Dr. Robin Milhausen

Robin Milhausen

Dr. Robin Milhausen
Host of Sex, Toys, and Chocolate
Dr. Robin Milhausen hosts Canada's hit talk show focusing on men, women, dating and sexuality, "Sex, Toys, and Chocolate." She earned a PhD at Indiana University where she studied with leaders in the field of sex research at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.
The Liberator paves the way to G-spot heaven!

For many women, the G-spot orgasm is an elusive, mystical experience. For others, it's the only way for them to achieve total sexual satisfaction. The Liberator can help both groups of women have G-spot explosions more quickly and easily.

A G-spot orgasm occurs when the front wall of the woman's vagina is stimulated with intense, direct pressure. It can be difficult to hit that spot in most traditional sex positions. Bending your female partner over the Ramp can position her hips just right so that the G-spot is stimulated. In fact, with the Liberator Shapes, there are dozens of positions couples can try out to facilitate G-spot stimulation - go ahead, use your imagination! Three cheers for the Liberator, helping ordinary couples achieve extraordinary pleasure.

Pregnancy & Liberator Shapes

Well, if you got pregnant, you must have had sex at least once - and if you are pregnant now, you're probably wondering if you'll ever have sex again. Never fear! Your trim waist, flexibility (and the ability to see your feet), and your libido will return! If you've had a hard time getting into the mood of late, you're just like many other pregnant women who struggle to find the desire for, and figure out the logistics, of prenatal sex.

Liberator can help! First, you should know that sex during a normal pregnancy is perfectly natural and safe. And NO, the baby won't feel you doing the dirty deed...He or she is well cushioned by amniotic fluid and is safely tucked away up out of the penetration zone!

But, we do have a few suggestions to help you get your groove back. You've probably been told by your doctor that you shouldn't sleep flat on your back, as you may decrease blood flow to the placenta (your baby's lifeline). The same goes for sex, do not lie flat on your back. That's where Liberator Shapes come in. The Liberator Ramp puts you at the perfect angle to facilitate sexual activity without harming your baby. Plus, the cushy foam and soft microfiber cover can provide support for your partner too! You can also try the Esse. Reclining on the Esse takes all the pressure off of your aching muscles and helps you recline at a safe and sexy angle. Plus, your partner can recline on the opposing Esse 'hump,' penetrating you without putting his weight on your baby bump!

Even more good news--sex toys are safe during pregnancy--as long as they are used externally. So try out one of the Liberator's new pleasure objects, like the Lily or the Nea and let the powerful vibrations carry you away. Now you have the know-how, and hopefully the inspiration, to recapture your lost rapture. You can count on Liberator every step of the way!

If you have further questions or concerns about sex during pregnancy, talk to your doctor. This column is not a substitute for your doctors advice.

Kama Sutra: Spectacular Spiritual Sex

A great deal of mystery and intrigue surround the Kama Sutra, perhaps because it was written between the first and sixth century in ancient India... Perhaps because the text claims to reveal deep secrets about courtship and relationships... Or maybe, just maybe, the Kama Sutra is so revered because it describes the "divine union," making love and sixty-four titillating positions that have been tickling the fancy of men and women around the world for thousands of years.

People have made the positions of the Kama Sutra their life's study, so don't expect to explore each and every one in an afternoon. But with a passionate and experimental partner, the Kama Sutra can open up a whole new world of lovemaking and make any union more divine. And with the Liberator Shapes, even a novice can integrate some of the Kama Sutra moves into his or her sexual repertoire.

Let's start with something for beginners. You may know this position by another name, but the ancients of India called it the "Cow position." The woman stands with her feet on the floor, leaning over resting the palms of her hands on the ground as well. Her partner enters her from behind and caresses her back as he would normally caress her breasts in a missionary position. This takes great flexibility and strength on the part of the woman. Make it easier, and more pleasurable, by having her lean forward and place her hands on the Cube. This position facilitates G-spot stimulation, and using the Cube will help both partners maintain the stance for longer periods of time.

Or, use the Ramp to get into the "Indrani position." The woman reclines on the Liberator Ramp, drawing her knees toward her and pulling them to her sides. The man leans forward and enters her. The Kama Sutra text suggests this position allows a woman to accommodate a man with an unusually large "Lingam." (But don't worry, this position will easily satisfy women with partners with Lingams of a normal size!)

