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Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Balancing Mr. Books

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019
Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Balancing Mr. Books

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019 Balancing Mr. Books

Maybe it was the erotic way he dipped his fingers into his pink fingertip moistener, but when Alex Books asked Hayley out for coffee, she jumped at the chance. They were cubicle neighbors at the Permanent Assurance Company, spending their days crunching numbers and earning paychecks. A little office romance could mean that before long they’d be spreading more than just ledger sheets. 

Hayley’s column of lovers remained in the low single digits. Her methodical approach to lovemaking could be intimidating. One ex-boyfriend likened it to sleeping with a calculator. She was as obsessive about getting a man off as she was proofing her math. She just needed a man who could keep up with her arithmetic.

Hayley was ready to do a little basic addition, to put Alex’s denominator under her numerator. She invited him over for dinner, a carefully-calculated caloric collation that would satisfy his hunger without slowing him down. Alex complimented her cooking, his grey eyes sparkling. Was he as eager for a return on investment as she was?

Dinner wrapped with small talk about spreadsheet hacks. Emboldened, Hayley brushed her fingers across Alex’s shoulder and up his neck. She whispered against his ear, “I want to make tonight extra special, Alex. I really like you. And I think you like me too.”

“Absolutely. I absolutely like you too.” He cleared his throat and pushed his glasses back up his nose. “Variables can make things… memorable.”

Hayley led him to her bedroom by his bowtie, tugging it free. Alex cradled her neck, his lips eager against hers. Her hands found his chest, surprisingly firm for a CPA, and drifted down his abdomen to his waist. She pulled his shirttail out of his khakis to wait for her moment.

When Alex paused his kisses to come up for air, her fingertips continued down to the anticipated bulge building below. As planned, there was a sharp intake of breath and a renewed passion for his kissing.

“Slow down …” she purred. “We’re just getting started.”

She stepped back and slipped out of her cardigan, letting it drop to the floor. Her glasses came off next, followed by her sensible flats. Alex observed her as he unbuttoned his shirt. She slowly opened her wrap dress, revealing lingerie as black as her hair.

Alex debited his shirt and penny loafers. She unfastened his belt as he kissed her neck. She slid down his body, taking his pants with her. She was at eye level with his considerable manhood. She appreciated his assets.

“I got something special for tonight.” She nodded to the piece of furniture at the foot of her bed. It looked like a kind of chaise lounge, with a gentle curving top. “It’s called an Esse.”

While he computed the things they could do on that sex lounge, she pulled down his drawers. His cock bounced up in that charming way they do. “Sit in the dip.” She guided him to the Esse and lowered him into the dip between the two slopes.

Hayley popped open the front of her bra, dropping it like a grand total. Alex smiled in spite of himself. And for good reason. Her breasts were high and firm, nipples taut in the cool air. She deducted the liability of her panties. Alex licked his lips. 

Hayley sprawled over the lower slope, the velvish cover tickling her. She crawled towards his perky member. 

“Want me to take your glasses off first?”

“No,” he said. “I’d like to watch.”

She raised her eyebrows and turned her attention to his cock. Wrapping her right hand around the base, she brought the head to her lips. Adeptly, calculatingly, she worked his shaft with an eager tongue, massaging him with her lips. Her fingers penciled his bare chest. His pulse quickened, both under her hand and inside her mouth. His hands were in her hair, drawing gentle circles on her scalp.

“Okay …” he gasped. “That’s a good place to stop. Before I liquidate my assets.”

She laughed at the joke. “Want some equity?”

He tossed his glasses to her bed. He sat up, and pursed his lips, adding things up. “Step back for a moment,” he ordered. She did, and he spun around in the dip, now reclining across the lower slope. He looked up at her. “This will do,” he said. “Make myself comfortable.” He gently tugged on her hips, indicating she should ease into position above him.

She straddled his face and he fixed her assets. 

Leave it to an accountant to meticulously make love. His tongue explored the space between her inner and outer labia, darted swiftly across her clitoris, and dipped gently into her. He built her to a climax with mathematical precision, and when she came it was deep and explosive. She stumbled back. 

Alex sat up and spied the half-moon shaped wedge on her bed. He stood and slipped it into the dip on the Esse. Hayley, ready to diversify, spread out on the lounge, ripe and ready for entry. “Now,” she demanded. “I need an acquisition in the form of that dick.”

He stumbled around for his pants and fumbled a condom from the pockets. Hayley reached out for him, stroking the condom down the length of his manhood.  “Enter my ledger.”

She had his number. He lowered himself inside her. Her legs encircled his waist, grinding her pelvis against his. He balanced on his knees, his hands on her ass, lifting her pelvis. His cock knocked against her g-spot. Talk about sexual payroll!

To his credit, she came again– a rushing wave of pleasure radiating from his rhythmic rocking through her body. A moment later, she felt his muscles stiffen and release.

He lowered her pelvis, and they lay together, sweat commingling from their net gains.

“That,” she said between breaths, “was … was …”

“Incalculable?” he said with a sly grin.

They laughed together, a sweaty, satisfied heap on the Esse.

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David W Scott
Loved it. I recommend it for everyone to read it and vote.
Loved the financial jargon!
Burton Shafer
Enjoyed the read.
Lili VonSchtupp
Chris Beyond
Sexy, Sassy, Punny, and financially literate. This book is definitely balanced.
Noel Van Wagner
Oh, my sexy heart!!
Fernando Oliveira
A sexy and funny story with some great puns. Love it!
Sexy mathematics. Who knew? Naughty fun with accounting.......
Love the math tie ins. Too clever. Very hot, too.
Very hot and sexy!