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Trish Mathews, M.S.

Liberator Sexpert Trish Mathews

Trish Mathews, M.S.
Human Relations Sexpert


A Few Sex Tips

Tip #1 - The Wedge enhances one of my old standby positions, the traditional "missionary." Using the Wedge to prop up my pelvis gives my hands and toys greater access to my clitoris during intercourse (or anal sex - see Tristan's advice!). Clitoral stimulation is important for most women -- as many as 66% cannot reach orgasm vaginally.

Tip #2 - Over half of Liberator's Sexperts specifically recommend the Wedge. This is no coincidence. It is not because the Wedge is the least expensive, but because its small convenient shape packs the most wallop for its size. Talk about a bang for your buck!

Tip #3 - Viewing the body's physical form and curves arouses our masculine nature, while our feminine side feels an emotional connection when we look into our partner's eyes. Gazing deeply into each other's eyes, an element of Tantric sex called "soul gazing," induces incredible intimacy with our partner. The Liberator Shapes, with their countless potential positions, give you a brand new view of each other and your sex life.

Tip #4 - Do you ever feel guilty about receiving pleasure? Imagine being tied down, blindfolded, and served up as dessert for a tribe of Amazons or Tarzans, bound but free from blame for partaking of the naughtiest things your mind can dream up. With the Liberator shapes, you become the object of your mate's desire.

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