A variation of this position is the "Crab position." Again, have the woman recline on the Ramp and draw her knees toward her chest. As the man enters her, she can rest her feet upon his stomach. He leans forward, placing his weight upon her feet and legs. Look out--this position may lead to an explosive G-spot orgasm.

Many of the Kama Sutra positions were intended to strengthen the bond or connection between the lovers and also facilitate deep penetration and intense sensation. The "Lotus-like position" is just such an advanced position: The woman lies back on the Ramp and crosses her legs in a yoga position, drawing them up to her chest. Or she can start sitting, cross her legs and gently lie back on the Ramp, drawing her legs toward her. Her male partner then penetrates her---but slowly and gently. This position allows for the deepest of penetration, and the man has all the control.

These are just four of the ways Liberator can assist you in creating spectacular spiritual sex. Just think, select groups of people have been practicing the ancient arts of the Kama Sutra for thousands of years. But in the new millennium, with the aid of Liberator, the Kama Sutra has become accessible to the masses. Pick up a book, like "The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra" by Lance Dane, pull out your favorite shape, and create some ancient magic in your bedroom.

Anal Sex: An Introductory Course

Many men and women are intrigued by the idea of anal sex--it seems somehow naughty, forbidden... But done safely and correctly, anal sex can be a highly fulfilling and exciting sexual experience for both partners. Curious? Read on!

The nerve endings in the anus are extremely sensitive, and for men, anal sex comes with the added bonus of stimulating the prostate, an area that can only be reached from the inside. Many women find anal sex pleasurable because the walls between the rectum and the vagina are very thin (one reason to go forward with this activity gently and carefully!) and therefore she can experience vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time. She can experience a "triple treat" if her partner stimulates her clitoris and labia with his or her hand at the same time. Talk about a great date night!!!

Before you start, there are a few essential tools. One is lube. The anal cavity does not lubricate itself! The muscle can be very tight and some form of lubricant is necessary to gain easy access. Use a silicon lube--it tends to be the slipperiest and last the longest. The second tool is a condom. Anal sex is the riskiest activity for transmission of HIV and other STDs, partially because the area is so susceptible to tearing (again--be gentle!).

Okay--moving on. There are three basic positions for anal sex, each of which can be facilitated with Liberator Shapes. The easiest for beginners is "spooning." For this you can use the Stage or Ramp. Curl up together with the "penetrator" behind the "penetrate-ee." This way the recipient can control the depth and speed of penetration. Very important for those just embarking on the anal sex journey.

The second position--for more advanced participators--is "doggie style." Bend your partner over the tall end of the Wedge, and they are at just the right angle for penetration. But communicate, communicate, communicate--make sure he or she is ready for your thrusts and is okay with the depth and pacing!

And if you don't feel quite experimental enough yet, try this one. Have your partner lie on the very edge of the Ramp, so his or her butt is almost hanging off of it. You can kneel between their legs, again, at the right height and angle for penetration. Have your partner hug his or her knees to her chest. They are likely to feel most vulnerable and exposed in this position--so go easy! But with a trusted partner, this position can be the most exciting and intense.

Now you know the basics--lube, condoms and Liberator!. Stay tuned for more info on how to hone your anal expertise!

Adventures in Anal Sex: Part 2

Not so long ago, you were promised a follow-up to our naughtiest article yet, Anal Sex: An Introductory Course. Hopefully you've been practicing the techniques you learned, using the most important ingredients: lube and Liberator Shapes! Anal sex exploration is not for the faint of heart, but when practiced by two consenting, open-minded partners, the results can be intense beyond your wildest fantasies. What makes anal sex so powerful is the combination of extreme physical stimulation and the mental arousal that occurs by participating in an act deemed exotic and forbidden.

Are you ready for Part 2 of our lesson? We have one further position to address. In this one, the receptive partner takes the lead (and it's about time!). Have the male partner recline upon the Ramp. Make sure he's fully aroused and very slippery with your lube of choice. You may choose to use a ribbed and lubricated condom to maximize your protection against STDs (see article 1 for more info on STD prevention and anal sex). When the receptive partner is ready, he or she mounts the reclining male, slowing guiding his penis into his or her anus. The receptive partner rests their knees on the Ramp, which really helps with his or her endurance. They can also raise and lower themselves on and off the penis at their own pace---a real benefit of this position. But this position takes courage and upper leg strength, so you may want to work up to it.

