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Tenga's Special Edition Flip Holes are made with the same springy Silicone as the regular Flip Hole, but features a new variety of nooks and nubs, sure to entangle you in pleasure with every stroke. The fiery red Flip Hole features "Gentle Strokers" greet you on entry, while the "Firm Strokers" create a distinct brushing sensation around your base. The "Ripple Zone" provides random directional situmuation while the "Brushing Rib" is aimed at the tip.

Tenga's Silver Flip Hole features a unique set of waves and stars that add a special tingle to one's pleasure experience. The inside of the Silver Flip Hole looks like a sensual crystal cave. A firm entry into the "solid gate" pushes upon your glands. The "wide ribs" welcome you from both sides, allowing you to feel the peaks of "stroking stars."

Differentiating themselves from other male masturbation products on the market today, Tenga products all feature modern and inherently discreet design themes. This principal is continued in the new, Red and Silver Flip Holes.

Like its predecessors White and Black, the new Red and Silver Flip Holes also feature the now iconic "flip" opening, which allows for simplified lubricant application and cleaning. They also feature single hand controls, which means easy, direct control over one's experience. The new interiors are made from body safe elastomer, and each color features its own unique, internal texture.


Additional Information

SKU 12821
Material Silicone
Brand Tenga
For Men
Length 6.75"
Vibrating Non-Vibrating
Waterproof Yes
Water Resistant No
Width/Diameter 3"
Toy Type Male Masturbators


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Tenga Flip Hole Special Edition

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Customer Reviews

love it

by Peckumups on November 3, 2014

I love these

I really liked this toy

by Taco Sundae on September 22, 2014

I really liked this toy, the bottons do definitely give you different pressures as you press them, but you'd have to be a little above average to get any feel out of the top button.

Very nice feeling. Lube is a must if you want ...

by Nodame on September 15, 2014

Very nice feeling. Lube is a must if you want to enjoy the sensations. (They provide you with three different lubes anyway so dont be stingy.) Try sing this at different angles by "rotating" the flip. It gives you a variety of sensations and some are pretty intense. I particularly also like the first button, which makes the feeling tighter....the middle is not bad too. - a suction feeling. Overall, it has variety of sensations and intensity based on how u hold the flip and at which angle. Experimenting is the key here. Maintenance is easy, just wash and air out to dry after use. Only thing I must caution, the plastic hinge looks flimsy, hence you should handle the flip with care. (For example dont try to swing it....) Don't be too rough and this item should last you for quite a while. Enjoy!

If you are wondering how this compares to the Fleshlight, then PLEASE read my review!!!

by Matthew on September 12, 2014

I have owned 2 Fleshlights and this is my first impression of the Tenga Flip Hole. Size and Discreetness: The Fleshlight is marketed as this discreet flashlight like case. The case is actually HUGE and is so obvious a sex toy, that there's no way to keep it in the open. And it says "Fleshlight" on the side, which is most people know what that is. My penis never gets all the way to the back in the Fleshlight and can't enjoy the rear textures.The Tenga Flip Hole is sized like a large soda can. You may think that's small, but the top and bottom where the buttons are expands to fit larger girths. I'm 6in and I had no issues fitting and enjoying the back textures. Textures: For Fleshlights, there is one texture per sleeve, so you have to keep buying to get new sensations. Each Tenga has several different ribs and bumps that are unique per model. The Red, Black, White, and Silver are DISTINCTLY different. The Fleshlight textures are practically the same as far as feeling goes. The Tenga is a gel like skin that feels lovely, the Fleshlight is kind of rough an unpleasant without loads of lube. Funtionality: The Fleshlight has virtually no control whatsoever. They say you can control the suction with the rear cap, but you can't really. If you tighten it all the way and try to penetrate, air escapes from the creases. The tightness that you desire is not going to be achieve like that. I had to pull it out of the case and use rubber bands and get creative to have any kind of control over the sensation. The Tenga has dedicated buttons to control the shaft, the head, and suction. Mess and Noise: The Tenga retains ALL lubricant. The Fleshlight leaks from BOTH ends. If you don't screw the back cap all the way, lube leaks out all over your bed and the floor. And it still leaks from the front, either way. And if you tighten the cap, lube and noise squirts out the back anyways. Using my Fleshlight required several towels for each use. Cleaning *THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE*: The Fleshlight is 30 seconds of pleasure and a 30 minute clean up. The texture picks up ALL kinds of dirt and hair, the Tenga does not. You CANT use soap on the Fleshlight, Tenga you can. The Fleshlight CANT just be rinsed, you gotta sit in the bathroom forever rubbing it and running water over it. And it ROTS after less than an hour of not being cleaned and stinks forever. You have to run to the bathroom after cumming to clean that nonsense. Tenga is simple, you open it up and rinse it. Fleshlight you can't even reach the middle. You can only run water through it and the middle stays dirty. And you can't use a towel on the fleshlight because again, it picks up fibers. So you have to leave it out in the open for hours to air dry. Very discreet right? If there is ANY water inside, it rots. The Tenga is a thousand times better and they have many products to choose from. Fleshlight is terrible, save your money. Get a Tenga.

Great but if your smaller in girth

by LogJammin90 on September 7, 2014

Great but if your smaller in girth, don't get this one and instead get the black or white edition. This ones ok but the sensation is not nearly as good. The black version is the best in my opinion.

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