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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Extra Stream

Ancient Indian stonework depicting an orgy
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Extra Stream

She logged off the ‘Yogi Kara’ profile on the website Fan Access Video Entertainment (or FAVE as the kids call it) it was last set at. This side hustle improved her instructor profile. Increasing class sizes, almost doubling each month until they hit capacity. Even requests for personal sessions came from her fans.

She knew having a corny name was a bit of a gamble but the name was also catchy, memorable, and easier to recommend to friends, helping to grow her web presence in a short time. It fit so well with her name. Plus, she admired the wit of the former Yankee catcher.

But now Kara was logging on to her other FAVE account; something that was not attached to work in any way. This account was for fun- ‘Kama Superpower.’ The idea came from listening to her students after class one evening. “Our instructor would probably be good at the Kama Sutra the way she bends!” At first, Kara was a bit shocked. The more she thought about it, however, the more the idea intrigued her curiosities. The challenge of recreating the greatest sexual guide known to humans was irresistible.

One glitch, though: the poses are for partners. Currently, Kara was without a regular partner and figured it was unlikely to find one that she could trust as a co-star quickly. Finding someone who was flexible enough to pose properly as well as willing to expose their naughty parts would not be a worthwhile pursuit. Meaning to see this idea to fruition, she would have to improvise. She knew this was a good idea and another way to connect to her audience. Kara was keen to guide a willing couple in this journey of sensual and sexual exploration.

 Kara figured that two of her students would make the perfect cast members. Hayden and Bailey were happy to recreate Kama Sutra poses in an instructive and fun manner. As an added bonus, no matter what happened, they would be fun to work with. Little did she predict the happy messes this would cause or she would have increased her towel budget.

 Hayden and Bailey were always engaging and very affectionate in class, more than helping each other with the poses to get it correct. They were eager to help with instruction adding risqué commentary. Their fellow students called them handsy, which was an understatement. They also were very playful when demonstrating the right exercise, making good subjects for what Kara had in mind. After a few conversations, they were convinced even if they were apprehensive about one thing. Hayden was ready to try something divergent from her boring office gig, but Bailey’s job would never allow him to appear in such randy videos. Also, this might offend some of Kara’s more prudish clients as well.

So they decided to go with costumes, incorporating some slight modifications to ensure everything fits right. They wanted something their favorite characters Suzie and Jon would wear but that would be too revealing. Instead, they picked more conventional superhero costumes- Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen. They were less conspicuous with full-body suits and head-covering masks. While not the same impact as our favorite brimpers, dual Spideys is more on-brand for getting into malleable positions.

But who could Kara become to stay in character? Deadpool! Kara adopted the alter ego and disguise of the most mouthy and entertaining host yet. This helped to keep the mood light when they were taping. The growing fanbase seemed to be responding to it also.

At first, it was somewhat clinical. Despite outside appearances, Hayden and Bailey’s sexual relations were in a slow period. When Kara made the request they took it as a new endeavor. A good start to break the détente. Which it did in spades. They used a Liberator Flip Ramp to help with Blossoming and Utphallaka. The fun meter was pegged as they got into position, talking through how they got into position, even when they had some slips in the wrong direction. But the talking stopped as Hayden ejaculated for the first time. Everyone was glad when Kara broke the tension with, “Well that was not in the manual!”

Thank goodness the wireless headsets inside the masks help to catch the action live, like an improv act. No need for a key grip on these small productions, just good lighting and a few cameras in the room. Voiceovers after the action added to the production value, but the audience responded positively to the more playful nature of the live recordings that included discovering new fun.

 It may not have been the tribute Vatsyayana Mallanaga was hoping for. Still, it was connecting with the audience. The comments section was filled with both criticism and thanks for the instruction, as well as humorous statements about the joyous nature of the content. Also, it was full of suggestions for the next position to attempt.

 As they all got into character, they reviewed the positioning. Never implementing a formal script for any recording, just discussing things to remember and rehearsing the blocking that will aid in getting into position. They all got butterflies before a recording. That would subside as soon as the red light turned on. All that was left was for Kara/Deadpool to say the opening catchphrase, “Lights, Camera, Boning!”

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