Don't worry, anal exploration is not all about penile penetration. Analingus, more commonly known as "rimming," or stimulation of the anal area with the mouth and tongue, can be even more pleasurable because of all the nerve endings in that area. As you might imagine, cleanliness is tantamount for this activity. What a great excuse to have a bath or shower together first! (Those who are especially concerned may want to have an enema first.) Or get creative with plastic wrap: take a piece of plastic wrap, double it up and lube a small area on both sides. Then cover the anal area and lick, suck, or play with your finger on the other side. You can also cut up the length of a condom or latex glove to create a barrier of a usable shape. You'll probably be surprised to hear that your partner prefers the slippery smoothness of these barriers to the direct contact of your finger or tongue. You can have the person being stimulated recline on the Ramp for added comfort. Or, have them raise their buttocks on the Wedge to facilitate access to the anal region.

Adventures in anal sex may be just what you are looking for to take your relationship to the next level. Just make sure you take Liberator with you---to help you and your partner explore these exotic acts with comfort and ease.

Biggest Turn-on: Enthusiasm

Men's and women's biggest turn-on in the bedroom is enthusiasm. You got it! All those new moves you've been practicing, all those hours at the gym to create the most appealing bedroom body. The extra time you took in the shower to shave...all wasted time and energy! Little did you know that one of the most alluring things in your sexual repertoire may be your attitude!

We asked men and women about major turn on's and turn off's in the bedroom--and for once they agreed. An enthusiastic, confident, passionate partner was top of the list. Both genders wanted to see that their partner was blown away by the sexual experience. Both genders wanted to feel that their lover was enthusiastically devoted to the process of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. That means they looked involved in the process, not distracted or bored. And they were able to communicate, verbally and nonverbally, how powerful the sexual experience was.

How do you develop the enthusiastic lover within you? It's easy with a little help from Liberator! First, with Liberator in the bedroom, it's like Christmas all year round! Remember how excited you were as a kid, racing down the stairs to get your presents from Santa? That's how excited you'll be now, racing up the stairs to the boudoir to see what adventure the Shapes are going to create for you each night. It's easy to be enthusiastic about sex with your partner when you have a never-ending combination of activities to share in. Plus, it's easy to be confident when you use the Liberator products--you can't use them wrong! Be creative--if you slip, slide or even fall over, you'll be cradled by the champagne foam--and you may have just invented a new position! But above all, the most important ingredient is what you bring to the equation--a willingness to try new things and a passion for exploring the sensual love you and your partner share. But it still might not hurt to shave!
Yes, Yes, YES

When you think your partner's in bed shouting, "Yes, yes, YES," listen carefully--for they may be trying to tell you something a little different. They could just be telling you what they want, and it's the "Esse, esse, ESSE!"

What is the Esse, you ask? Only one of the most creative and exciting inventions from the Liberator creative team! Never before has a piece of furniture had more diverse applications. There are limitless ways to love the Esse. Start with the smooth, sleek curve that perfectly matches the arch in your back. Then consider the way it raises your knees ever so slightly--the perfect way to "put your feet up" and still have adventure-filled sex! Slide your fingers up and down the microfiber skin--so soft and inviting to the touch. Climb aboard the champagne foam--providing full body support.

The Esse is the great equalizer--if you are recovering from that old football injury, or if you haven't lost those extra few pounds--the Esse can help you get into positions that an ordinary bed would render impossible. If you are a male, lie on your back on the Esse and find your body perfectly mold to the contours. Then your partner can hop on and recline against your thighs as he or she grinds away to sexual satisfaction. If you are a woman, try leaning over the Esse with your partner penetrating you from behind. The curves of the Esse provide the perfect support for your elbows and upper body.

