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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Perfectly Positioned

Overhead view of woman straddling man and pinning his hands in bed
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Perfectly Positioned

"Okay. Ready?"

With his nod, I bent over his wheelchair, like I'd done thousands of times over our relationship, and wrapped my arms around his solid chest. His arms gripped the straps we'd installed into the ceiling as I lifted him from his wheelchair and moved him to the large piece of new furniture that had staked territory in a corner of our bedroom.

The Black Label Esse. It was a formidable piece, and I'd been fighting arousal every time I looked at it over the past week. The extreme curves just screamed "sex", and it didn't hurt that the accompanying restraints were laying on the ground next to it.

On a drunken night a few weeks ago, I'd confessed that I missed g-spot stimulation in a certain sex position. I remember the horror I'd felt as soon as the words left my lips; as the love of my life, I never want him to feel "less than".

But ever the scientist, the wheels in his brain started turning, and a quick web search brought us to Liberator. What happened next was hours of sharing our fantasies while we imagined how each piece would fit into our energetic sex life. As those things tend to go, we had just found our match in the Black Label Esse when our spoken fantasies finally made us abandon the website in search of our boring, but reliable, bed. After a night of some life-changing sex fueled by fantasies of what could be, the Liberator product found its way into our cart.

Now that it was here, it was impossible to resist my partner laid out, naked, over its soft surface. His erect length laid against his abdomen as he waited for me to join him in making some of our spoken fantasies come true. His muscles flexed deliciously as he used his arms to readjust himself into a more comfortable position, and it was impossible to ignore the passionate look he gave me as that same arm slid down his body to take his hardness in hand.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming," I soothed with a smile infectiously spread across my face. I hurried across the room to turn off the bright lights to see the love of my life caressed by the light of our solitary bedroom lamp - and a flickering candle I lit as I strode towards him.

The vanilla scent soothed my senses as I threw a leg over his naked form. His hand moved away as I settled into place, the warmth of his body instantly enhancing our intimacy. I felt his hardness against my pussy as I pressed against him, the initial contact drawing an unexpected mewl from my lips.

He grinned. He straight up GRINNED.

The sight was enough to make me laugh, but I quickly became the supreme seductress as a gentle grind against his length was enough to cause his soft lips to part instead. Clad in an expensive lacy set of lingerie bought just for this occasion, I was the Goddess above my conquest - and my "conquest" was very happy about it.

"My god, you're so hot," he uttered, and it was all the encouragement I needed.

With a steady, rocking rhythm of my hips against his length, I smirked as I channeled my best confident persona. Slowly and in time with the movement of my body, my hands caressed my body on the journey to my shoulders. Awkward as it felt for me, I felt the power in our exchange as I kept eye contact as each bra strap slid off of my shoulder. His eyes never left mine, even as I reached behind my body to gently unclasp the barely-there lacey underthing to expose even more of my smooth skin.

His eyes widened at the same instant I felt it. My rocking movements had finally pushed my small pair of panties to the side, and his length brushed against my wet flesh - and right over my sensitive clit. The sensation was everything, and my expensive bra was left discarded on the floor like the unimportant relic that it was.

"I need you. I need you now," I growled at him.

Reaching between us, I brushed the fabric fully to the side as I slid down onto him in a slick, fluid motion. Pleasure washed over me, and I actually got goosebumps as the sensation of being filled washed over every one of my senses.

Reenacting everything about the fantasy we'd shared, I leaned forward, positioning his elevated hips into the perfect spot to hit that orgasmic spot deep within me. One hand cupping my breast and the other reaching to rub my clit, I felt the electric energy in the air as we both slipped entirely into our primal need to climb to an explosion as quickly as possible.

The Black Label Esse did its job keeping him in the perfect spot, and those goosebumps came back for a second time as I felt his cock effortlessly hit my g-spot. The sensations pushed towards the precipice, and I didn't want any of it to stop. His fingers on my clit, the grip on my breast, and his cock within me... all of it came together to overwhelm all of my senses.

Oh God, that's it. My thoughts dissipate as the orgasm tumbles out of me, grinding against him as I tighten against him, screaming his name. My body tightens, and I feel the orgasm rip through every part of me - and I'm pretty sure I'm seeing stars. The pleasured relief is instantaneous, and it rushes through my body like a sweet warmth as I glance down at the man that I love. My nerve endings are alive, and there isn't anywhere else on the planet that I'd rather be.

Through the pulsing of my last orgasm, I feel the desire for another one.

Breathing heavy, I inquire,

"Round two?"

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