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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Fortune-ately

Fortune cookie being held between chopsticks
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Fortune-ately

"Fine, Alexa, I'm just gonna grab a shower and go to bed. I've had enough," he told me.

It had been a bad day.  This morning, we'd argued about money.  At our lunch "date", we'd argued about friends.  Now, we were arguing because I'd picked up Chinese for dinner, and he'd wanted pizza.  I watched with mixed feelings as Will headed for the stairs.  I was angry and hurt, yet I knew we were better than this.  But, if I were honest with myself, it was more than today, it had been a bad... how long?  What was going on?  Had we lost it?  Were we just ultra-stressed?  As I pondered, I absentmindedly reached for a fortune cookie and broke it open.  It read, "Give your treasure tonight, tomorrow you will reap the rewards."

Seriously?  In a fortune cookie?  It was like a wake-up slap in the face.  How long had it been since we'd had sex?  I felt a tingling begin inside me as I thought about it.  Too long, that was certain.  I looked at the fortune again, my anger, pride, and stubbornness battling it out with my need to try to fix things.  But, as I looked at the small slip of paper, the tingling became a longing, and I suddenly felt a surge of overwhelming desire.

I planned quickly.  First, I went upstairs and got my clit massager out of the nightstand.  I repositioned our Liberator Esse Chaise II so that it was pointing toward the bathroom door and adjusted our freestanding mirror, aiming it strategically.  I could hear the shower still running, so I knew I had a little time.  I undressed, pleasuring myself as I went, massaging my inner thighs, squeezing my nipples into erection, sliding a finger around my pussy lips.  I contemplated a sexy teddy but decided on full nudity.  I reclined on the Esse Chaise II and went to work with my massager.

It wasn't long before I was fully aroused, wet, and squirming with pleasure. Just as I began to come, I heard the shower stop.  The thought of Will, wet and nude, and what I'd planned for us, sent me over the top.  I didn't hold any of my orgasmic noise in, and I was sure he could hear me.  I came again and almost lost track of my plan as the pleasure washed over me.  I just had time to turn face down and position myself over the end of the Esse ChaiseII, when Will opened the bathroom door.  I could see him in the mirror, toweled dry, but still nude.  I saw in his expression all the mixed emotions I'd been feeling earlier.  But, I also saw his penis begin to rise as he found himself facing my wet and ready “treasure” inviting him in.

"What..." he started, but I interrupted "Please.  Now."

He stood there for a moment, and I could see hunger in his eyes now, and in his cock, as it had grown to its full, hard length.  I was still throbbing from my orgasms, and I wanted him inside me.  He moved up behind me, and I felt his hands begin to caress my hips and thighs, his fingers moving toward my vagina.  "I don't want your fingers now, I want your cock.  All of it.  Do it hard."

This was new to him, he'd always been so careful with foreplay to make sure I was ready.  But he responded with a devilish grin, and I felt the head of his cock brushing my pussy lips, searching.  Then, in one sudden thrust, he was deep inside me and I let out a little shriek of pleasure.  Will immediately began slowly pumping me with full, hard strokes, his cock hitting my G-spot perfectly as it slid in and out. The self-pleasuring I'd done paid off, and another orgasm was rapidly building.  I started coming in waves and he kept on thrusting, deeply, rhythmically, endlessly, his hips pounding against me.  I looked in the mirror and Will's eyes were locked on the sight of his cock pumping my pussy.

Then he slowed, and I thought he was about to come, but instead, he pulled out, and said, "My turn.  Suck me.  Finish me."  I was still shuddering from my multi-climaxes, but I rolled off the Esse Chaise II and Will then reclined on it.  I knelt over him and started licking his balls and tickling his perineum, but he said, "I don't want your fingers, I want your mouth.  All of it."  So I took his cock deep into my mouth and started rhythmic, full-length strokes, just as he had done for me.  I tasted my own flavors on his cock as I curved my tongue around the underside of his shaft.  I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and squeezed and stroked in rhythm with my mouth.  I'd always loved going down on him and I felt my own arousal building again as I sucked hard. 

Will began thrusting and gasping, "Oh... that's... good... oh... oh."  I felt the contractions begin, and then, with one last thrust, he erupted in my mouth, warm and salty.  After the first couple of spurts, I pulled my mouth away and kept gently stroking and squeezing the base of his shaft until, with a last twitch, his orgasm subsided.

As we cuddled on the bed, Will sighed, and said, "That was incredible, Alexa.  I'm sorry I've been such a grump lately."

"We've both been grumps, and I'm sorry, too,"  I replied.

"What made you come up with this when we were both so mad?" he asked.

"Something wise I once read."  I showed him the fortune.  "See, I told you Chinese was right for tonight."

"Okay, okay.  You really shared your treasure.  But what's this about tomorrow?"

"I thought that was self-explanatory," I said, handing him my vibrator.  "But I'm not done with tonight".  I reached down and gently caressed his penis and balls, and felt the swelling begin again.

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