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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Magic Castle Ride

Woman pulling down the bra of another woman from behind
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Magic Castle Ride

We were vacationing in Germany at an old medieval castle. We were to stay a week in this magnificent palace and for the first time in a long time we were going to be all alone… or so I thought. As we walked into the sleeping room I noticed a familiar piece of furniture; it looked like the Liberator Ramp, the same one we had at home. I couldn’t wait to take a flight on that!

After a few days at the castle I started to notice things happening that I couldn’t explain. When showering one evening, I noticed strands of long black hair in the drain; my hair is copper brown so I knew it wasn't mine. I also noticed an unfamiliar aroma in the powder room, a perfume that was not mine. The next evening while sleeping I suddenly felt a warming sensation between my legs. I had this sudden urge to touch myself, to finger my warm wet clit. Maybe I was dreaming of all the great sex my husband Tony and I have had here. But in the air, maybe in my hair, I could smell that scent from the powder room.

The next morning I woke, went to the bathroom, and noticed that same black hair I’ve seen before tangled in my brush. Was someone else here with us? The hair, the scent, the eerie feeling of not being alone… what was happening? And then it happened- the next evening after a long day of hiking and giving Tony a rebel ride on the Esse we discovered in the living space, we quickly fell asleep. I was asleep for a few hours when I awoke to the crackling sound of wood burning.  I got up to venture out towards the sound. I was in a dreamy daze but when I reached the balcony I could see the glowing light from the fireplace. I didn’t remember having a  fire on before we went to bed but there it was, burning bright. I made my way down the stairs towards the glowing fire.

Right away I noticed a bottle of wine and two glasses, I  thought, Tony- was he setting up some romantic theme for us? But why is there lipstick marks on one of the glasses? Bright red and definitely not mine. I picked up the bottle, poured myself a glass, and sat by the fire. I was still wearing Tony's favorite negligee. The wine flushed me with warmth and calmness. I could hear someone walking up from behind me, I thought, Tony?

I turned around and looked up, and there she was… the long black hair, the sweet sexy scent. Before I could say a word she leaned down, placing a finger on my lips and shushing me. Her finger pressed on my lips, slowly made its way down over my breast to my nipple, and then she pinched me, grabbed my boob, and guided me up to her. We stood there gazing into each other's eyes. We didn’t say a word; I felt hypnotized by her deep blue eyes and full red lips. She was totally nude, her tits full accompanied by large pretty pink areolas. She was about the same cup size as me, 36D. She knew I was looking at them. She brushed my hair back and looked down at mine. With one hand she cupped my boob, with the other she grabbed my hand and placed it on one of her large melons.

I held onto her softness and squeezed her. She leaned in to kiss me gently but quickly we were kissing passionately, tongues intertwined, squeezing each other's tits, pressing them into each other's, grabbing each other's asses. I was flushed with excitement, hot with pleasure. I have had been with a woman before and I loved this feeling. Her softness, her curves… I  lost all control with her. I thought of my Tony and how much I wanted him here with us making me feel safe and welcomed to be pleased by her.

We slowly made our way down onto the Zeppelin Lounger in front of the fireplace. She made her way down to my breasts, suckled them, gently biting my nipples. She kissed her way down my body to my untrimmed mound and my eagerly awaiting essence. Her mouth was warm. She kissed me, tongued me, fingered me, and nibbled me gently. In no time I was pulsating with pleasure. I wanted Tony here holding me as I came with orgasmic waves. She slid up me, her breasts brushing over my soaking wet pussy. She kissed me, I could taste my sweet honey on her. It was my turn now, my turn to taste her.

We rolled over and now I was on top, our nude bodies pressing against each other. I made my way down her- she was just as bushy as I was. I slid my finger into her sweet spot. It was warm,  soft and so wet. Her scent was something I hungered for. I kissed, licked, and fingered her hotness. I placed my hands under her ass, lifting her up to my mouth. I licked her into convulsing orgasms. Her juices dripping down her ass, her cream sticking to my hands. It felt empowering to make her come like that. I desperately wanted Tony’s thick dick inside me while I was licking this beautiful woman.

I slid up to kiss her. We rolled over, her on top, our slippery vaginas grinding, our tits smashing into each other. She was pounding me hard, my hands on her ass, her full breasts bouncing in my face; I would catch her nipple with my mouth and gently bite. We were dripping, juices all over each other's thighs. We were fucking each other hard… yet still, I wanted Tony, wanted his hard cock deep inside me. I slapped her ass and screamed, “fuck me!” We rubbed and scissored ourselves into multiple squirting orgasms. I guess we weren't alone after all.

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