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Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Age Appropriate? Hell Yes!

liberator lusty lit
Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: Age Appropriate? Hell Yes!

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: AGE APPROPRIATE?  HELL YES!

Around age 65 you hear the phrase "no longer age-appropriate.” Reasonable for activities like ice hockey, but when applied to serious sex my partner April and I share a conspiratorial smile. After decades of varied carnal experience, why should exploring new frontiers of pleasure cease at age 65? All that's required is a partner who shares your lively libido, raunchy imagination and genitalia that can still perform its intended purpose. Now without the restrictions of middle age, April and I enjoy making love and having extraordinary sex versus just getting laid or sport fucking

We met when we both were 64. Our first date finished with a heavy make-out session on her couch; her bra unhooked and my fly unzipped. I slipped my hand under her skirt and slowly moved my fingertips up her slim leg, lingering on the wonderfully smooth and soft skin of her inner thigh--IMO one of the sexiest pieces of female topography.

Her moans encouraged me toward that magical V between her legs and were surprised to find no panties blocking my path. An inch more and my fingers glided over her waxed and perfectly smooth mound and the swollen lips of her pussy, already slick with that clear viscous precum that announces a woman's arousal. Pulling her mouth from mine she smilingly asked: "do you like my secret garden?" I knew I had found my new life partner. We moved in together 6 months later.

We both get turned on with x-rated videos, porno literature and playing with the great new sex tech gadgets. After 3 years together our bedroom treasure chest includes dildos of various sizes, vibrators including G Spot and prostate play specials, unisex anal toys, cock rings, and nipple clamps.

But the crown jewel is the Liberator Black Label Wedge and Ramp Combo we recently purchased. The anticipation and raunchy pillow talk waiting for delivery were more intense than usual. Finally, it arrived and we wasted no time preparing for a test ride.

After sharing a shower with lots of sudsy groping April arranged herself on her back, legs spread and up the ramp, her cute ass just overhanging the end. I'd shortened the cuff straps so she had very limited freedom. After hooking her up I slipped the included blindfold over her eyes. She tensed as she realized she had little control over what came next. I leaned back and savored her large nipples and the pink of her wide spread pussy. I'd planned on waiting to let her tension grow, but the urgency in my cock and balls couldn't wait. 

Crouching between her legs I began the lightest of assaults with tongue and fingertips on her thighs and vulva. Licking, stroking, kissing, teasing, retreating, but always advancing toward her lady parts. By now April was moaning continuously and straining against her restraints.

Moving my face within an inch of her glistening pussy, I inhaled the musky aroma of sex and ran just the tip of my tongue up one engorged inner lip and down the other. I was rewarded with a thrust of her pelvis and a heavy flow of clear precum that dribbled down toward the puckered rosette of her asshole. Lapping up the lightly salty nectar I started to eat her out in earnest, burrowing my whole face from nose to chin into her crotch. Her moans changed to a mumbled string of obscenities as I strummed her clit with my tongue while thrusting 2 fingers into her pussy in search of her G- spot or sliding a well-lubed finger up her anus.

After 10 minutes April was fast approaching the tipping point when she blurted out, " Oh God....my nipples". I've only known two women, besides April, who can cum solely through sustained nipple play.

Sliding both hands to her breasts I grasped both nipples between thumb and forefinger, squeezed hard while twisting and pulling straight upward. With a scream, she began an intense orgasm. Straining and twisting she seemed to be losing consciousness. She told me later that the blindfold, short restraints and inability to use her hands to relieve the growing torment in her nipples and clit had pushed her mind into a different place. " Like an itch in the middle of your back that you can't reach to scratch". The proof was the pulsing flow of thick cream-colored cum that left her pussy drenching my face and the bedsheets.

I rose to my knees and with an unguided thrust sank my dick into her. The angle of the ramp was perfect and on the 3rd stroke, I felt the tip of my cock bump her cervix setting off a simultaneous orgasm in both of us.

The walls of her pussy rhythmically squeezed my dick like an experienced cock sucker drawing out the very last drop of semen from a softening prick. After releasing her we fell breathless and exhausted on the damp sheets.

Later we talked about the different places we both briefly visited and decided we definitely had to go there more often.

With Christmas approaching, I've decided that April's special gift will be one of the new sonic clit ticklers. She has been mentioning a leather strap-on harness. Whether it's for me or her or both of us I'm not sure. Either way, traveling to our different places will likely be a walk in the park.

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People in their sixties still go for it! Hot!
I am 73, my sexy wife is 68, we are having the time of our lives, sex for us is 3, 4, sometimes 5 times a week.