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Backside Story: Anal Training Guide for Beginners

Simplified drawings of butts of different sizes
Backside Story: Anal Training Guide for Beginners

The Official Liberator Guide to Anal Toys

Anal is fast becoming a regular part of people's sex lives. Not only does anal sex feel amazing (when done properly) but it's also another way of experiencing mind-blowing orgasms. But before you start slipping fingers and anal toys in that booty hole, it helps to understand how anal training leads to having better butt sex.

Anal training is exactly what it sounds like: it's taking the time, care and steps to help your body prepare for anal sex.

--- b-Vibe Anal Training Guide

Let It Happen Naturally

Most people pucker at the thought of having anal sex. And that's completely understandable. The anus is extremely sensitive and one false and unexpected move can send you into orbit, abandoning any further efforts to trying anal sex ever again.

One way of making anal sex and/or anal play more enjoyable and exciting is not to dive in too fast. You will want to take your time, whether it's 3 days or 3 years. Don't pressure yourself in doing anal just to please someone else. Feeling pressured can make you feel stressed, worried, anxious. And when you're stressed, the pain receptors in the body increase a hormone called cortisol, making everything feel 100x more uncomfortable.

Get To Know Your Butthole

We get that exploring your butt (or anyone else's butt) can make some of you squeamish. The key to any enjoyable anal play adventure is getting in touch with your own special orifice. Yes, we mean it---really become acquainted with it. The best way to getting more familiar is through the use of your own fingers and hands.

Here are a few simple tips for becoming familiar with you the new terrain.

  • Wash your hands and fingers thoroughly.
  • Use plenty of lube! We can't stress that enough. Silicone lube works best when just using your hands or fingers. But not for toys.
  • Find a comfortable position. You can try laying on your back with your butt propped in the air using the Wedge. Or laying on your side with the Whirl held between the knees.
  • Using the tip of your index finger, explore the general area around your booty hole--- like the perineum (taint), your butt cheeks, the folds of skin around the anus.
  • Pay close attention to the areas that are sensitive or that spark an erotic sensation.
  • Add more lube to the pads of your fingers and gently run circles around your anus. Close your eyes and feel the texture of the skin and the sensations when you add or release pressure.
  • Feeling uncomfortable? Take a deep breath and relax the tension in your body. With each breath, release the stress with a deep exhale. Only insert your finger(s) when you're feeling relaxed and ready.
  • You can even masturbate while exploring. As you come closer to climaxing, see if there is a shift in pleasurable sensations.
  • Remember --- just breath and relax. Enjoy getting to know your body. And don't feel ashamed, everybody has an ass hole.

Training Kit for Your Bum

Now that you've gotten familiar with the most intimate part of your body you can start incorporating anal toys. We're not talking about the big guns just yet! What you will want to start with is the b-Vibe Anal Training and Education Kit. It's got everything you'll need for fostering a better and more pleasurable relationship with your butt.

Here's what's included:

  • 50 Page Complete Guide to Anal Play. Great graphics that are easy to understand and fun to look at.
  • Enema Bulb
  • Lube Applicator
  • Small Silicone Butt Plug
  • Medium Vibrating Rechargeable Plug with charging cable
  • Large Weighted Plug
  • Zipper Carrying Case

The Quickstart Anal Training Guide for Beginners

What we really love about the b-Vibe anal training guide is that it takes you on a journey. There is a lot of focus on getting to know yourself better and not focusing too much on the final destination.

When you empower your butthole, you empower the rest of your body too.

- Angela Lieben, Liberator

The anal training guide has a huge amount of information. What b-Vibe has done is make anal training fun whether you're solo or with a partner. Take each section at your own pace and don't rush the process.

Section 2 of the anal training guide is one area you don't want to overlook. This chapter walks you through anal anatomy and pleasure. Giving you a map of where things are in relation to your body. Section 3 of the anal training guide is worth your attention too. This part walks you through the steps of preparing your body and mind for anal play.

But what's really cool about the b-Vibe booklet is that it is designed for all genders.

All the Right Stuff

Small Silicone Butt Plug

Having the right gear and toys makes anal training so much more fun. b-Vibe is the leader of anal toy design---truly! Not too feminine and not too masculine, the b-Vibe anal plugs and vibes are meant for everybody. Does not matter if you are just starting out or all-time anal enthusiasts.

Let's get started with the small silicone butt plug. No bigger than the diameter of a thumb, this small plug has a tapered design that is less than 2-inches in length. What we love about is this plug is it slides in really easy and can even be comfortably worn for an extended period of time.

Medium Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug

Yipppee! You've graduated from the small plug and are now ready to venture onward to something with a bit more size and girth. The Medium b-Vibe plug had a nice tapered shape that is approximately the size of two thumbs. Not too fat, yet not too skinny this plug glides in gently and has a nice solid base with the vibration control button. Once inserted, you may feel a full sensation that feels like pleasant pressure.

We recommend getting used to the plug before using the vibration. Move your body around while wearing it. And when you're ready---press the button. The first vibration feels incredible as it stimulates deep into the tissue. Hold that level for a while and then gradually increase the intensity. This b-Vibe Medium Butt Plug is a best-seller. You're really going to enjoy it---we promise!

Large Silicone Butt Plug

Wow! Now you're playing in the big leagues. But don't be intimated. Remember there is no deadline when it comes to anal training. You get to go at your own pace.

Although not equipped with a vibrator, the b-Vibe large silicone butt plug does have a hidden feature---an interior bead that rattles when you move around. This really lets you explore the deeper sensation when wearing the large butt plug. Tapered and a bit larger than the medium, this plug fits snuggly inside and offers a bit more fullness and intensity during anal training. There is no shame in stepping back to a smaller size if this one it too much.

You've Got This!

We at Liberator are all about the sex positions. Actually, sex positioning plays an important role when doing anal training. This is especially true for those just starting out on anal training.

Of course, your first inclination may be getting on all fours and assuming the doggy style position. But really, having your ass up in the air can make some of you feel vulnerable and can tighten the muscle around the anus. No worries though, the b-Vibe Anal Training Guide has an entire section dedicated to positioning. Now, go forth and explore -- You got this!

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Diane Munrey
I am looking for a very unusual butt plug! It was seen in a lesbian video...it is soft rubber of some kind, tapered at the end, getting thicker as it goes to the end and the plug. It is LONG, like a hose...maybe rubber. It is not rigid. Looks supple, but strong enough to insert. It is NOT shaped like a butt plug or a dildo....it almost looks like a long snake! It is about 2 1/2 to 3 ft. long and one woman inserted it into another, all the way. It looks fabulous, Do you know what I mean? Can I order one? Thanks for your help! (Diane.)
Angela Lieben
Hello Diane, Sounds like you are describing the Doc Johnson Kink "In Deep" Anal Snake. Unfortunately, we do not carry many Doc Johnson Kink products. Perhaps you can check their website and type "anal snake" in the search menu bar. Hope you find what sounds to be a very kinky and sex toy!