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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: The Bedroom Key

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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: The Bedroom Key

She was not happy with me, that I was sure of. I had been asking for years to buy it and she would not approve, she didn’t want others to see it in our bedroom. I got the Black Label Esse Chaise. Despite her not being happy about it, I set it up in our room on Monday and she kind of started to accept it during the week, sitting on it a few times to get ready for work. On Friday we had a few drinks and I gave her a nice massage while she laid on it, we were both tired, so we went to bed after that. 

Saturday night I found her laying on it reading a book. Later in the evening while we were both getting ready for bed, I push her over the tall end and reached down and clipped her hands into the cuffs I setup on the sides. Then, I slowly took her panties off and ate her from behind. She came so hard and was soaking wet. I stood up and slid inside her, pushing as deep as I could go. I positioned myself and started to give her the deepest fuck she has ever had. Having that nice firm hump to pin her against, I grabbed her hips and began to work her until I was exhausted. When I finished, I unclipped her hands and helped her up. I am sure she was not upset at my purchase now.

The following weekend we had a small party with a few friends. My wife wanted the bedroom door locked, so no one would see our new furniture. As the night went on and after a few drinks, I lost any concern I had. When a friend of ours asked me if we had another bathroom, I forgot all about the Black Label Esse Chaise and gave her the key to our bedroom to use the master bath. I didn’t think about it again that night and the party started to end with people leaving a few at a time. The last person to leave was Kristen and she asked if she could have one more drink. I poured three whiskeys and gave her one, my wife one, and kept one for myself. She took a few sips and then walked over to my wife and handed her the bedroom key. My wife looked straight at me and while I took a large gulp of my drink, Kristen asked my wife if she could try out our new Black Label Esse Chaise. My wife did not answer, but Kristen headed to the bedroom anyway and we followed.

Kristen laid down on the Black Label Esse Chaise and shifted around a bit. She then got up and leaned off the top while my wife and I watched. She then noticed the D rings and asked my wife if we have used them. My wife was blushing and speechless. Kristen walked up to her and said “I bet you have” and asked if I could strap her down. My wife nodded yes and I proceed to strap Kristen down, just like I did to my wife the weekend before. I then went and gave my wife a kiss on the neck and removed her panties while Kristen watched. I then took my wife over to the Black Label Esse Chaise and had her sit facing Kristen. I leaned her back and lifted up her dress while placing her where Kristen could lick her pussy. My wife moaned with pleasure while I proceeded to lift Kristen's dress up. I took off my pants and looked at my wife for permission. She nodded and I slowly pushed inside Kristen. I didn’t immediately start to thrust. I just enjoyed the view and felt the heat of Kristen’s pussy. My cock had not been in another pussy for 10 years. While I was in a daze, my wife looked up and asked me “Well, you going to fuck her like you fucked me last weekend?” That was all I needed to begin thrusting as hard as I could. My hands pulling Kristen's hips and my wife’s hands pulling her head, I could tell Kristen enjoyed being in between us. We ended up having Kristen stay the night and tried many more positions until we were all exhausted.

We have had several parties since then and Kristen always asks me for the bedroom key and to have one last drink. My wife always make sure there are three pillows in our bed on those party nights. 

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Mark Grimes
ABSOLUTELY arousing! Reminds me of old Penthouse stories!