Dr. Vera and and Dr. Steve Bodansky

Steve & Vera

Dr. Vera and Dr. Steve Bodansky
Authors of 'Extended Massive Orgasm'

Drs. Vera and Steve Bodansky have been married for almost 20 years and have been teaching courses in sensuality since the 1970s. Both received doctorates in sensuality from More University in northern California. Their first book, Extended Massive Orgasm, describes much of their teachings and includes information on relationships and female orgasm.


Oral Sex & Masturbation

We used the Wedge for both fellatio and cunnilingus. It assisted in keeping our necks from fatiguing, therefore being able to produce a longer and more intense orgasm. We generally teach manual stimulation and not much oral, but with the Wedge the availability of the genitals to oral gratification was increased. Steve also used the Wedge and Ramp to create a new position for masturbating. In our books we have masturbation exercises for men and women, and one of the exercises is a visual inventory. The effect was that the use of the Ramp and the Wedge both created a new position to visualize my legs and genital area which increased the fun of the exercise and then I could stimulate my genitals while in this new position. We were liberated before and now we are post-liberated. Thanks, Drs. Steve & Vera Bodansky

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