The Esse is truly a unique invention. The most exciting part--it can be a sensuous secret that only you and your partner share--and the rest of the time, it can be the most sought-after chaise lounge in your living room. Your guests will never guess what you and the Esse have been up to!
Oral Sex for Women

Love your woman--and show it with oral sex! When we talk about oral sex, we often get so fixated on pleasing our male partners. How can we use our hands and mouth at the same time? What is the right speed? How much is enough pressure? This focus starts in adolescence, where young women are far more likely to give oral sex than to receive it. Well, its ladies night and we're turning the tables!

One of the reasons men give for being reluctant to pleasure their partners with the oral arts is nervousness--yes, men care too about doing a good job in the bedroom! So it's time for a little oral education. Let's begin with an anatomy lesson.

The vulva is the term given to the external female genitalia--including the clitoris, the labia majora and the labia minora. Now we hope you are familiar with the clitoris! It is a small cylinder, about 2 to 3 centimeters long, composed of erectile tissue similar to the penis. But, the clitoris has more nerve endings than the entire penis put together! This means it is very sensitive to stimulation! But a lot of men make the mistake of focusing just on the clitoris--oh no, there is so much more to explore! What most people don't know is that the clitoris has "legs" which descend down 2 or 3 inches down each side of the vulva, and these legs are composed of muscular tissue that is an erogenous zone in its own right. The labia majora are the outside, hair covered lips that protect entry to the vulva. The labia minora are the smaller, internal lips (but these may hang down below the labia majora or be tucked up inside). Both of these sets of lips become engorged with blood (like the penis does) when the woman is aroused and are also sensitive to touch.

Just incorporating these four very special anatomical structures into your oral sex routine can take your skills from the bland to the bodacious! First, get out your Liberator Shapes. It's important that your lady be comfortable, after all. Have her recline on the Ramp and rest her legs on your shoulders. If it is more comfortable for you, add the Wedge to the Ramp so you can rest your chin on something! You might find yourself in for a long night, given how much she'll appreciate your new technique and enthusiasm!

Start with gentle, soft licks on the outside of the vulva. Women take longer to build their arousal to the point of orgasm than men do, so take your time. Tantalize her! Rub her labia in with your fingers while flicking her clitoris with your tongue. Use your fingers in an upside down "V" to stimulate the "legs" of her clitoris. Rotate between these four magical body parts (of course you can venture up to kiss her or stimulate her breasts). You could spend hours doing this, and you haven't even ventured inside her yet!

But that lesson is for another day! Now get to your homework!
Hand Job Heaven (Part 2)

How does the saying go? "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Well, we at Liberator have another suggestion. We think a pretty powerful way to your man's heart is through executing the perfect hand job! Intrigued? Read on...

I trust by now you've taken the time to master the manual techniques discussed in our first "Hand Job Heaven" article. If not, here's a recap: First, passion and enthusiasm are essential to giving your man an incredible hand job experience. You've got to look and feel like there is nothing you'd rather be doing. Consider it a time to worship his body, make him feel like the strong, handsome man you know he is.

Second, set the mood and get your supplies in order: dim the lighting, get out your Liberator shapes and lots of lube. Finally, move slooooowly up and down his shaft, concentrating on the head, while slightly pulling on the testicles with your other hand.

Got all that? Now for the advanced techniques!

Have him lie on the Scoop so you can gently rock him towards you as you kneel between his legs. This allows the Scoop to do much of the work for you!

Now try a new hand position. Weave your fingers together and place your two thumbs together side by side. Now you can twist up and down his penis providing a ribbed sensation with your fingers, and your thumbs will rub up and down on his coronal ridge. What's that? Only the most sensitive part of your man's penis! It's the ridge that runs around the head and separates the head from the shaft.

Want to know another trick? While doing the standard hand movement technique with your dominant hand (up and down the penis slowly, with a twisting motion), massage his testicles with your other hand. Now take your index finger of that hand and stroke underneath his testicles. This area is called the perineum, and it's also very sensitive. He'll be purring like a kitten!

Take some time to integrate these new moves...and if he asks you where you learned them, tell him to check out the Liberator website! He might learn a thing or two about the way to your heart!
Orgasms for Everyone!

At Liberator, we believe in equal rights! Equal rights to passion, equal rights to sexual pleasure, and most definitely equal rights to orgasm!

Despite this, men, in general, find it so much easier to have orgasms how they want them and when they want them. Some men even boast of being able to climax in less than 30 seconds (although when they are with a partner, that's not necessarily something to brag about!).

