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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Your Turn

Woman lying on her side in bed holding a bouquet of flowers behind her back
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Your Turn

The last leg of our honeymoon trip was a taxi ride across the island from the airport. We arrived at a villa hidden behind a high hedge that Abby had borrowed from a very well-heeled sorority sister. The house was beautifully appointed. Downstairs was a kitchen, a living room with big couches, and a deck overlooking a nude beach. Upstairs was a bedroom that also overlooked the beach, with an attached bath the size of my apartment back home, complete with a walk-in shower for two or more.

We dropped our bags in the bedroom and Abby started undressing, shedding clothes in all directions. I followed suit and moved towards her. But she danced away and opened a concealed door on one side of the bedroom. Behind it was a playroom, with another floor-to-ceiling window over the beach. It had every conceivable piece of gear from Liberator, as well as hooks on the walls holding cuffs, collars, floggers, and paddles. Abby walked over to the window to look out on the beach. I came up behind her, snaked my arm around and cupped one of her luscious breasts. As my other hand slid down to fondle her pussy, she said, "If we're going to go out on the beach, and maybe bring back a new friend, I need my bush shaved."

With that she squirmed out of my grasp, went into the bath off the playroom, her ass swaying delightfully, and brought back a bowl of hot water, shaving cream, and a razor. "I want to be completely bare so we can go out on the beach. Shave me, please." And she sprawled back on the Black Label Esse Chaise and spread herself. I applied shaving cream and went to work. I could smell how turned on she was by this.

After a final rinse and toweling off, I dipped my head to taste, but she pushed my head away. "No! Your turn next." We traded places and she spread shaving cream on my balls. I jumped a little at the first touch of the razor, and she pulled restraints out from under the Black Label Esse Chaise and fastened my ankles in place. "Keep still so I don't hurt my toy." But it was still tickling, and I kept trying to push her hands away, so she pulled out more restraints and cuffed my wrists. "Stay put, dammit!"

Finally, cock and balls all bare, she sat back on her heels and admired her handiwork. But then she stood up and straddled my face. "Now you can taste," she said. She knew that eating pussy was one of my favorite things, and she pressed herself against my mouth while I gave her a good tongue fucking. I heard her mutter, "Oh, so much better without the hair in the way." Finally, she shuddered in orgasm and collapsed completely on my face, smothering me for half a minute.

She stood up a little shakily, said, "Now, your turn!" and moved between my legs to a cock that had been hardened by my cunt-licking. As she took first one, then the other of my nuts into her mouth I couldn't help but moan. She rubbed her soft, lovely tits up and down my cock. Then her mouth engulfed my shaft and she started teasing me with her mouth and hand work. I yelled, "Oh, please! More!"

But she stopped. "Nope. You need to stay hard. I want that cock up my ass." If anything was going to make me harder, that was it! She unfastened me, grabbed some lube, and knelt over the Liberator Prelude Bench. She showed me how to cuff her in place, with that glorious ass held high. I poured some lube on my prick. As I started to lube her tight hole, she started breathing heavily, straining at the tethers. I was intentionally teasing her as I opened her up. I'd back off every time she started moaning. Finally, she started begging, "Fuck me now! I want you to ass-fuck me! Take my anal cherry!"

What's a new husband to do? I slowly pressed my penis into her, waiting as she relaxed. Soon we were in a good rhythm. I reached under her and squeezed her breasts the way I knew she liked. I was thrusting deeply and we were both grunting with each stroke. I pulled one hand away from those great tits and pressed into her cunt. It took only a couple of flicks across her clit before she started screaming. I slid two fingers into her and felt her tighten around them. I could feel myself through the wall of her cunt until I shot. I'm not sure how many times Abby managed to come.

I collapsed across her back, kissing the back of her neck. After she caught her breath she said, "What a great wedding present. I came so hard. Unfasten me so that I can get cleaned up a little." I pulled out, unclipped her cuffs, and as she went one way, I went into the master bath to do the same. I got back to the playroom before she did. I stood looking out at the beach, admiring the naked bodies shining in the sun, thinking what fun we'd have out there. The anticipation was turning me on again.

I turned as I heard the door open. Abby was striding back towards me. Legs that went all the way up. Bouncing breasts with hard, happy nipples. Tousled hair with that just-fucked look. Her hips were girded with a leather harness, supporting a long pink dildo that jutted forward between her legs. She was brandishing a riding crop and uttered two words:

"Your turn."

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