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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Lusty Tango

Woman in lacy eye mask lounging on velvet sofa
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Lusty Tango

Wearing elaborate, richly-toned costumes complete with masks, Dane and Jenna blended in with the festival-goers celebrating Carnival in a town far outside of the capital city. Music filled the streets and dancers displayed their skills on every corner. The sexual energy between them had been building for months, but neither of them had risked acting on it. Dane’s return to society after being left for dead by his family’s political rivals years ago had put a target on his back; a target he did not want on Jenna, no matter how capable she was. Dane took her hand and maneuvered them out of the main crowds, navigating to the back of a large building, before opening a back-alley door to pull her quickly inside with a smile. He knew she secretly wanted to see the inside of this theater while they were in town, so he’d made sure it was empty tonight.

Jenna mistook Dane’s move as evasive, like they were being followed, and stepped close in the dim light to listen for their pursuers. His scent was deliciously intoxicating and she pushed back the need for more of it before glancing at him to gauge his take on the situation. She caught the hungry look in his eyes before he could suppress it and the air between them grew thick with unreleased desire.

The first notes of a tango drifted in from the street, broke the silence, and shattered the last threads of their self-control. Months ago, they had fallen into an anonymous lusty tango at an underground dance club when Jenna’s eyes went wide with realization. With their faces an inch apart, she had been the first to recognize him after his return home. Since then, they had avoided even touching each other. Dane pulled Jenna into his arms with deliberate slowness and the long-smoldering passion exploded.

Pressed against his hard frame, she ran her hands up his well-muscled back in time with the music, and then they traveled through the room in a flurry of steps. The simmering energy transformed into a magnetic fire and Dane's hands became stronger, rougher, more insistent. His broad shoulders and powerful arms became possessive, his eyes stormy with desire. Jenna quivered as his hands explored her athletic form. It was a tango story of intense craving and driving desire paired with capture and possession as they moved across the backstage wooden floor.

They ended against a cool brick wall, breathing heavily in time with each other, but it was far from finished. Jenna gasped in ecstasy as he grabbed her cascading locks at the base of her head, pulled back, and claimed her lips in an aggressive, passionate kiss. Her physical response was instantaneous; lightning surged through her body. She returned the kiss with matching fervor. The length and hardness of him grew and throbbed against her. With one arm, Dane practically lifted her from location to location, pressing her against solid surfaces at intervals. Her lips and teeth moved over his shoulder and neck while pulling back layers of deep blue fabric from his jacket and shirt collar. Their masks were thrown aside and the two of them shed outer layers of their costumes one by one across the room in a trail, losing every ounce of restraint.

Jenna's hands were in his hair, around his neck, under his jacket, and on his face. Dane growled into her skin and bit down at the spot where her neck met her shoulder. She clung to the bare skin of his muscled back and cried out in pleasure when he found and squeezed her breast. His mouth followed and she threw her head back in pleasure as he licked and sucked on her nipple with expertise. She held his head in place with both hands, craving more, and directing him to her other breast before he reclaimed her mouth with a long, deep kiss.

Their heavy breathing and occasional groans of pleasure filled the darkness. Jenna reached down and stroked the length of his cock bulging against his pants. A deep reverberation of satisfaction vibrated from him; it grew louder when his hand found her undergarments soaked, her body slick with desire. Tangled bodies rolled around the sides of a grand piano before finding the microvelvet-covered Esse Chaise half-hidden in the shadowy light. With their lips locked, Dane leaned Jenna back against the rounded top of the elegant lounge. He easily slipped his fingers inside her and she clawed at his back wanting more. Soon after, she unfastened his pants and wrapped her hand around the thick shaft of his cock. Jenna ran her thumb over the head, slick with precum, and Dane growled into her neck. He quickly drew her into a kiss again before bending her corseted torso over the top of the chaise and ripping her flimsy undergarments aside to press the tip of his pulsing cock against her. He leaned over her with barely contained control. Before he could get the question out, she had already replied her consent in a raspy, exuberant whisper- “Yes!”

Without hesitation, Dane pushed deep inside her with a groan of consuming gratification. Jenna stretched her hands out against the chaise for support while arching her back as he fucked her. They moved from there to the lower end of the chaise where he lifted her hips to his mouth and buried his tongue in search of her pleasure. Wracked with satisfaction, she pushed him down onto the microvelvet surface and straddled him with her hands on his chest until pleasure overtook her again and orgasm rippled through her body. Dane lifted them both off the chaise with ease and laid her back against the curved top to slide his throbbing cock inside her from above. Jenna smiled as he pressed her arched hips harder into the chaise, thrust in a frenzied final act, and locked eyes with her. There was no going back, nor did either one want to.

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