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Take your lovemaking out of this world.

Take an adventure in this love ship to a place where anything is possible. The high density shredded foam supports and envelops you at the same time, creating a cocooning feel and allowing you to achieve positions otherwise unavailable by taking pressure off joints and distributing weight evenly. Wrapped in a luxuriously soft cover, the Zeppelin also makes an excellent environment for cuddling and watching TV.

  • Giant ship of shredded high density polyurethane foam.
  • Creates gently enveloping atmosphere for lovemaking.
  • Ideal for use with multiple partners.
  • Not only creates a soft space for sexual exploration, great for sleeping and cuddling.
  • Soft, removable, machine-washable cover.
  • Moisture-proof liner prevents moisture from penetrating the foam interior.  
  • Three sizes: 7ft x 2ft, 7ft x 3ft, and 8ft x 3ft

Combine it with the Zeppelin Rest for the ultimate in comfort.

The foam is upcycled from locally-sourced furniture manufacturers to save it from the landfill and provide high quality foam that is also ecologically friendly. It is delivered in multiple vacuum compressed capsules. Some set-up required.

SKU 10051
Brand Liberator
Material Velvish
Cover Machine-washable velvish - plush faux-velvet - 100% polyester
Liner Polyester
Foam Shredded polyurethane
Packaging Discreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box
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Questions on Zeppelin

  • From mike at 3/17/13 6:53 PM
    • i purchased the zepplin 7x3 in the red i notice at one time you could buy differnt color covers and now there no where to be found on site....this was the selling point of me buying this thing in the first place!! are you ever going to sell the covers again???
    • We sell the covers, it is just an order that needs to be placed by a customer service representative. Please call us between the hours of 9-7pm EST M-F, and Saturday 12-5 PM. via phone number 866-542-7283. We will definately help you purcahse what you are looking for.
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  • From Drew at 5/11/13 3:15 AM
    • How big is the box the 7 x 2 model ships in?
    • There is not just 1 box. This item comes with 3 50lb boxes of capsules, once setup it weighs approximately 150 lbs.. Those dimensions are 31 Lx 17Wx 17H.
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  • From DON at 5/23/13 12:16 PM
    • Yes, remember it is a circle-so some legs might hang off in certain positions.
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  • From Haskel Stegall at 10/24/13 5:38 PM
    • I took off the outer cover to wash it, and found that the inner liner had been ripped in 3 different places. is there replacement inner liners i can purchase?
    • You can purchase a replacement inner liner from our customer service line at 1-866-542-7283 Monday - Friday 9am -7pm EST and Saturday - 12p - 5p EST.
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  • From joshua Taylor at 11/10/13 10:25 PM
    • do you know if anyone has ever used these for a regular bed or not? looks like it would be comfortable if it would hold up but don't know what others opinions on the matter are
    • Yes. People do use this as a replacement of a mattress type bed. It will not be as firm as a normal bed, so it would be dependent on how good your back is. Also, people have bought more foam from us to give the Zeppelin a firmer feel, however this will void the warranty of the product.
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  • From George at 7/23/14 2:22 AM
    • How many 25 pound bab
      gs of foam should go into these.
    • Hello,
      The amount of foam will depend on the size of the Zeppelin. The 7x2 ft will come with 1 x 25 lbs foam capsule and 2 x 50 lbs, the 7x3 ft will come with 1 x 25 lbs and 3 x 50 lbs foam capsules and the 7x3 ft will come with 4 x 50 lbs foam capsules. The foam is included with a purchase if the Zeppelin.
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Customer Reviews

Not exactly as I expected

by IndyZepOwner on March 2, 2015

I have a 6ft x 2ft Zeppelin that I have had for almost four years now. It's very well made and is as good as new as one would expect from something that is priced like a sofa. For cuddling and foreplay it's great. If you need leverage, it's not the best thing for that. It's incredibly comfortable for naps but if you sleep on it and weigh over 200lbs, expect to sink in pretty deep and depending on how you are on it, with your head below your body. I probably wouldn't buy another one but the other Liberator shapes are amazing.

Awesome addition to collection

by Jennifer on September 20, 2014

This is my husband's & I second major liberator boudoir furniture purchase and it is an absolutely awesome addition to our collection. We purchased the largest one I believe the 8x3 if I am not mistaken. It is durable and holds up to a lot of use. The only fall back, we didn't think it through when it came to what room we set it up in and it takes up my entire family room. But that is our own fault, We have had it now for I believe 5 years and have used it for our private excapades as well as a lounger or bed. We are in the process making ourselves a private boudoir room for our liberator furniture, gear and extras and I am sure we will have a bit of a time moving it, and will more then likely have to remove most of the filling to do so, but in the end I believe moving it will be well worth our pleasure.. Also I can say whenever we have company over everyone is fasincated with the zeppelin and asks all about it. Just another addition to keeping our the sexual and sensual part of our relationship alive, healthy, and fresh after 23 years together, and we are still young so, I am sure we will be adding more to our collection. Thanks Liberator for making quality products to enhance an already mind blowing sexual life together.

