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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Socially Distanced Date Night

Woman in a bunny mask holding a flogger with a laptop in her lap
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Socially Distanced Date Night

Him: Hands on the keyboard, girl.

Her: Sorry, sir. This makes it hard to concentrate.

Him: That's the point - and that's exactly why this is how we're christening your new Liberator Axis Wand Toy Mount. Did you forget?

Her: No, sir. I'm to keep my fingers on the keyboard at all times while I lay on top of my vibrator on the Axis while you watch.

Him: Speaking of, you have permission to remove your fingers from the laptop to adjust the second camera. It's pointing a little too down. I want to see your beautiful face from the front… and your wiggling ass from the side.

Her: Yes, sir. Is this better?

Him: Good girl. Much better. Tell me how it feels.

Her: Oh sir, it feels so good. I have it on the lowest setting so I can concentrate on typing but even after just ten minutes, I feel like I might come.

Her: Sir, you make it hard to focus with THAT on the screen. I can see it against your pants.

Him: That's the point, silly girl. Continue.

Her: It's so powerful that I can feel it through my thighs. The Axis lifts my hips in a way that makes me feel like my ass is on display, and even though I can't see anything but the webcam on my face, I feel like it must look really sexy. I feel like I'm presenting myself to you, sir.

Him: Oh, it definitely looks that way - and it's hot as hell. Continue.

Her: Mmmm. The shape is really soft, and it feels like a stretch to my back a bit, but in a good way, if that makes sense? The vibrations are really starting to get to me, though, sir. It feels sooooo good.

Him: Good girl. I'm sure this will help. Much nicer for you to look at.

Her. Oh. OH. Wow. You really like me like this, don't you?

Him: Yes I do, pretty girl. I'm going to stroke myself while you watch. Eyes on me while I watch you present yourself for me.

Her: Mmmm. That just made me shiver in pleasure, sir.

Him: I wouldn't have it any other way. Continue. I want all of your thoughts. All of your attention - right on me and all of the sensations you're feeling.

Her: Yes, sir. Um, that made me shiver again. I can feel my pussy pulsing with a combination of the vibrations and some of your words, sir. I feel like I'm owned, and that makes me wet. What would you like me to do next, sir?

Him: Grind against the toy for me.

Him: I saw you lift up. Someone got too close, didn't they? Which part was it: being ordered to do it or the sensations?

Her: Being ordered, sir.

Him: Like I thought. You may rest against the vibrator again. Only now I want you to turn it on high.

Him: Oh, that was a good face you just made.

Her: Sir… it's really intense. This will make me come really soon!! Oh God, please let me come.

Him: Not yet. I'm not done with you yet. Does it look like I want to shoot my load yet?

Her: Please, sir, please!

Him: I said not yet. Turn off the vibe.

Her: Done, but I miss it.

Him: Go get your new nipple clamps we bought from Liberator. You have them nearby like I asked?

Her: Yes, sir. I kept everything from the order here.

Him: Good. Onto your nipples then. How does it feel?

Her: Ouch! But kinda hot at the same time. It's like the pain and pleasure are mixing together in a really weird way. I like that it's slightly painful and I'm doing as you asked anyway which makes me feel even more turned on. It's confusing!!

Him: Sounds like a good addition then. ;-D Turn the vibrator back on high and get on top of your Axis again. I want to see those nipple clamps, though, so adjust yourself accordingly.

Her: Like this?

Him: Exactly. How does everything feel?

Her: Um, well, it's hotter watching you stroke faster like that. Goddamn, sir!

Him: Focus.

Her: I feel like I'm really close to coming. I don't really know how wet I am, but it feels like a lot. The nipple clamps are slightly distracting but in a really good way that makes me feel even closer to the edge.

Him: You're getting me pretty close, girl.

Her: Really, sir?

Him: Grind your vibrator.

Her: But that will make me come…

Him: I know. I want to shoot my load while you're shuddering from that powerful orgasm, my pretty little thing.

Her: Okay, sir. Oh God, I'm so close. Please keep stroking like that, sir. It looks so hot. Oh God, sir, I'm really close. The vibrations are so strong and I'm barely holding on with all of this. Sir, please.

Her: Please, sir, please! Oh God, I'm going to come- please let me!

Him: You may come, pet.

Her: Oh God. OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod!

Him: Fuck, that does it for me. God, you're hot as hell. FUCK. That was intense. Easily one of my top orgasms this year, pet. You can do that to a guy.

Her: Oh sir, the wand is too much now- off please?

Him: Yes, you may.

Her: That's much better. I'm glad I can provide that service for you, sir. I'm still throbbing and I actually feel a bit dizzy after how intense that was lol. Can I remove the nipple clamps?

Him: Yes, you may.

Him: Feel better?

Her: Oh wow, that feels intense now that they're off. Can we play with that next time?

Him: Of course. I know you need to get ready for bed. Same time next week?

Her: Of course, sir. Thank you for playing with me tonight.

Him: No, thank YOU. I'll be looking forward to next week. Good night. Sleep well.

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