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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Chaising Bliss

Topless man and woman standing with the legs of an off-camera woman propped against them
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Chaising Bliss

"Wyatt, stand up," I command.  He immediately starts the motion.  He confidently glances at me, lust dripping from his eyes.  He smirks, wondering what I will have him do.  His dimple is showcased.  He is barely hard. "Hmmmmm, what a disappointment," I say with a shrug. “I expect more out of you.  I want every inch you can bear to stretch to.”  

He goes to touch himself; I quickly redirect him, "Ahh, ahh, ahh.  No. That's too easy.  Let us see how we can get you to an acceptable state to fuck somebody.” His cock twitches.  He likes the thought of fucking someone else.  He knows I will create bliss for him, as long as he does precisely as I instruct.  I will provide for him — a goddess for us to indulge.  We share the same taste.  A woman who appears sweet and innocent.  A woman who takes care of herself.  Petite, high energy.  A seductress who will tempt me to lose control.    

I walk up to the Black Label Esse and crush the soft material with my fingertips.  Alec's hands are resting, exactly where I left them bound by leather cuffs.  Her legs bent slightly; ankles bound as well.  Her head is resting against the contour of the chaise, amazingly at ease, her hair falling perfectly past her shoulders.  This woman is making my blood move a bit quicker.  She has been so patient.  She has shown me how malleable she will be through the ease of submission.  Even when I see her breath change as she realizes I am upon her; the rest of her body stays at rest.  I gently grab her chin.  I tease her mouth with my tongue, making sure she knows I am setting the tone. Her nipples already peaked, ready to be teased. I grab them both and apply pressure enough for her to have to moan — her vocalization pairs with her pelvis reaching forward.   

I place my lips right next to her ear and ask if she wants to be fucked.  She nods her head, yes.  I undo the cuffs. She awaits my direction.  I remove the blindfold and watch as she blinks, allowing her eyes to adjust to the scene. "I need you to bend over the head of this chaise," I direct her. My face eases, and a smile sets in as I nod satisfactorily as she moves to where I indicated.  I summon Wyatt, who is now more than capable of feeling consumed by this fluid woman's warmth.  I stretch the condom over him.  I take advantage of applying extra lube over the condom.  Pure muscle, ready to do what it is made for.  I run my fingers very lightly down the center of Alec's back.  I enjoy the curve of her ass as I reach to feel her.  I can't resist; I have to touch her first.  I look Wyatt in the eyes as I push two fingers inside of her.  I make sure my face tells him exactly how much I enjoy fucking her.  I don't play long. "Ok, Wyatt, let's see if you enjoy her as much as I do," I say.  “Have your way.”  Wyatt doesn't even smile.  He is all business.  He obeys.  He knows I want him to enter Alec slowly, so he does. 

I watch as his head struggles to make an entry at first.  Wyatt takes his time, easing into her as I stand over Alec, watching.  Once the entire length of the shaft is in, he rests for a while, allowing both of their bodies to adjust.  Alec moves back against him, surprisingly. "Oh no, Alec," I state. “Don't think you have a say in this.  You lay there. Wyatt sets the pace here.  You haven't learned my expectations yet; I will tell you this one time.”  Alec quickly gets herself aligned.  I watch until they are in a state of animalistic bliss.  I move the mini-scoop where it fits in the middle of the black chaise; I straddle the chair just ahead of where Alec's head is resting. 

I position my bottom where it needs to be for me to receive what I want from her.  She looks at me, and as soon as her senses allow her to, she realizes why I am there.  I nod downwards, indicating to her to lick me.  Then I say to her, "slow at first." I can't help but watch, I don't mean to come across as supervisory, but I suppose my stance says that to an extent.  I want all of my senses filled, including sight.  Her soft blue eyes are the last thing I see before I surrender my sense of sight.  She is expertly working my clit.  I submit my body to her mouth, the back of my ass meeting the chaise as I relax a bit, steadying myself in preparation for the orgasm I will undoubtedly experience.  I accept her tongue's lashings until I feel my blood starting to collect at my center.  I look up to gauge how close they each are.  Oh, Wyatt needs release. "Alec, I need you to cum, and don't stop eating me," I say.  Alec manages to nod her head in angst, and she stops for a slight moment to let her vocal cords stretch with her climax.  I settle back into her mouth once her breathing slows, "use your fingers," I tell her.  Yes, fuck, yes.  As soon as I decide I have had enough enjoyment, I allow my body to transition to an orgasm.  As soon as she has everything moving just right, her mouth gripping my clit, her fingers moving, forcing me closer to release, I run my fingers through her hair and grab on as I hold her head against me.   

I ride her hand and I listen to Wyatt's sounds to time my orgasm as close as I can to his.  My hips moving along with the waves of bliss … release leaves me gasping.

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