Dr. Jane Greer, Ph.D.

Jane GreerDr. Jane Greer, Ph.D.
Marriage & Family Therapist

Helping women reach new heights

For many women the idea of "heights of passion" is just that-an idea that is not in fact a reality. Sex has become, if anything, routine, and a "do I have to" experience that leaves them feeling emotionally and sexually flat.

The Liberator Wedge is a tool that can literally help women reach new heights based on where they slip it under their hips to elevate them and allow for easier penetration more readily targeted to pleasure points that will facilitate orgasm!

Rather than reaching for a pillow, which only offers a modest amount of support, the Wedge is firm and helps to both raise and maintain a variety of positions that can more readily lead to orgasm.

The days of remaining flat on the bed and having a sexual experience as a flat as two-day-old soda are over. Now is the time for women to be putting in place the measures they need to make sex what it's supposed to be: fun not work!

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