1.5 years later... Still an alright purchase.

by Sarah on July 27, 2014

THE GOOD: I live in San Francisco and have guests frequently. I bought the 8x3 and have fit EIGHT adults on it. Yes, full-grown, 6'1" men and a few smaller girls. They slept just fine, barely touching. The more people that are on it, the firmer and more comfortable it is. It squishes out to about 10'x1.5-2'. In terms of durability, one of my favorite games is to run down my hallway and swan dive into the middle. I've had 300+ lbs people do this and the inner lining has taken it like a champ. Tearing open isn't a concern. The cover is very easy to spot clean, but if you don't catch things in time, the microfiber will dry in that position and you have to wash it. About a pint of liquid was spilled and I was afraid it penetrated the cover into the lining (wet foam would be horrendous! Once you put the foam in, you are NOT opening it again) When i took the cover off the next day, to my surprise, it was completely dry. My local dry cleaner washed it for $20 and a long explanation. You will get looks and questions when you bring this thing in. I DO NOT recommend washing the cover at home. Your dryer simply isn't big enough without scorching. You can manhandle the case off by yourself but will need another person to help put it on. It takes THREE people to flip easily and flipping is an easier way to "fluff" than by hand. THE BAD: Someone else mentioned that the 8x3 comes with the same 200lbs of foam as the 8x2. This is a problem. You will **IN NO WAY** get the largest size to look like the picture. It's simply not possible with the amount of foam given. It needs at least another 50lbs. If you fluff it up to the 8x3 size, and lay on it, it will eat you. I mean, EAT YOU. Those people in the picture would be sinking a good foot. This makes having sex on it very difficult. I have it propped between two corners to keep it a bit more firm and it turns into a slide. As a healthy SF kinkster, there has been a decent amount of new blood trying to finagle a position that isn't undercut by its softness. Since it's marketed as a sex bed, this is really unfortunate. I have to move to my bed/floor when things progress. I would imagine the people that sleep on it every night have a smaller one with a better volume:foam ratio. It's good for naps but you'll wake up with your back aching in the middle of the night unless it's already compressed down. The Worst: This thing comes in 4-50lbs boxes that are about 5'x3'x3' and a 5th that is more manageable. I called customer service when I ordered (THREE TIMES!) to make sure it was delivered when I would be home. To say they botched it would be an understatement. I've literally never had so many compounding problems with a single order and they were not helpful in correcting their many errors. Reciting the experience had my friends in disbelief. All of those boxes were left on my front stoop (IN SAN FRANCISCO!!) at 4pm on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I was 200 miles and 3 days away. It got even worse once I had UPS pick them back up to be held like they were originally supposed to do (another error from Liberator). Absolutely HORRENDOUS experience. It's the reason why I haven't asked about getting another 50lbs of foam to make it more useful. I simply do not want to deal with the hassle of contacting customer service again. BOTTOM LINE: After the 25% discount and free shipping, it was a good purchase. Since it's more of a sex hindrance with the amount of foam given, I would not pay the full price for it. It is very nice for many guests and a cuddle spot if situated correctly.

5th month with 8'x3" Zeppelin

by Johnny Watcher on July 12, 2014

I have been interested in the Zeppelin for a over a year. Since first seeing this product I new I wanted the large Zeppelin for a lounge and extra bed. I know these are advertised as sex furniture but the idea of having a giant bean bag to lay on for movies was to much and the kids love it as much as me and my wife. Not to mention this is big enough to snuggle on. Finally braking down and ordering it in February. It was the 8'x3' purple micro fiber. Shipping was fast and set up was easy. It was placed in my living room where it would get daily use by the whole family. I had known it was big but it just seem to keep growing. It has taken over a good chunk on the living room. It is very comfortable and was a blessing after my back surgery last month. As far as the bad. It is a bit hard to move but I believe that is just because of this size. The foam is over 200 pounds. This is more because of the shape changing as it is picked up. Other than that it's no more than moving a large couch. The shape doesn't hold as well as I like. I not sure as to why. I plan to remove the cover and check to see if the inner liner is out of shape. That maybe why the form keeps shifting and flatting out to one side. It has to be "fluffed" every so many days. The cover feels very good and sooth to the touch. The Zeppelin had a odor that was close to "New Car" smell. This did go away after a few weeks. I would recommend washing the cover while your waiting for the foam to expand. I'm note sure if the odor came from it or the foam but it wouldn't hurt. Durability is great. The Zeppelin has put up my two kids and there friends along with my cats using it as a scratching post from time to time. I have not seen any signs of ware. It is holding up better than I had thought even with the occasional use as a bouncy castle. The few spots that have gotten on it have cleaned up with just water. I would and have recommended the Zeppelin to others. It has been a quality durable product and have enjoyed having it. Everyone was have over has been very impressed with it and enjoy how comfortable it is to just relax on. I done all this talking and not talked about sex on the Zeppelin. Really is that what it's for? Well yes! Sex is wonderful on the Zeppelin even after my back surgery. This may seem a foot note to the rest of my review but the Zeppelin has been used for so much more. I hope to give a review again in the next few months. I expect the Zeppelin to be holding up as well then as now. Thank you Liberator for a product that has been much more that expected.

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