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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Eros Liberated

Woman with her back to the camera pulling up a man's turtleneck
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Eros Liberated

Flipping back a few pages, I start reading the steamy scene I have added to the novel I am writing. Sliding my hand under my shirt, I gently stroke my nipples as I read. Before long my naughty hand wanders down, reaching under my skirt, into my pussy. I am so engrossed that I am startled when my man nuzzles the back of my neck.

“Looks like you are enjoying yourself,” he teases, sliding a hand inside my shirt, cupping one of my breasts and running his thumb over my hard nipple.

“Would you like to join in?” I ask, reaching up to unbutton my shirt.

“I want to read what you’ve written,” he says.

“Not yet.”

He reaches around me and grabs the notebook off the desk.

“No,” I protest.

“You want it, come get it,” he teases.

I get up and slowly remove my shirt as I walk to him. He raises the notebook, lifting it out of my reach.  Pressing my body against him, I plant my lips on his. I am hoping to distract him with the kiss as I reach for the notebook, but he is wise to me.

“It’s going to take more than a kiss,” he tells me, turning and walking out of the room.

I laugh as I run after him. “Give it to me,” I say.

“Oh, I intend to give it to you,” he teases, playfully leading me to the room we’ve dubbed Eros’ Cave. “You can have your notebook after you take my clothes off,” he tells me, “but take your skirt off first.”

Kicking my shoes off and turning my back to him, I wiggle my ass before slowly lowering the zipper on my skirt and shimmying out of it.

“Mmm,” he says as he sees I am not wearing panties. “Do me.”

“Oh, I’ll do you alright,” is my sultry reply as I reach for the buttons on his shirt.  Slowly undoing one button at a time, I stroke and kiss his luscious body. 

He groans when I rub my palm over the bulge of his cock under his jeans. “This is taking too long,” he says.

“Nuh-uh,” I say, “you wanted me to take your clothes off. I’m going to do it my way.”

Unbuttoning his jeans, I carefully lower the zipper, slide my hands inside and pull his hips against mine.  He claims my lips in a deep kiss as I fondle his ass. The notebook drops out of his hand and lands on the floor. I leave it there; I have better things to do now.  I push his jeans and boxers down.  His hard cock springs free.

Claiming my lips again, his hand slides into my slit as I stroke the sensitive spot under his balls. He moans; leaning against me he forces me to take a couple steps back. The back of my knees come up against our Liberator® Esse II lounger. A light nudge is all it takes for me to collapse onto the Liberator® Fascinator Throw covering the dip in the lounger. I lean back, opening my legs wide. Spreading my arms, I slowly run my hands over the curves of the lounger, savoring the feel of the supple fabric.

“Turn ninety degrees,” he orders me. I comply. He slides onto the lounger facing me, his legs outside mine. He runs his hands slowly up my legs, pushing them open and draping them over his legs. When his hands reach the top, he dips a single finger in. I moan as he strokes the length of my pussy. I reach for his cock, but he lightly bats my hand away.

“Not yet,” he says. Taking his time, he strokes my slit before slipping a finger inside me and using his thumb to gently stroke my clit. “Touch my cock,” he commands.

I slowly trail a single finger up the length of his shaft. He moans as I circle my finger around the sensitive corona before stroking the very tip. I match his moan with one of my own as he strokes my g-spot and my clit simultaneously. Circling his shaft with my fingers, I squeeze gently and start stroking slowly up and down. 

“I want you,” he says huskily.

“Come get me,” I reply, settling back against the curve of the lounger and tilting my hips.

Sliding toward me, he places his hands on my hips and lines my honeypot up with his cock. The light pressure of his cock against me is delicious. “Are you sure you want me?” he teases.

“I want you,” I say hungrily.

I delight in the feeling of his cock sliding inside me. The lounger supports us perfectly as he starts rocking his hips, sliding deep into me and nearly out. My hand slides down and I start stroking my clit softly. He moans again as I start matching his thrusts. I relish the pressure of him moving inside me, the gentle tickle of my finger on my clit and the softness of the Fascinator Throw against my ass as we rock back and forth. 

A delicious heaviness fills my pussy as it thrums with every thrust, pushing me closer and closer to climax. I grow silent, all my focus on the sensation. A deep moan escapes me as I writhe, the climax spreading throughout my body. 

“Oh God, oh God,” he screams as the pulsations of my climax pushes him over the edge and he comes.

Lying back, I let myself melt into the softness of the lounger as I start to come down.

“You’re too far away,” he says, his voice hazy, “turn around and come lay against me.”

Pulling my knees up, I use my arms to help me pivot around before leaning back against him and snuggling in.

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