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Jay Friedman, M.Ed.

Jay Friedman

Jay Friedman, M.Ed.
Certified Sex Educator & NACA Lecturer of the Year

Liberator Shapes bring the spirit and play of the "inner child" into our sex lives.

Building blocks. So many of us enjoyed them as kids. They stimulated our minds with potential stretched by our imaginations.

Liberator Shapes bring the spirit and play of the "inner child" into our sex lives. The Cube recalls the basic building block, but this is no child's toy. Used alone or in conjunction with the bed or other piece of furniture, the Cube provides a rocking experience. The Wedge and the Ramp provide new angles for sex play and are especially exciting when used in combination. Add the Stage to the mix and now there's an incredible playground with limitless possibilities for fun and adventure.

As a sex educator, my mission is to get people more comfortable talking about sex. My favorite thing about Liberator Shapes is that while they're great in new relationships, they can maintain or reignite the spark in longer-term relationships. Couples who communicate well can be creative with the cushions, developing new positions and enhancing their pleasure. I heartily recommend laughing, playing, and experimenting with Liberator Shapes. They are the intelligent adult toys ---the building blocks for a fun, playful and sexually satisfying relationship.

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Viewing 4 item(s)