” Chris remarks calmly. With confidence not characteristic for Chris’s normal demeanor.

“I will be too!” Pat retorts.

With that, they lay in each other’s arms.

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