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The Bathmate Hydromax X30 Xtreme is a revolutionary new penis pump. The Bathmate Extreme is the same size as the current X30 and is only available in clear.

The BIG difference with the Hydromax Xtreme is the power is more useable. With the addition of the hand ball pump and hose it means compression on the groin is no longer necessary other than to create a seal against your body, this means unleashing the full power of the X30 is now very easy.

If you are serious about Penis Enlargement (P.E.) Then the Hydromax X30 Xtreme is the penis pump you need!

Hydromax Xtrememe Hydro Pump is latex free.

Specifications (allowing for penis size gains) when fully compressed:

  • Maximum penis diameter 1.81 inches
  • Maximum penis length 7.08 inches

Additional Information

SKU 5060140203803
Brand Bathmate
Waterproof Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Product Type Penis Pumps
  • Maximum penis diameter 1.81 inches
  • Maximum penis length 7.08 inches


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Questions on Bathmate Hydromax X30 Xtreme Penis Pump

  • From stuart at 1/20/2017 3:48 AM
    • did the shape/angle on the bathmate comfort pad change? from the original?
      cause the one I have is not very comfortable its actually shaped outwards so it wants to suck the testicles in if you angle it up a bit. instead of being cupped its the opposite outward facing was just wondering why its called a comfort pad cause the one I have isn't very comfortable with the angle it has, but then again how comfortable is it suppose to be when you have a tight vacuum pulling on it
    • Thank you for contacting Liberator. The comfort ring has been redesigned.
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  • From John at 4/22/2017 6:34 PM
    • I'm not bragging here or anything like that but I'd simply take a piece of string and wrap it around the widest part of penis and then measure that given total circumference. For Example mind is 4.25". The rim of my head may be slightly bigger as a side note.
      I'd like you to clarify exactly what 2.20" clearance width means exactly and how does one use that measurement against themselves. (simply measure across the width of one's penis?) The problem with that measurement is often times the front to back measurement isn't consistent with that and could be bigger or smaller.
      The point of my question is help clarify what the 40 extreme facilitates size wise and how buyers can feel more confident in choosing the right size for themselves the first time. The vagueness of the measurement requirements might make you think you'll sell more units but I think it's quite the contrary. Either offer a 1 time replacement on units that people find simply were not sized correctly to their bodies or make a much better effort at explaining how to order and order correctly the first time. It's hardly clear enough as most men have different bodies requiring a more custom fit. Please elaborate this isn't rocket science but it is a sizable investment for most men regardless if this amount of money seems trite to some, it's not. I believe you'd triple your sales if people could order with true confidence. better yet maybe exact penis dimensions need be submitted for proper sizing recommendations from maker to help avoid guys for making a sizing mistake. A mistake you know happens ALL The Time. It's not cool. As is no returns on anything ever, even a sizing related issue. I believe both you and the makers of certain products have the power customize this process and likley realize huge gains in sales. Is that not what you want????
    • Hi John,

      Thank you for contacting Liberator. According to the description of your penis, I would not recommend that you use the Bathmate. The largest model we carry is the Bathmate Hydromax X50 Extreme, which is suitable for penis lengths up to 9 inches with a width up to 2.5 inches. I hope this helps!

      Thank you,

      Customer Service
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Bathmate Hydromax X30 Xtreme Penis Pump

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Included with the Hydromax X30 Extreme:

  • Hydromax Xtreme Hydro Pump
  • Handball Pump and Hose
  • Hydromax Towel
  • Large Luxury case
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Shower  Strap
  • Measuring Gauge
  • Hydromax Lube
  • Long Insert Comfort Pad
  • Per manufacturer’s policy, Bathmate is excluded from all discount offers.