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Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Santa's Coming

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019
Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Santa's Coming

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Santa's Coming

Holly set a tray of cookies on the hearth, straightened her stocking, already hung on the mantel with care. She sat down to wait for Old St. Nick. This was her routine, since she was young, trying to catch a glimpse of Santa, but every year she failed. This year would be different, she could feel it. Even though she had turned thirty a month ago, Holly still felt like a wide-eyed girl, especially at Christmas.

Her eyes felt heavy, the fireplace cast a warm glow and the soft hum of Christmas carols began to lull her to sleep. She barely made it to ten o’clock and she was already dreaming of sugar plums.

A loud thump and a quiet rustle startled Holly awake. She sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “Santa!” She squealed. “It’s you!” She jumped from the sofa and ran to the jolly old man. But Santa held up a gloved hand.

“Stop.” Santa said. “Let me guess, you’ve been a naughty girl and you must be punished.” He sighed, having heard this all before. He pushed past Holly and began unloading his bulging sack.

Holly shook her head, her gingerbread brown hair sweeping over the tops of her shoulders. “No, Santa, I’ve been a good girl.”

Santa eyed her skeptically. She was elf-like in stature, but her thighs were thick and her ass was round. In his experience, a woman like this was always on his naughty list, and they all wanted one thing – a quick fuck and an expensive gift. He pulled a roll of parchment from his pocket and with a flick of his wrist the scroll opened, paper cascading to the floor – it was filled with names, naughty and nice. “Holly Rudolph?” Santa questioned. “Better check it twice. Holly Rudolph: nice.”

Holly smiled. “See?”

Santa nodded, surprised but also intrigued. Santa loved a good girl and from the looks of it, Holly was very good indeed.

“Why don’t you sit on Santa’s lap.” He sat and patted his knee.

Holly lunged, this was a dream come true, to sit in Santa’s lap… the real Santa’s lap!

Santa’s breath smelled of hot chocolate and was warm against her neck. He leaned in close, whiskers tickling her ear as he whispered… “Tell Santa what you want.”

She couldn’t speak. All she could concentrate on was the bulge growing hard beneath her.

Santa laughed, his belly like a bowl full of jelly, the motion causing Holly to rock against his cock. “Go, check under the tree!”

She was reluctant to leave but did as was told. She crawled under the tree she had decorated the night before and found a gift with her name on it. Holly ripped the wrapping away. “What is it?” She asked.

Santa smiled, but it wasn’t jolly this time, he looked mischievous. “An Obéir. I had my elves make this especially for you.”

Her look of confusion deepened. It was an odd gift, it looked almost like a set of stairs, only padded and covered in what felt like velvet.

“A spanking bench.” Santa continued.

“Spanking!” Holly yipped. “But I’ve been a good girl!”

“Good girls need it most.” Santa cooed from beneath his white beard. “Stand up.”

Holly stood, eager to do as ordered. Santa reached out pushing the robe off of her shoulders, fabric pooling at her feet. The night was cold, her nipples hardened. Santa licked his wind-burnt lips as he guided her down to her knees, her chest against the bench, her round ass in the air.

Santa pulled off his gloves and raised a ruddy hand. Down it came with a crack! Holly yelped in surprise. His hand raised once more, then went crack, crack, crack. He delivered three quick blows. Holly moaned the tingle where his hand met skin burned and felt good.

Holly howled as the blows were delivered, hard and relentless. Tears welled and her juices flowed. Santa must have noticed the glistening slick between her legs, he gave a hard smack then with one fat finger he probed between her lips. He stroked and rubbed, his finger felt bigger than any toy she had ever used.

Holly looked at Santa. His cap was jaunty, sweat beading at the tip of his nose. She could see his cock straining against its velvet prison. Holly realized she wanted nothing more than to see Santa’s cock, to feel it inside her, to taste it. She was shocked by these thoughts, it was so unlike her, she was a good girl after all.

“Santa, please...” She begged.

“Shhh.” Santa stepped around, reaching for a cookie. He pushed it into her mouth, gagging her with the Christmas confection. He then pushed his trousers down, his enormous erection sprang free, bouncing against Holly’s face. He took hold of his cock running its swollen head around her cookie stuffed mouth.

Holly knew all she wanted for Christmas was to be filled by Santa’s cock. He obliged, shoving his large red member into her pussy. Holly’s eyes rolled back, she had never been so delighted. She moaned and breathed heavy as Santa thrust faster and harder, she couldn’t wait for him to come, to be filled with his… Christmas cheer. She felt her own orgasm edging closer… one more hard thrust and she would come. But he stopped.

Santa pulled the cookie from Holly’s mouth and pushed his shaft deep into her throat. He was going to finish in her mouth! She let Santa face fuck her until he came, his cum hitting the back of her throat in waves. He tasted sweet, like peppermint, she wanted more and eagerly sucked him dry. She could have done this all night, but Santa stepped away and patted her on the head.

“You’re a good girl.” He said with a wink. Then he disappeared up the chimney, leaving Holly covered in cum and cookie crumbs. Her only proof that Santa existed – bruises forming on her ass, in the shape of Santa’s hand.

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Nasty old man. But why did I love it? I must have Daddy Issues.
a very funny Christmas story xd
Rebecca Foughty
Ok I have heard sexy santa stories before but this one made me wish for a satisfyer. He he
I love spanking stories. Instant wet for me