Unfortunately, women aren't quite so lucky, physiologically. In most cases, women need more varied, intense and lengthy stimulation to have their own explosive orgasms. If orgasms don't come easily to you, you aren't alone. In fact, only 29 percent of women regularly have orgasms during sex with their partners.

So Liberator wants to level the playing field. Here are the facts you need to know if you want to increase your orgasm-ability! First, most orgasms for women happen first on their own. Once you know exactly how to give yourself an out-of-this-world climax, you're much more able to have one with a partner. It's sort of like riding a bike: once you've got it, you've got it.

Study after study shows that mood and environment is essential to a woman's ability to really let herself go sexually. So make sure you've got the time and privacy to really explore your body.

Light some candles, put on some music or an erotic video (yes, that means porn!). Recline on the Liberator Ramp and explore your body. Experiment with different kinds of touches. Massage your breasts, squeeze your nipples, run your hand over your abdomen and down to your labia (the folds of skin that provide a covering for your vagina from the outside world).

Do you like long, hard strokes, or short, quick, penetrating ones? Explore your clitoris, every woman's is different. One side may be more sensitive than the other. Roll it between your thumb and forefinger. Use lube if you want to.

There are no rules here - just do what feels right - and if it feels great, go with it. It may take a few "sessions" - but what's more important than an investment in your own sexual satisfaction? And besides, isn't this kind of homework fun? Plus, most men have been practicing the art of self-pleasure since they were mere boys! In the name of equality, we women have some catching up to do!
Am I normal?

This question has most likely been on all of our minds at one time or another when thinking about our sexuality. Do you worry that your friends are all having more sex than you? Do you think other people have more exciting sex lives than you do?

Rest assured, you're probably more normal than you think. About one third of Americans have sex a few times a month and another third have sex two or three times a week. And guess what--despite commonly held stereotypes, married people have more sex than singles!

But hey, why settle for a "normal" sex life? You're here at the Liberator website because you want your sex life to be extraordinary--and you've come to the right place!

You can choose any one of Liberator's wide range of products to enhance your sexual relationship. You might want to start small with the Wedge to raise your partner's hips towards you during intercourse. It's a great angle for both of you!

You might be ready for something a little bigger--like the Ramp. Try this triangular piece of heaven to improve your oral sex technique. Let your partner recline on the champagne foam and show him or her just how passionately you care.

Or try taking your partner from behind on the Scoop! Don't forget to throw down the Fascinator Throe; surrounding yourself by soft and silky textures will help to get your juices flowing.

Because you see, you don't need to judge your sex life by anyone else's standards. What's most important is that you feel comfortable and fulfilled by the activities you choose to engage in--and that your partner does too. Exploring your sexual needs and desires with someone you care about is the best aphrodisiac. And with a little help from your friends at Liberator, your sex life will be anything but the norm!
A recipe for sexual success...

Want to hear a recipe for relationship romance, passionate sex, and explosive orgasms? Follow these easy steps and create your own delicious rendez-vous...

Drop a hint...

Send your partner an email, right now, promising him or her a night of surprise and romance.

Clear the decks...

Make sure he or she has no responsibilities tonight. Get takeout from a favorite restaurant. Drop the kids off at a sitter.

Set the stage...

Race home and tidy up. Make sure there are no dishes in the sink, no dirty close on the floor. Light some candles. Pick some flowers from the garden.

Gather your ingredients...

Lay down the fascinator throw, silky side up. Put out your favorite liberator shape. Get out your tastiest edible massage oil or lubricant.

Get into the zone...

Take a deep breath. Recline in your boudoir. Think carefully about exactly what you plan to do to your lover when he or she walks in the door. Walk through every step in your mind - what kind of foreplay will you start with? What oral sex techniques will you use? Will you be bending your partner over the scoop for g-spot stimulation? Or will you be sitting on the cube for especially deep penetration? Will tonight's encounter be slow and spicy, or hard and fast?

Ready, set... GO!

When your partner arrives, make sure they know just how special they are to you. Tell them why you planned this special evening. Spend longer on each of the activities you normally do in the bedroom. But don't limit yourself, go beyond your traditional moves and positions.

