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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Birthday Gift

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry - Birthday Gift featuring the Wedge Ramp Combo
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Birthday Gift

“Trent, I hear the shower’s off. Are you ready?” Jasmine asks excitedly in her new pale pink lingerie that reveals her voluptuous body.  She’s not wearing the matching panties that came with the set and her olive-colored soft skin is shining underneath it.  

“Yeah, babe. I’m out and drying off,” Trent responds from behind the bathroom door in anticipation.  He’s a Marine who worked hard during his twenties to get the physique he dons.   “Can I come out yet?” he asks like a kid wanting to come downstairs on Christmas morning. 

Jasmine positions Trent’s birthday gift, a purple Wedge/Ramp Combo from Liberator, in the center of their bedroom over a large soft throw rug.  She’s dimmed the lights, lit a few candles, put on some soft jazz music, and turned on the diffuser with essential oils.  “Do you see the mask I left hanging on the doorknob?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Trent says with a smile.  “Putting it on.  Come get me!”

The door opens and Jasmine reaches for Trent.  “Hey soldier.” She rubs her hands across his chest marveling at his handsomeness.  She licks his right nipple and moves to Trent’s left nipple which is already hard waiting for its turn.  Jasmine grabs both of his hands in hers and leads him to their bedroom, turns him around and says, “you can take off the mask now.”

Trent removes his mask to see his beautiful Jasmine in her see-through lingerie and says, “God, you’re gorgeous.  I want you so bad.”  He notices the new addition to the bedroom and is even more excited to try it out with her.  

“I want you to sit down with your head at the top. But this needs to come off first.” Jasmine untucks his towel and his thick eight-inch erect cock springs from underneath.  His ball sack hanging like a pair of ripe plums for the taking.  She smiles and directs him to where she wants him to lay down.  Trent obeys and he straddles his strong legs on each side of the ramp.  Trent’s cock is throbbing and kissing his navel.  Jasmine goes down on her knees and leans towards Trent, sliding her soft sweet hands up his thighs until she rests with her right hand at his waist and grabs his cock with her left hand.  

They lock eyes.  “Happy birthday.” Jasmine whispers.  

She puts her wet lips around his circumcised head.  She puts half of his cock inside her mouth and sucks.  She takes his cock slowly out of her mouth and moans.  She does this again and again, until she feels his cock throbbing inside her mouth.  She then goes down to his balls and puts one at a time in her mouth and lightly sucks on each.  Trent groans and reaches for her head.  She smiles and uses her arms to push him back down. After loving on his ball sack, Jasmine returns to his cock.  She licks up his shaft and takes just the head in her mouth and sucks hard.  Trent grabs the rug underneath the ramp and pulls on it.  He looks down and sees her left hand trying to hold his throbbing cock still enough to suck it sweetly.  Her 1 ct. diamond ring sparkles in the candlelight and reminds him that marrying Jasmine six years ago was the best decision of his lifetime.  She is clearly the woman of his lustful dreams.  

“I want your pussy on my face.” Trent says as he moans.  
“I want my pussy on your face too.”  Jasmine stands up and straddles Trent’s upper chest as she pushes her already wet pussy up to his face. She reaches for his cock, strokes it with one hand while licking and sucking it.  Trent pulls her ass and hips onto his face.  He holds her down on him as his nose enters her labia and he rubs the stubble of his strong chin against her clitoris.  “Ooooooh, that is sooo good Trent.  Sooo good.  Don’t stop.” Jasmine says as she stops sucking his cock and continues to stroke it.

Trent pulls her in even closer and finds her clit with his lips.  He kisses it, then licks clockwise, then counter-clockwise, flicking his tongue slowly, then faster.  Jasmine moans with delight.  After a few minutes, her body tenses, she squeals, then squirts and Trent’s mouth is filled with her sweet juices.  “I need you.  I need you now, Trent.”  She grabs onto Trent’s knees and pulls her body up and inserts Trent’s swollen wet cock inside her vaginal walls which begin to constrict around his cock as she rides him up and down, slowly and then quickly as soon as she hears Trent moan, “Oh fuck, babe.  Jazz, you are fucking amazing."  He looks down and sees his massive cock going in and out of her juicy pussy and grabs onto her hips and helps her lift and slams her fine ass against his abdomen, allowing her pussy to take all of him inside her.  After several minutes of thrusting each other’s bodies against one another, and getting increasingly louder with their lovemaking moans, Trent explodes inside her with great release as she comes to a full body orgasm again, screaming, “Oh, Trent. Oh God.” She slows down the rhythm of her body while feeling her husband’s cock pulsate deep inside her.  Trent feels the inside of Jasmine’s pussy squeezing and releasing his manhood.  Without allowing his stiff cock to withdraw, she turns her body around and faces Trent.  They start to French kiss each other with their tongues making love to one another.  Trent rips the lingerie off of Jasmine and then grabs her sweet breasts and flicks her nipples with his thumbs and then his tongue.  She starts to fuck him again, and he comes inside her a second time.  “Oh babe!” Trent says as he holds Jasmine close.  

“Happy birthday, soldier.”

“Thank you!”

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