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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Working From Home

Woman holding a leash attached to a man in a leather puppy hood
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Working From Home

"Pet, I'm going to be working from home today."

He hears the mischief in her words. His body shoots up eagerly at the foot of her bed. "You are Miss?"  He makes no attempt to hide his excitement. Despite her staying at home becoming a regular occurrence in the pandemic, he cherishes every chance to be in her company.

"Mmhmm, I believe I will. Though my desk is so far away, and the office chair is so cold and uncomfortable. Do you think maybe you could help me find an alternative solution?"

He nods fast, dark curls whipping about his head accompanied by the clinking of his collar's tags against the D ring.

"Well, I mean if you're sure. Be a dear and get my laptop along with our Obeir Spanking Bench and Black Label Flip Stage, the ones we got from Liberator. Go on puppy, fetch!" She belts out a mirthful laugh at the sight of her obedient boyfriend bounding from the corner of the bed into a gallop, almost colliding with the door frame in his rush.

She has just enough time to finish the last of her breakfast in bed and get on her comfy silk robe before he finishes his scampering back and forth with everything requested. He follows her instructions for set up: laptop on top of the Spanking Bench and the top of the Flip Stage laid up against the kneeling portion. She plays with his messy locks idly as she says, “Now, about that chair.” Her fingers then curl into a tight fistful of his hair. He does his best to stifle the needy moan trying to escape his throat as she pulls on her makeshift handle and guides him on his back, head resting on the kneeling section of the Bench. She releases her grip on him to then cuff his wrists to the side of the Stage. Then rising to stand with feet on either side of his head, she smirks down at the excitement on his face.

“Yes, I think this will make for a fine seat.” She pushes down her cute polka dot panties until they fall free, the freshly worn fabric draping against his nose. She allows time for a few of his greedy sniffs before kicking them to the side. “Okay pet, no more delaying. We both have very important jobs to do.”

He watches her descent with eager anticipation, her legs kneeling onto the Stage, the soft curves of her inner thighs wrapping around his head in a warm embrace. He loses the view of her bare sex as it presses against his plush parted lips, her weight settling comfortably on top of him, and from his new angle, he can only see glimpses of her stomach and breast still covered loosely in her nightshirt. The faint sound of keystrokes had already begun, and his hungry lips hurry to start their own task. The heat of his tongue flattens against her sex and begin to slowly paint over her slit in slow broad strokes, the slick friction working to wake her body to his attention.

Sensitivity builds as the deliberate tease is drawn out, and her hips begin to rock back and forth lightly despite her attempts to focus. With every push of her hips, he finds what little freedom his nose has for oxygen gets blocked by her frame, and what little air he does get is heavily laced with the intoxicating scent of his owner’s sex. His tongue began to match pace with her body as she grinds her juices all across his face, using his features to pleasure herself in tandem with his mouth’s efforts. His full lips tug and pull at her flesh, massaging into her lips and clit while trying to selfishly swallow every drop of wetness that she can feed him.

She snaps the laptop closed and clutches at the top of the Bench for support and is now using her whole body to work her hips against his face, intentionally neglecting his need for air as she looks down at his reddened face glistening with her juices, only allowing him the noisy gasps of breath he can steal between her thrusts. His tongue furiously works between her folds, lapping deep inside her and sparking hidden bundles of nerves along her inner walls. After building for what seems like ages, the pressure inside her begins to tip over the edge. One of her hands snaps down to grip his hair and pull him into her, spasming thighs wrapping tight around his head and completely smothering him.

Waves of pleasure crash through her as his throat bobs frantically, trying to keep up with the surge of juices passing over his frantic tongue. Then slowly, the muscles in her body all begin to relax, one after the other, until she falls back on top of his warm and squirming body. A notably audible gasping for air can be heard from between her legs when her pussy pries itself off his airways. In a voice full of bliss and fatigue, she finally murmurs “We’re going to take a 15-minute break pet. But then we absolutely have to get back to work. No more distractions okay?”

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