Experiment with your shapes - there really are limitless possibilities. Above all, make tonight all about your lover. You can bet one day soon they'll be inspired to return the favor!
Turning On & Turning Off

he Mystery of Women's Sexual Arousal.

A recent study conducted at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction just proved what you may have already suspected: WOMEN ARE COMPLICATED!

If you've ever had a female partner, you know what worked for her, sexually, may not have been what worked for your previous partners. And if you are a woman, you'll know that what works for you sexually on some occasions won't work on others.

So what is the secret to sexual arousal for women?

As a part of the research team, we asked women aged 18 to 84 to share with us their greatest turn on's and turn off's--and they were able to list HUNDREDS.

For some women, sex in a public place with the possibility of being seen is a major turn on; for others, a private, intimate location is the key to sexual pleasure. For some women, having sex after a major blow-up with a partner gets their juices flowing; for others, feeling trusted, respected and connected to their partner is essential.

For many women, being sexually aroused depends on feeling good about themselves and their bodies, being happy with their relationships and feeling comfortable and relaxed in the sexual setting. Knowing that their partner desires them and is turned on himself is also important.

So gentlemen, be aware that every woman is unique, and even your relationship partner will change what she wants sexually every now and then. The key to sexual satisfaction is being aware of what your partner wants and trying to meet her needs. (Don't worry--this strategy will assure your needs get met too!)

Take the Liberator Shapes--bringing home a Wedge/Ramp Combo shows thoughtfulness and caring. Discussing how to best use the shapes together can develop intimacy and trust. Experimenting with different positions can add creativity, spontaneity and fun to your sexual relationship. And the endless possibilities with Liberator will guarantee there will always be a sexual adventure that fits with her (and your) sexual appetite.

Go ahead, enjoy the complexity of the unique and treasured woman in your life--and together you can enjoy the Liberator Shapes!
Sex and The Senses

Have you ever noticed during a really intense sexual experience all of your senses are heightened? You're more aware of every sound your partner makes. You smell each other's unique, sensuous aromas. You love the feeling of your skin against theirs. And staring deep into his or her eyes can put you over the edge!

To have an even more intense sexual experience you can inhibit one or more of your senses. Wear a blindfold (like the one that comes with the Liberator Black Label collection). When you can't see what your partner is about to do to you, every touch and movement comes as an exciting surprise. You might also feel freer to express yourself in this way.

Or try binding your partner to the bed or one of the Liberator Shapes. When they are unable to move, they'll be much more aware of everything you're doing to them.

Another way to enhance your sexual experience is to add something to your sexual encounter that really enhances one of your senses. Bring scented massage oil to the bedroom. Or, if you want to use it internally, get a scented (and flavored!) water-based lubricant. You'll want to keep oil-based products away from the inside of the vagina (where they are more likely to cause irritation and infection) and condoms (as they lead to breakage).

Play with the textures of fabrics--from slippery, silky satin to warm, soft leather. Does your partner like the feeling of feathers running up and down his or her body? Use household items like a belt or a tie. You'd be surprised how many things around your home can serve a secondary, erotic purpose.

Or try Liberator's latest product, the Fascinator Shag Throe. One side is a refreshingly cool satin and the other soft and furry--with a waterproof barrier in-between. Throw it on your bed (or couch or floor) and feast your senses on the slippery Fascinator. The best part--it's machine-washable. No more sleeping in the wet spot (one sensation we can all live without).
Female ejaculation: Fact or fiction?

There is a great deal of controversy over whether or not women have the capacity to ejaculate like their male counterparts. Even those who believe women can ejaculate sometimes disagree about just how much liquid can be expelled--from a few milliliters to a several cups!

Here's what we do know: during stimulation of the G-spot area (inside on the front wall of the vagina, up two inches toward the belly-button) with two fingers in a "come hither" motion, some women feel intense pressure--like the need to urinate.

For some, prolonged stimulation in this way (it can take 20 minutes or more) results in a level of lubrication (and pleasure) not normally experienced during other sexual activities.

It can take a fair bit of pressure to stimulate the G-spot, but you'll know you are in the right place when the area starts to feel ridged, like the roof of your mouth.

Where does the liquid come from?

The ejaculate largely comes from the Skene's glands that open up into the urethra (partially explaining the feeling of needing to urinate). The liquid is similar to prostate fluid in a male; in fact, the Skene's glands are also known as the female prostate or paraureathral glands.

