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Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: A Better Idea

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019
Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: A Better Idea

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: A Better Idea

It feels like everyone in the restaurant has their eyes on us as Misty reaches across the table and takes my hand. “I’ve got a much better idea,” she says as she pulls me out of my chair and leads me down the hall. I can feel every eye in the room follow us as we leave.

Misty leads me down the hall to a long row of dark doors. She walks to one, turns the knob and we enter a large room with a huge Liberator Black Label Zeppelin in the middle of the otherwise empty room. Misty locks the door behind us; spins me around and lifts my dress over my head.

I stand before her naked and already dripping my juices on the carpet with only my red stilettos on my feet. Misty guides me backward three steps to the edge of the Zeppelin and then pushes me backward. As I sink into the plush fabric Misty pulls up along Crimson Silk Binding Sash that she wraps around my wrists, tightening them down. As I struggle against the restraints she slides down my torso, pausing for a moment to flick my clit with her tongue.

I clutch my legs tight around her shoulders and pull her tighter to me as the heels of my stilettos lock together and I clench my pussy against her warm slippery tongue. She alternates between quick flicks of her tongue and smooth soft pressure against my clit as it begins to pulse and swell. I begin gasping for breath as my body shakes and a massive orgasm begins in my clitoris and rips through my entire body as a flood of my juices explodes from my throbbing snatch into Misty’s face and down her welcoming throat.

I flail my legs in the air trying to slip out of my pumps when Misty grabs my ankles and retrieves another set of silk ribbons, tying my ankles and splaying me out against the dark softness of the giant cushion. 

She sits up between my legs and smiles lasciviously as she licks her lips and fucks me with her eyes.

She moans with delight and begins licking my pussy again, snatching up every drop of the juices that keep pouring out of me every time a new convulsion pulses through my body. I rock backward and gasp for air as Misty slows her tongue and I take a slow deep breath.

I am completely spent.

Misty very slowly slides her tongue back to my swollen nib teasing it between her lips. As she begins to suck it, I feel new ripples of sensation building in my pussy and rising again through my body.

Suddenly, she slips two fingers into my dripping snatch and slides them up to press against my G spot. A sudden bolt of sexual electricity sweeps through me and I jerk forward, releasing gasping scream as I fall back on the couch, lost in a dream of tumbling sensations.

“Oh, God!  It’s too much!” I scream.

Misty draws back, withdraws her fingers and rises above me as she grabs the hem of her dress and lifts it over her head, revealing her beautiful naked body. She drops down against me, slowly sliding up from my crotch, across my torso, stopping to kiss my tight nipples, teasing them with her tongue.

The sensations begin again and I struggle against the restraints, begging to be released. Ignoring my plea she slides her hand along my pussy, fingering my wet snatch as my breathing again increases, my eyes close, and I allow the sensations to roll over and through me once more.

She slides her soft naked body along my torso and reaches above my head to release the ties.  With my hands-free I grab her tight against me, rubbing my crotch against hers, begging her to release my legs.

In one swift move, she spins around and plants her dripping wet snatch in my face as she tugs at the ties around my ankles and I am free.

I lift my head to her pussy and tongue her deeply as I slowly push my fingers deep into her, stroking her G-spot and tickling her clit at the same time. She moans loudly, trembling with sensation then flips me around in a single move that takes my breath away.  She slips her tongue deep into my mouth and I can taste myself on her lips and tongue and the flavors send a new set of shivers down my spine all the way to my toes.

I slide myself down her body and tongue along her vulva to her clit licking it ever so slowly while my hands massage her perfect breasts and flick at her erect nipples. When my tongue slides along her clitoris she gives out a shriek of joy, bucking against me and pushing her crotch tightly against my face.

Misty’s muscles tighten and I can feel her pussy pulsing against my tongue and lips as I gasp for breath and send my tongue stroking deep inside her. She shrieks again and thrusts against me, letting go of a flow of juices that equals my own and I taste the full velvety sweet flavors that come flooding forth.

I slide my tongue against her entire vulva and pulse against her as I reach my hand down to my clit and began teasing myself, rapidly rising toward another climax as Misty shudders uncontrollably beneath me. In seconds, I come again and we squeeze each other and tremble as one.

As our orgasms subside I draw myself up toward her face and kiss her lightly. She opens her eyes, gazing directly into mine as her eyes widen and she smiles. I tuck my mouth next to her ear and give a soft nibble before whispering, “Happy New Year.“ We fall back against the softness of the Zeppelin beneath us and draw in a long slow satisfied breath.

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