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Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: The Principles of Lust

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019
Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: The Principles of Lust

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: The Principles of Lust

Set up the playroom.  I’m coming over…

I got the message right as I walked in the door, and a grin formed over my face.  I went upstairs and gave my bedroom the costume change to take it from a relaxing retreat to sexy play space.  A quick shower, and shave later, I was dressed in her favorite suit and made my way back downstairs. Somehow, I timed it, so I had just put the Grand Marnier float in our margaritas when there was a knock at the door.  Walking toward it, I peered out the spy lens and saw her standing there in her favorite long coat. Opening the door, I was greeted with that dazzling smile that made me weak.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I replied, letting her enter.  That was when I noticed the four-inch patent black heels, and stockings running up her legs.

I closed the door, locked it, and walked back to the kitchen.  “Margarita?” I asked. However, as I turned around, it took everything I had to not drop the glasses.

Having shed her coat when my back was turned, she now stood with it pooled around her feet.  Tilting on one hip, I was mesmerized by what she had beneath the coat. A delicate black bustier covered her breasts and torso.  A matching black thong rode on her hips as the garters that held her stockings in place extended out underneath. With her red hair and light makeup, it was a provocative number, for sure.

“Sure.  But I think I need that tongue, and cock of yours more.”

Without another word, she took her drink and started up the stairs to the bedroom.  Shaking my head, I followed and got a delicious view of that ass I loved so much.

“What brought this on?” I asked.

As we mounted the final steps, she took my glass, set them both on the table inside the door, and pushed me against the wall.

“I need you to ask questions less, and lick more…”

With a sly grin, she walked over to the bed, kept her back to me, and hooked her thumbs through the sides of her thong.  Bending at the hips, she lowered the garment to her knees, where it fell to the floor and gave me a delicious view of her assets.  She stepped out of her thong, climbed over the Liberator Equus at the foot of my bed, and laid onto the Liberator Hipster, ass presented to me, as she looked over her shoulder.

“Well…?” she grinned.

I was already drooling, and the glisten between her thighs told me she was aching for it as well.  As I crossed the room, she turned over and draped herself through the S-line curve of the Hipster.  Her hair fell over the bed behind her as she ran her fingers over her clit, legs opening for me.

Without another word, I began my way toward my prize.  I knew how to torture her. Kisses up the inner thigh, always tantalizingly close but never actually giving her what she wanted.  Up the other side, in the same fashion.

“Please…” she begged.  “I need it.”

That was all I needed to hear.  I laid a single, languid kiss to her clit, and the moment my tongue touched those nerves, a moan escaped her lips.  There was something about going down on her that was not like any other experience I had with other partners. I could feel those micro-movements in her muscles that told me I was doing something right.  Women always laughed at me when I told them that was the trick that most men did not employ but, I had proven it to another girl that once told me she couldn’t get off from oral sex, and she kept asking me how I did that after I managed the impossible.  But, this girl, she knew what I could do, and loved every moment of it. Minutes passed, and I tortured her closer, and closer to orgasm.

“I’m so close.  Don’t stop! Just like that!  Don’t stop!” she kept saying. Finally, I knew she was nearly there when her fingers threaded through my hair, and she pulled me tighter to her pussy.  I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, at this point. Her thighs locked over my ears, and she raised her ass off the Hipster, out of reflex. I grabbed her hips, and she rode out the wave that crashed over her.

“OH GOD!!!” she screamed as she came.  Hard. Her whole body convulsed, as she refused to let me go.  I obliged by flicking my tongue against her clit and sending small ripples through her body.  I delighted in making it last. Finally, she collapsed back to the curved surface and caught her breath.

“God, I love what you do to me…” she said, her eyes heavy-lidded, and a soft glow on her cheeks.

“I think I’ll take that margarita now.”  With one final kiss to her mound, I stood up, and walked over to the table, to retrieve our drinks.  The ice had melted, mostly, in the interim but, they were still going to be delicious.

“What’s this?”  Her question rang through the room, and I turned to see that she held one of the wrist cuffs of the Liberator Mattress Restraints I had recently purchased.  “Thinking of tying me down, and having your way with me?”

A devilish grin crawled across my face.  “Perhaps.”

“Well,” she said as she wrapped the cuff around her wrist, and secured it, “only if you let me return the favor, with the Equus, later.  You have me far too worked up, and I intend on making use of as much of this playroom as I can tonight.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I replied, handing her glass to her.

It was going to be a truly adventurous night…

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