Susan Quilliam

Susan QuilliamSusan Quilliam
Sexologist and Author of the New Joy of Sex

Susan is a sexologist who works with the international Journal of Family Planning, and a number of global advisory boards in the field of sexual health and dysfunction. Susan is also an advice columnist and writes, broadcasts, and presents internationally on topics surrounding love and sexuality. She is the author of the newly rewritten The New Joy of Sex and the forthcoming follow-up books The Adventurous Lover and The Romantic Lover.

What on earth is there new to say about sex?

When I first got asked to write The New Joy of Sex (a reworking of the classic 1972 book), I honestly wondered what I would write about. And, having just launched the book, I've recently had nearly a hundred journalists ask me the same question. What on earth is there new to say about sex, forty years after the original? Surely the act is always the same?

Well, yes and no. Of course the essential movements of love - touch, kissing, stimulation, penetration - haven't varied much in the past millions of years. There is something wonderfully ageless about pure passion.

But we are also living in an age where - as never before - we have sexual opportunity. In some ways, everything is different - more information, more inspiration, more resources. It's an amazing time to be sexual, and to rejoice in our sexuality.

One of the most exciting developments is the recent invention of sex furniture. These, literally, move everything to a whole new plane. Instead of basic horizontal and vertical, instead of simply lying and standing, sexual furniture allows you to defy nature, turn everything on its head and do whatever you wish, at whatever angle you wish. Liberating is exactly the word.

Other experts on the Liberator site provide wonderful, exact descriptions of what positions and variations the Wedge, the Cube, the Ramp and the Esse make possible. I won't repeat what they have already done so well.

Nor will I repeat the excellent coverage of what physical conditions and illnesses the Liberator supports; all I need say is that if you have up to now found sexual activity a challenge then Liberator furniture will support you - just as if you are finding sexual activity a little boring, then Liberator furniture will reinspire you.

No, instead, following the approach of The New Joy of Sex, let me encourage you to simply experiment. We are each of us unique individuals - we can each find our own unique uses for the Liberator set.

Place any of the pieces on the floor and lie, sit, kneel, stand... alone or together. Slide down, slide up, roll over, extend arms and legs, find a point of balance - and then let it go and find another.

Simply take up a position and kiss... letting your natural movement shift you to another position... coming to a halt and then sliding down each other's bodies to perhaps kiss and fondle genitals... and move slowly on to penetration... after which the movement of thrusting can take you easily onto yet another position. Thrusting, of course, of penis into mouth, or vagina or anus... thrusting too of tongue against labia, clitoris, g, s or u spot.

Try something unusual - on front instead of back... head down instead of up... her on top instead of underneath... lie across instead of over... stretch out or curl up.

Bottom line. No rules, no guidelines. Simply, play - alone or together. Simply, rediscover with these marvelous toys, the true joy of sex.

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