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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: When Next We Meet

Couple on Esse Chaise II
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: When Next We Meet

When we next meet I will come to you with the thirst of a thousand hours of longing; for my mind and heart will have yearned for you with every impulse and beat. A constant thread of distraction from the mundane; a well of pressure building, growing, waiting to be tapped and drawn. 

 When the time comes I will pace steadily to your door from afar, my footsteps echoing audibly.  You will just barely hear them over the crooning voices and melodic waves of artists long dead but whose magic still echoes from the grooves of gently spinning vinyl. Your eyes will be closed as you wait; your mind wondering if these steps rhythmically approaching are mine or those of a stranger… will they stop for you or continue on to the next door or the next; time will tell.

 While you wait relaxing, you will waft in the fragrance of smoldering incense and heated wax; your body and mind floating in the curved contours of your Esse Chaise II.  There, you will feel the sensation of your own heartbeat gently pushing at your temples as your head is comfortably draped back; the same pulse beneath your breast will travel down through your legs and the warmth between them. Pulse, release. Pulse, release. Pulse, release.

 Like a trigger my knock on the door will make your back arch and your lungs take a deep gasping breath… a breath held onto for a moment before reluctantly being released.  As your breath escapes your figure will gently float against the undulating embrace of your cherry-red chaise… curving and shaping your posture.  The two forms like puzzle pieces nestled comfortably together; it’s color complementing your blushing cheeks and contrasting against your cool skin and the black straps you’ll wear to accentuate your form.  Then after a weighted pause, full of meaning and desire you will utter smokily “It’s open, I’m here.”

 The cool air pushed across the room from outdoors as I come through the threshold will brush across your body like winds across a mountain range; raising goosebumps across your skin and evoking a lingering moan of delight and a second arching of your back, thrusting your chest skyward as though an offering to my hungry eyes.  An offering that will soon be taken, but not just yet.

 I’ll lick my lips as I circle around to approach your sensuous form from above and behind, nestling my cheek against yours; whispering gentle nothings into your ear before kissing your face softly.  Then, my lips will move down to your tendinous neck where I will begin my feast.  Each kiss, inhalation, bite along your flesh will be greeted by an involuntary dropping of your jaw and slight catch of the breath. 

 I will slowly work down to place my warm lips gently on the peak of your chest so you can feel their pursed push against your skin and my warm breath flowing across your body, cascading to the chair and beyond into nothing. My hands will travel lightly along your draped arms as I bring myself to kneel by your heavenly form.  Your limbs leading my gentle touch over your shoulders and gently to the side of your chest… as it heaves gently between my strong pressing hands.  Your heart now visibly pounding, I’ll lift my lips high above you and guide my hands to your hips along the divine curves of your sides and then up and around... cupping your thighs.  Intently my firm hands will part them to either side, straddling the chaise, gently opening the gateway to my longing.

 "Yes…." will slip cooly from your lips as you slink further down lifting your hips higher along the peak of the chair and greeting my hungry lips in a union of bliss.  A groan will build so deeply in my chest that its resonance will rattle my lips buried deep between your legs, vibrating impossibly strong, adding to the warm pressure of my tongue.  When next we meet, this will be just the beginning…

When next we meet. 

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