Studies have shown that female ejaculate is different from urine, although it may contain trace amounts as the ejaculate passes through the urethra.

Many scientists believe all women have the capacity to expel liquid during orgasm, but that women will vary in how much.

The most important thing is for you to understand and appreciate your own sexual response. If you ejaculate--embrace it! What a powerful release you are experiencing! If you don't, but would like to give it a shot, experiment with G-spot stimulation. Involve your partner or a toy.

Liberator gear can help you get into position--try reclining on the Ramp or bend over the Wedge and ask your partner to stimulate you. And don't worry, the Microfiber covers are washable and you can order replacement covers in different colors.
Hand Job Heaven

The erect penis, a pillar (literally) of masculinity, strength and sexuality...no wonder some women (and men) are intimidated by it!

While the penis may find its way into a warm and wet environment (like the mouth, anus or vagina), it's often neglected by our most dexterous of appendages--the hands. Never fear--consider this your guide to the perfect hand job, with a little help from Liberator.

One of the most crucial components of explosive manual stimulation is the environment. Make sure your man is comfortable and relaxed. Pick a time and place where you won't be interrupted.

Have your partner lie on the Ramp with his head at the high end. Add the Wedge under his head if you want to give him a better view as you work your magic. Liberator shapes are made of "champagne foam," so he'll feel almost weightless as he reclines.

What about supplies?

The most important thing to have on hand (pun intended) when giving a hand job is LUBE. When men masturbate they often use lotion, shampoo or soap--because it just feels better when it is slippery. So lube yourself up!

Now get into position. You may choose to lie on your side beside him. This way you can kiss his neck and nipples while you stimulate his penis with your hand.

Try to think of his penis like pottery or a sculpture. Move your hand up and down SLOWLY--try to take at least six seconds to travel up and down his penis. Add a little twist to your motion when you are covering the head. The head of the penis is the most sensitive part of his organ, so he would probably like you to spend a little more time there.

Now is the time to integrate your other hand. Use this hand to massage the testicles. Cup them in the palm of your hand and move them in your fingers with a circular motion. A lot of men pull down on their testicles during masturbation, so give them a little tug. Anything that pulls the skin on the penis tighter (which pulling on the testicles will do) increases sensation.

Try massaging the perineum (the little area between the testicles and the anus)--a little pressure there will stimulate the prostate indirectly and lead to a more intense orgasm.

Experiment with these simple techniques--talk about what works and what works better. And don't worry about the lube or the explosive ejaculation--Liberator covers are fully washable! Stay tuned to the Liberator website for more hand job hints...
Take me...from behind?

Sex the without eye contact leaves some sex partners cold, but for others it can provide a whole new perspective on lovemaking. And no, we're not talking about anal sex (although that can be extremely exciting and pleasurable from this position)...

We're talking about one way to reach unbelievable depth of penetration during vaginal sex, as well as intense G-spot stimulation. Ready? Read on...

When the male partner penetrates his partner from behind with his body almost parallel to hers, his penis thrusts deep inside her. The added benefit is that the head of his penis rubs against her G-spot creating a deep, full, sensation of pleasure very different from clitoral stimulation.

How can you achieve this position?

A lot more easily with the Liberator Ramp! Place your Ramp in the middle of your bed (this tends to be more comfortable for knees and elbows and other body parts, but feel free to try this in on the floor as well).

Have your female partner lie on the Ramp with her head near the top. Start with plenty of foreplay. Try stimulating her with your fingers in this position--while she's comfortable lying on the "champagne foam," she won't be able to see what you are doing and the touch of your fingertips will come as a tantalizing surprise.

When she is ready, penetrate her from behind and try to lie on her with your body as close to parallel to hers as you can. You can try out different angles but will probably find this allows for the deepest penetration.

Experiment with slow, fast, deep and shallow strokes. A variation? Move the Ramp to the edge of the bed and stand on the floor behind her. She can rest her feet on the floor as well, and lean over the Ramp with her head near the top again.

Standing on the floor gives you extra traction and control over your thrusts, and the Liberator Ramp gives her a comfortable place to rest her body at a more natural angle.

While the lack of eye contact may be disconcerting to some, take this opportunity to concentrate on your sensations. What feels good for you? What sounds are your partner making? How do your bodies feel connecting together in this way?

Bear in mind it is difficult to stimulate your partner's clitoris in this position, so you'll have to be creative about other techniques. Pull her hair (gently, and with her permission). Massage her breasts.

Sex from behind with the Liberator Ramp can provide an exciting addition to your sexual repertoire!
Want to try something new?

Let's face it, over time all of our relationships have the potential to become routine. We know how to meet our partner's needs quickly and efficiently, and we often don't step outside the realm of the familiar. And certainly in this fast-paced, hectic world, we've learned faster is better. But that isn't always true.

How does a long, sensuous lovemaking session sound to you? The opportunity to explore your partner in a new way. A time to reconnect, emotionally, relationally and sexually... Not sure where to start? Well, you've come to the right place.

Liberator may be just what you need to look at your sex life from a different angle--literally! With your partner lying on the Ramp, you can look up at him from between his legs and see him in a whole new light! Or bend her over the Wedge, taking her from behind and watch her writhe in pleasure.

But how do you bring up the fact that you want to try something new?

Communication about sex can be tricky. You don't want to hurt your partner's feelings or lead them to believe you have been dissatisfied in the past.

First, pick the right time to talk about sex. It's generally not while you're rushing to work, in the middle of an argument about the kids or in the bedroom before, during or after sex. You might ask your partner in advance when might be a good time to talk and schedule it in.

Pour yourselves some wine, pick a relaxing location (outside the bedroom works best). Use "I" messages instead of "You" messages--for example, say, "I really like it when we make time for more foreplay" as opposed to "You never give me enough oral sex."

Speak about your feelings, don't make accusations. Listen carefully to what your partner has to say, you'll probably find you have some of the same concerns.

If you're nervous about initiating the conversation, start by talking about something sexual you saw on TV, in a movie or even on the Liberator website. Your partner will probably be thrilled about your sense of adventure!

If you are looking for something new to add to your sex life, suggest the Liberator. Bring them home for a special surprise. Liberator shapes are not intimidating or confusing, like some sex toys. You can explore them--and each other--together.

Don't forget to keep the lines of sexual communication open. Research shows that couples who talk about their sexual lives, feelings and preferences are more sexually satisfied and happier in their relationships. Go for it--there's no time like the present.

Liberator and Sex Toys

Do you like to play with toys? If you are like most people, you believe being playful is as important in adulthood as it was when you were a child! And play doesn't have to stop outside of the bedroom. We see the Liberator Shapes as a key way to enhance your sexual pleasure while maintaining a sense of fun. And it works so well with your other "toys."

Liberator shapes are known for helping you get to into more advanced sexual positions and harder to reach angles--but it can do so much more! Try it with your favorite sex toy today, alone or with a partner.

Take your favorite vibrator. Lie on the Wedge/Ramp Combo with your hips raised to put you at a better angle for stimulating your clitoris. Or, place your vibrator on the Ramp and position yourself on top of it--slide and grind your way to sexual satisfaction. Remember, plug--in vibrators have more power than battery operated ones--select the toy that best suits your needs.

Want to bring your lover in on the fun? Raising your hips up on the Wedge allows him to stimulate you orally while using one of your favorite sex toys. Try a smaller, vibrating egg or bullet that is easily maneuverable.

Liberator shapes from the Black Label collection come with their own toys: removable, adjustable and fully padded wrist and ankle cuffs. Or use your own, just make sure cuffs aren't so tight that they cut off circulation, and make sure you are able to remove them quickly if your partner becomes uncomfortable.

What about sex toys for him? By raising his hips on the Ramp or Wedge, you are able to stimulate his perineum (the spot right beneath his testicles) with any of your toys. Use a vibrating bullet or egg right on his perineum and bring about an explosive prostate orgasm! He will probably never have experienced anything like it.

Don't forget the Liberator can be used for erotic massage: lie your lover down on the Wedge/Ramp Combo and pamper him/her. The fact that all of the Liberator shapes have removable, machine--washable covers means that you can use all your favorite lubes and lotions, and then simply toss the cover in the wash!

So if you like to play with toys--don't forget to include your Liberator shapes.

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